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    Erbo Road Ernest Borel? How About Ebo Road Watch?

    Ebolu, a Swiss watch brand, has been in the domestic market for a long time. However, due to the lack of publicity, it is not as famous in the domestic watch industry as the Tissot and Swiss watch brands of the same grade. Today, the watch house will introduce the Swiss Ebolus watches in detail for everyone!

    About ERNEST BOREL brand
       The Ebolo watch brand was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1856 and was founded by Mr. Jules Poller. Since its establishment to today, the Ebolu watch has been in the history for nearly 160 years. A tradition of superb watchmaking and ‘romantic moments’
    ‘Love forever’ concept. The products produced are of excellent quality, beautiful appearance, and excellent functions. So they are very popular and popular.

    EBEST ERNEST BOREL brand story
       With a century-old history of ERNEST BOREL, the legend begins with a beautiful and romantic story, which opens up a more beautiful chapter for her.
       Maybe love comes from the sky, romance, because encounters like this happen every day, but there should always be something to commemorate such a beautiful miracle; let those who fall in love fall in love with ‘Ebola Road’!
       Like an unavoidable one, at a noble ball, he met a beautiful girl. Their graceful dance attracted envious eyes of the audience. A photographer couldn’t help but use the camera to take this moving romantic moment Freeze. Romantic moments and graceful dance poses that light up Ernest
    Borel’s inspiration has changed from the momentary touch in front of his eyes to the lasting touch of the soul. He designed the brand logo of the ‘Ebola’ watch with the dancing pictures of the two.
       Love is eternal in time! No matter how little time passes, even in the turbulent years of the two world wars, a dancing couple of ‘Yibo Lu’, this classic image has left its eyes in the hearts of the world The unforgettable romantic complex has won an international reputation.
    How about the Ebola watch
       Since its establishment, Yibo Road has been continuously improving and upgrading in the production of watches and clocks. It is especially reflected in the clockwork of the watch. Through the improvement of the gears and other accessories’ screws and pushers, Yibo Road has fully exerted the role of innovation and invention. Greatly promoted the precision and perfection of the watch.
       ‘Durable, durable, precise and reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and practical’ has always been the faith of Yibo Road. With the spirit of ‘excellence’ and the use of high-tech combined with Swiss traditional watchmaking technology, its production is perfected. Important position in the field of watches and clocks.
       At every stage of production, every material and part of Ebolo Watch is strictly tested to ensure that each part is flawless. Each movement has to undergo rigorous tests by mechanical and professional technicians. The assembly of the casing is rigorous and has a professional level of compression test. Each Ebola watch is inspected according to strict quality inspection procedures before being put on the market.
    Today’s Ebola ERNEST BOREL
       Depositing the beauty of time, inheriting cultural collections, after three generations of unremitting efforts, forge ahead, ‘Yibo Road’ has always adhered to the original corporate spirit and the constant philosophy of pursuing superior quality. For more than 100 years, people who have continuously pursued perfection, advocating fashion and romance have established an irreplaceable taste of life.
    What grade of Yibolu watch belongs to
       With a history of 100 years, Ebolo watches are excellent in terms of material selection, manufacturing process, product quality, and timing accuracy. The current Yibolu watches belong to four types of watch brands. The same grades include: Tissot, Mido, Plum and other brands. The price of Yibo Road watches is also relatively close to the people, generally ranging from 2,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan!
    Yibolu watch series
       Yibolu watches are divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches. Mechanical watches have a total of 24 series: Royal series, Braque series, Zuls series, Cocktail series, Retro series, Yali series, Butterfly flower series, Yashi series , Legend Series, Legend Observatory Series, Poller Series, Duke Series, Sportsman Series, Baru Series, Elegant Series, Rhyme Series, Artist Series, Jazz Series, Knight Series, Aegean Series, Columbus Series, Ouya Series, Rocky series, bold series.
       Quartz watches are divided into twelve series: Xingyu series, Joss series, elegant series, Yali series, Yashi series, rhyme series, retro series, legend series, Venus series, Rocky series, Dinu series, True love series.
    Popular watches

    Yibolu Retro Series
       ‘Retro’, as the never-ending theme of the fashion world, contains people’s sincere tribute to the pioneer ideology, and pays tribute to every beautiful and classic creation. The 2015 Yibolu Retro Collection captures the glory of history and blooms in every detail. The stainless steel watch body with thick and tough quality, long ridged hour-markers, stands like a monument of historical glory standing on the promenade of time; the small calendar window at 6 o’clock reveals warm and romantic time. The spear-headed hour and minute hands draw a dazzling glory on the dial, which is always hidden.

    Yibolu Yali Series
       The Yali series focuses on the pure beauty of the watch, and the refined appearance is wrapped with a fine and meticulous mechanical structure. The basic material of stainless steel adds rounded and soft arcs at the same time while retaining the edges and corners. The Roman numeral time sign combination makes the space rich, and the strong and sturdy Swiss ETA movement guarantees its endless vitality. The precision three-pin mechanical structure and the 3-point date window frame are independent and not isolated. Each pair of watches exudes a fresh and elegant atmosphere, as the name suggests.

    Ebolu Braque Series
       Braque is a well-known French artist in the 20th century. The ‘cubism’ he created created a fusion of romantic feelings and attitudes to life in paintings and sculptures, which has a profound influence in Europe. The Ebola Braque series is inspired by cubism, using shape shaping, texture change, light and shadow projection, and different craft decoration. And the finely interweaving lines, the butterfly cutouts of the EB alphabet combination, etc., are all unique and exclusive identity marks.

    Eboluzuls Series
       The Zuls collection features many awards of this century-old watchmaking brand, with peak quality and superb craftsmanship. The series three-pin dial is a classic presentation of history. Through the fully hollowed-out movement or the see-through case, the beauty of the mechanical operation of the gear transmission is displayed in detail. The master watchmakers have pioneered the courage, coupled with the seconds hand decorated by the brand EB butterfly letters, and the emotions are exquisitely blended. This finishing touch runs through the entire series of Zuls. To the brand founder Jules
    A tribute to Mr. Borel!
       Official website of Yibo Road Watch: www.ernestborel.cn