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    Hublot Hublot Big Bang Hongzhou International Yacht Club Hollow Limited Watches Released In China

    September 5, 2014, Beijing-Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot continues its leading edge in the ocean-Following the official announcement on December 9, 2013, it reached a strategy with Hongzhou International Yacht Club After the sexual partnership, Hublot has received unprecedented attention among yacht enthusiasts in China and around the world. Hublot watches sailing to the future at an exhilarating speed at all times. Now, for the internationally renowned Hongzhou International Yacht Club, a Big Bang Hongzhou International Yacht Club skeleton limited edition watch has been created, with a limited collection of 25 pieces. The top luxury watches and the prestigious luxury yachting club will jointly compose the legend of azure sailing, which will create a fusion of exclusive successful people between sea and sky.

       Hublot and Hongzhou International Yacht Club cross-border cooperation Big Bang Hongzhou International Yacht Club hollow-out limited edition watches, the perfect fusion of Swiss watchmaking philosophy and the vast style from the ocean, through the innate marine genes And the concept of continuous cross-border integration, pay tribute to the respected excellence in craftsmanship and sailing spirit! This also inspired the design of this limited edition watch. It has the most symbolic Big Bang classic look of Hublot, with a 44mm diameter black all-carbon fiber case. Through the open-cut dial, you can directly see the movement of the hollow Aero movement, demonstrating the style of the King of the Sea. To commemorate the sincere cooperation between the Swiss watchmaking brand and the top Chinese yacht club, Hublot specially engraved the Hongzhou International Yacht Club logo at 9 o’clock on the dial, and painted the hour hand, minute hand and hour mark to symbolize the eternal depth Blue, crown and buttons are also partly decorated in dark blue, which imprints this limited edition watch with a strong nautical style. The black alligator strap is stitched with the same shade of blue velvet, bringing noble style and wisdom to the wrist.
      The relationship between Hublot and marine sports is as inseparable as bloodlines. HUBLOT means ‘porthole’ in French, and Hublot’s iconic round bezel and 6 H-shaped rivets are always reminding people of the ocean. Hublot has cooperated extensively in the field of marine sports: the top sailings such as the Musée Océanographique de Monaco, the Marina de Porto Cervo, and the Real Club Nautico de Palma de Majorca. Institutions, and sailing events such as the Copa Del Rey Regattas and the Bol d’Or Mirabaud Regatta, Hublot has always been passionate about the ocean and conquering the limits go ahead.
       Hongzhou International Yacht Club has never stopped at the helm of the sea, competing for sea and sky glory! Just in 2012, Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco and President of the Royal Yacht Club, personally announced that Hongzhou International Yacht Club became the first Chinese yacht club in Asia to join the La Belle Classe Destinations. The successful holding of ‘Haitian Shengtuo’ even spreads the essence of high-end lifestyles at home and abroad. Looking back on the development history of the Hongzhou International Yacht Club since its establishment, it is echoing the time trajectory of Hublot in recent years, and this alliance has to be called a match made in heaven.
       The Big Bang Hongzhou International Yacht Club skeleton limited edition watch is a tribute and interpretation of the perfect fusion of great tradition and focusing on the future. Respect for and persistence in tradition and faith and attention to the future are the development directions of Hublot. All these form the Hublot brand philosophy: from the ocean to the land, linking the past to the future, combining trees with high-tech materials, Let time and space talk, boldly integrate all elements of everything and technology, and continue to challenge the future!