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    Yalika Royalrose Limited Jewellery Watch Timepiece Light Rose Bloom

    Alisa RoyalRose Limited Jewellery Watch, created by Swiss watchmaking expert Bucherer, is inspired by delicate flowers. The case is soft and beautiful, with sparkling diamonds and sapphires. The light of time is Magnificent on your wrist.

    Aliga RoyalRose Limited Jewellery Watch
       The elegant and graceful rose is a symbol of beauty, joy and love. Its delicate beauty has long been incorporated into the design of the Royal Rose Limited Jewellery Watch. In 2014, Bucherer presented a limited edition jewelry watch with a limited edition of 125 pieces. , Its bracelet is also studded with precious stones, dazzling noble style.
    Gorgeous matchless
       The elegant silhouette of the Alija RoyalRose Limited Jewelry Watch is reminiscent of a feminine violin; the 18K white gold case condenses the characteristics of the Alika series; the case is set with 137 sapphires and 137 crystal diamonds, and the illusion blue and glamorous Purple floral patterns add pleasing three-dimensional vision; hollow hands echo the elegant style of the watch; 89 sapphires and 26 diamonds cleverly embossed flowers on the dial, perfectly matching the mother-of-pearl dial.

    Beauty intertwined
       The gemstone bracelet continues the gorgeous temperament of the case. It is self-evident that Bucherer’s premier high-quality jewelry production; the bracelet is set with 482 beautiful diamonds and 228 sapphires. The craftsmanship is seamless. It wears very well on the jade wrist and shows the jewelry Craftsman’s dexterity.

    Minute streamer
       The Alisa RoyalRose Limited Jewellery Watch is elegant, brilliance, and beautiful; worn on the jade wrist, it is gorgeous and beautiful.
    Aliga RoyalRose Limited Jewellery Watch Technical Specifications

    Model: 00.10702.02.90.38
    Movement: CFB 1850 quartz movement
    Function: hours, minutes
    Case: 18K white gold, double-sided anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, size 26.5 x 38 mm, thickness 7.4 mm, set with 137 FC TW vvs diamonds (1.6 ct) and 137 first-grade sapphire 0.9 ct)
    Dial: 18K white gold with mother-of-pearl, set with 26 FC TW vvs diamonds and 89 first-grade sapphires (total 0.45 ct)
    Crown: 1 sapphire
    Strap: 18K white gold set with 482 TW vvs diamonds (5.0 carats) and 228 top sapphires (2.0 carats) with 18K white gold folding clasp
    Global Limited: 125 pieces
    Other models: 00.10702.02.90.18 printed goatskin strap

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    The Tudor Fastrider Series Takes You Into The World Of Racing High Speed

    With its new watch series ‘Fastrider’, Tudor leads us into the high-speed world of motorcycle racing. The wide case with a diameter of 42 mm gives this chronograph a sporty and technical element. The calendar adjuster at 9 o’clock in the case is decorated with a black PVD-coated shield pattern, a design inspired by the motorcycle world. The connection between the timing button and the case is equipped with a black PVD-coated sleeve, reminiscent of the engine’s piston.

    Tudor watches take you into the world of car racing

       Just press the timing button directly for precise timing, which is essential for any speed measurement calculation. The outer ring of the watch engraved with the speed scale and the top of the lugs are matte.

       The surface of the Tudor Fastrider watch is specially designed for this series. Its main feature is the three vertical stripes and the minute mark on the surface edge, which reproduces the classic style of the racing world. There are three small black counters with red hands on the surface, and there are black, white, or silver sunburst surfaces to choose from. Each surface is equipped with beveled hour markers or double-layered Arabic numerals, and the semi-hollowed hands are elegant and sophisticated. The brand’s red logo is located at 12 o’clock with the word ‘TUDOR GENEVE’ underneath.

       The new Tudor Fastrider chronograph comes with a variety of straps, including a three-link stainless steel frosted strap with a polished central link; a leather strap with a new safety clasp; or a black weave with three sporty stripes The patterned strap echoes the surface design. The textured strap is one of the characteristics of Tudor, and it is represented as the 2010 Heritage Chrono.


    Type 42000

    Polished and frosted stainless steel case, 42mm diameter

    Outer ring design speed scale

    Mechanical self-winding chronograph movement

    Power reserve about 46 hours

    Screw-down crown with Tudor logo engraved

    Timing button with black PVD coated sleeve

    30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock

    Small seconds counter at 9 o’clock

    Calendar display at 4:30

    Quick date adjuster at 9 o’clock on the case with PVD shield pattern

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    Casio G-shock Master Of G Series Minimalist Taste Evolves Again

    The CASIO G-SHOCK born for toughness continues to challenge the limits and conquer the world comprehensively. The MASTER OF G series has been created with the three main spindles of MUDMASTER, GULFMASTER and GRAVITYMASTER. Based on the powerful impact-resistant structure, plus the third-generation three major sensors, GPS radio wave receiving system, dust-proof and mud-resistant structure, Triple G Resist anti-shock, anti-centrifugal and anti-vibration structure, tide information and other unique features, Create a functional watch that meets the needs of various extreme environments. Whether it’s conquering the harsh onshore environment, breaking through the waves, turning into an angry sea warrior, or challenging the extreme time and space of the skyline, the G-SHOCK MASTER OF G series allows outdoor adventure lovers to conveniently operate various functions in a variety of harsh environments. Grasp dynamic environmental information, comprehensively conquer land, sea and air, and expand a broader horizon of adventure.
    GWG-1000GB-1A, GWN-1000GB-1A, GPW-1000GB-1A image map

       G-SHOCK MASTER OF G series, launched in the early autumn of 2015. The powerful new color design of cool black collision and dazzling gold, combined with the black and black rubber strap, and the shining retro golden light, not only add the fashionable and handsome style of the watch, but also Will lead the tide of black gold taste. Among them, the MUDMASTER GWG-1000 series is designed to magnify the three-dimensional hour of 12, 3, 6, and 9 with the atmospheric gold-plated bezel and crown. The GULFMASTER GWN-1000 series models, in addition to black gold contrast, The bright blue embellishment of the second hand is especially used to reflect the marine style in the retro gold texture; the GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000 series is designed in a calm black style, embellished with gold in the city code and other surface details. Tangerine, the entire series allows explorers to show their powerful nature and thoroughly show their powerful charm!
    MUDMASTER GWG-1000 dual mud-proof structure equipped with the third generation of three sensors powerful black gold personality fashion challenge various extreme environments on land
       The MUDMASTER series has a dual mud-proof and dust-proof structure, and the buttons have a special air-tight design with mud-proof gaskets and sleeves to prevent fine dust and dirt from invading and alleviate vibration and shock. The crown is protected by a high air-tight anti-falling screw lock, ensuring a 360 ° seamless gap between the crown and the case, so that the movement is not affected by sand. The third-generation three-sensor Triple Sensor Version 3 equipped with innovative technology reduces the module by 95% and reduces power consumption by 10%, and simultaneously increases the accuracy and speed of azimuth compass measurement, allowing land explorers to change in the rapidly changing nature. In the environment, the three major indicators of bearing, altitude / barometric pressure, and temperature can be grasped more quickly, lastingly, and accurately, conquering all severe onshore environments.
    GWG-1000 GB-1A is expected to be available in November.

       The GWG-1000GB-1A model magnifies the three-dimensional hour of 12, 3, 6, and 9 and reflects the golden coded city code ring, crown and large buttons. It is set off by the black and clear rubber strap. Even more remarkable. The dial incorporates dual LED lighting and luminous paint scales, and simultaneously illuminates the hands and the digital LCD display. The intimate design of the hands automatically hides the function. When using the orientation, altitude / barometric pressure and temperature measurement functions, the hands will automatically avoid the LCD area below To improve the convenience of reading information. Convenient non-slip large buttons and solar power that can be converted into electrical energy with only a weak light source allow outdoor adventure lovers to conveniently operate various functions in various harsh environments and accurately grasp dynamic environmental information.
    GULFMASTER GWN-1000 tide information combined with the third generation of the three sensors black gold fashion embellish the classic elements of the ocean heads up the model of the sea pilot
       The GULFMASTER series combines an impact-resistant structure, 200 meters of water resistance and an existing sport style. It is equipped with the third-generation three sensors and uses CASIO’s world-leading technology “Smart Access” intuitive operating system. 10%, effectively reducing the measurement unit, not only can easily drive multiple functional operations, allowing marine explorers to more quickly and accurately measure bearing, temperature, pressure / altitude, and tide and moon age information display functions to easily grasp walrus information.
    GWN-1000 GB-1A is expected to be listed in November, and the suggested selling price is undecided.

       G-SHOCK GWN-1000GB-1A series models, not only in the details of the buttons, crown and dial, the use of gold tones, to make the whole more consistent, in order to facilitate the reading of various information, special bright blue embellished second hand In the golden texture of the retro texture, the marine style is more obvious. With a large LCD liquid crystal display, two sets of independent LED high-brightness illumination illuminate the pointer dial and digital LCD display, enhancing the clarity of the information and the comfort of reading. When using the functions of orientation, altitude, air pressure and temperature measurement, the pointer automatically avoids the LCD area below, which makes it clearer when reading various information. In addition, in combination with the innovative strap joining structure, the strap is directly joined to the case, making the strap strong and not easy to fall off, and the curved arc of the wrist that fits comfortably to the wrist, leading adventurers to compete in various marine sports.
    GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000 original GPS satellite hybrid radio wave receiving system with shock resistance, anti-centrifugal force and anti-vibration structure accurately grasps extreme space-time
       CASIO’s original GPS satellite hybrid radio wave receiving system can not only automatically receive the standard time signals transmitted by China, North America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany. When the watch cannot receive the standard radio wave signals, press the function key for 3 seconds easily. Through the original GPS The calculation system and satellite signal receive the location and time information, and the automatic adjustment makes the information such as time zone and daylight saving time more accurate. In cooperation with Sony Corporation, a low-power GPS receiving chip tailor-made, equipped with a light-shielding dispersive solar panel that can improve the efficiency of light generation, complements the low-power radio wave reception, greatly reducing the power consumption of the watch, allowing you to travel the world accurately There is no limit to timing! TRIPEL G RESIST is resistant to impact, centrifugal force and vibration. The case frame is combined with the strong structural design of reinforced rubber (Fine Resin), which increases the impact resistance and shock absorption capacity, and is easy to use in various severe environments.
    GPW-1000GB-1A is expected to be available in November.

       The new GPW-1000GB-1A adopts a calm black design, embellished with dazzling gold on the crown, function buttons, city code ring and other surface details, showing classic fashion charm. The eye at three o’clock is decorated with the earth pattern to show the current At the latitude position, the watch eye at 8 o’clock can also display the time in the second time zone, allowing users to easily grasp the world time information. The DLC-treated stainless steel case increases its metallic luster and abrasion resistance. The sapphire surface and carbon fiber strap are more durable. The large forged side button design requires only a single pressure switch to quickly grasp the precise moment.