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    Your Husband Is ‘descendants Of The Sun’ I’m Yan Huangzi Sun

    Is it a bit dated to write ‘Descendants of the Sun’ now in terms of time? But what about it being outdated, because it is outdated that I have to write to make it seem how much I like and dislike the play. When ‘Descendants of the Sun’ was the hottest, I dismissed it. When the national husband Song Zhongji blew up my screen, I was watching Wang Sicong’s Weibo, and when I ate with a friend, I realized that it doesn’t matter to you Yes or no, the hearts of the girls are taken away, when you ignore your descendants.

        In order not to be thrown away, I decided to make up the play a little, in case it is used. To be honest, to be handsome, Song Zhongji is not so handsome, but the skill of playing handsome is absolutely outstanding. Among them, there are too many shadows of Korean romance dramas, such as the kind of eyes that stare at you and the kind of rubbing your shoulders Leave you alone in the high, cold, messy wind, the thrill of a sudden kiss without your guard. In my opinion, this is no longer a film and television drama with military theme. The military is just a background for giving the male lead more halo. After all, no matter how well-maintained the special soldiers are, they are not as good as Song Zhongji.

        In addition to Song Zhongji’s many super skills, if Song Huiqiao does n’t give him a chance, the two of them will be a joke. Song Zhongji is also a matter of mutual affection. When talking about Song Zhongji’s various powerful skills, do n’t Forget Song Huiqiao’s constant cooperation to give various opportunities and hints. When Song Huiqiao was in trouble, she first sought Song Zhongji. Why didn’t she go to Deputy Sergeant Xu and others? Speaking of Song Zhongji’s sisters in EQ, I think Song Huiqiao’s skills are also very strong, and all kinds of selling cute gifts and thoughtful cares have turned into a man. Take the case of stepping on landmines, to see Song Zhongji’s impatient and deliberate approaching to help step on the minefield, and tossing around and finally throwing them together, is this a standard Korean drama routine? There is also a section where Song Huiqiao’s car is hanging from a cliff and crying for a last word through a loudspeaker. The music and recording on the mobile phone are separate, and the whole section is about the emotional drama of Korean dramas.

        Speaking of watches, I ca n’t see what watch Song Huiqiao wears. Some say DW, some say other quartz watches. Anyway, that watch is n’t important anyway, because she looks better than the watch anyway. Pretty. Song Zhongji wears Breitling, everyone has heard of it, but he brought more than one Breitling. I saw two. I usually wear a Breitling aviation chronograph watch on vacation, and in the mission or in the army He usually wears a Breitling mechanical chronograph. Both of these watches are professional chronographs in Breitling. The aviation chronograph has a flying slider function and is professionally used by pilots. Most people do n’t use it and ca n’t understand it. It’s not easy to learn. Mechanical watches are Relative to civilian use, functions are easier to operate and use. What’s interesting is that the mechanical chronograph worn by Song Zhongji is still a blue dial, which is really eye-catching in a serious and disciplined army. In fact, it is very suitable for normal wear.

        In addition to Breitling, for military personnel, from the perspective of matching watches, there are several brands of watches that are recommended, such as Bell & Ross, Panerai, IWC, Rolex, Breguet, Audemars Piguet, etc. Of course, these watches They are more expensive, and the salary level of ordinary soldiers is not so high, so Hamilton, Mido, and other military style brands such as SINN and Lang Kun can also be referenced.

    American screen tough guy loves Panerai

        In fact, if you want to talk about sister-in-law, Song Zhongji is really inferior to Wu Jing. If you compare ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and Wu Jing’s ‘War Wolf’, Wu Jing’s sister-in-law skills would be unique. , Are much stronger than Song Zhongji. Of course, as a film and television drama, the exaggerated composition is certainly inevitable, but Wu Jing’s style failed to move the hearts of thousands of girls, and Song Zhongji succeeded in moving.