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    Cartier Phoenix Decorative Watch Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch Show

    In order to decorate the trajectory of time with all manners of grace and grace, it is necessary to infuse it with wild, fearless and fun creative ideas. Therefore, the peerless watch is in this way. Born in an unrestrained atmosphere. With bold animal creative shapes, they boldly present eclectic designs. Luxurious gemstones, unparalleled beryl, oscillating movement, and diamond-studded straps are the icing on the cake of these fine jewelry watches.

     This is a phoenix-shaped jewellery watch set with diamonds. Its expanded wings perfectly match the curve of the purple mother-of-pearl dial, which is also decorated with a feather pattern. The body movements of the wearer can not only wind up the movement, but also make this phoenix dance, and its gorgeous wings sway with the rotating steps.
    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: