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    The ‘most’ Birth Of The World Inventory In The First Half Of 2016

    No matter what era, what is called the ‘most’ is always defeated by the emergence of the stronger. In the manufacture of clocks, the battle for the thinnest case seems to have never stopped, the thinnest junior hands, the thinnest chronograph, the thinnest tourbillon and so on.

       And this year, the thinnest minute repeater has fallen into the hands of Bulgari. Following the release of the thinnest tourbillon watch and mechanical manual winding movement in 2014, Bulgari has launched the thinnest Octo Finissimo three. Asked the form and applied for Guinness World Records. The thickness is only 6.85 mm, and the thickness of the movement reaches an astonishing 3.12 mm. How thin is 6.85 mm? For the most common example, the average Rolex thickness is about 12 mm to 13 mm, which is equivalent to the thickness achieved when two Bulgari Octo Finissimo minute repeaters are put together.

       The new Bulgari Octo Finissimo minute repeater clearly distinguishes itself from the technical features inherent in other minute repeaters. The Bvlgari watch factory in Le Sentier started from multiple aspects at the same time, solving many problems in making minute repeaters. First, the case is made of titanium. In addition to its light texture, its low-density properties also ensure the diffusion of sound. The dial on the dial is made of the same material and the small seconds at 6 o’clock is in a zigzag and hollow design, which can magnify the echo in the case and make the sound perfect.

       And these clever solutions can also be attributed to another unique design. The circular gongs directly fixed to the case are made by hand independently. Making a perfect gong does indeed involve many steps. The first step is to prepare and shape the stainless steel part, and to develop the notes and harmonies. The two hammers are also made from the same steel process. The movement, which contains up to 362 components, is extremely miniaturized in the extremely slim case. This manufacturing philosophy is vividly presented in the centrifugal self-sounding governor. Together with the two inertial blocks, the diameter is only 3.3mm. . At 9 o’clock, the button to activate the timekeeping mechanism in the center of the case is also equipped with an ‘All or Nothing’ device to ensure that the watch has a continuous water resistance of 50 meters. When fully wound, this extraordinary hand-wound movement can provide a 42-hour power reserve.
       The Octo Finissimo minute repeat watch has become a perfect example of slimness and precision. The limited edition of 50 Octo Finissimo minute repeat watches is bound to become a new leader in the field of outstanding precision watches.