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    Panerai Pam80 Jump Second Watch

    Many of today’s big names have also appeared in the seconds jumping work: Rolex equipped with Caliber 1040 Tru-Beat, Audemars Piguet launched the Millennium series jumping seconds watch equipped with 2905 movement in 2007, Omega in Synchro-Beat launched in the 1950s, Minute Decimale with 100 beats per minute introduced by Longines, Independent PAM00080 with Panerai equipped with Chezard movement, and Dancing watch with Chezard 7400 movement introduced by Doxa.
    Many people have such a prejudice that when they see a watch in the form of ‘One Second A Hop’, they call it ‘Quartz Watch’. This can be seen as the profound impact of the ‘Quartz Crisis’ of the 1960s and 1970s, or it can be considered a lack of understanding of the history of watches and clocks. In fact, the ‘second hop’ display is not the original of the ‘quartz watch’. Before the quartz technology appeared in the 1970s, the field of mechanical watchmaking had long been called ‘step’. Progressive structure of the progressive second hand. According to historical records, the earliest produced in 1850 left & mdash; & mdash; reveal the mechanical jump seconds display right pocket watch, has already found the figure of the jump seconds movement. Subsequently, this unique way of moving the second hand entered the ‘big eight’ pocket watch in the Chinese market in Switzerland frequently.
    The first inspiration for the leap second device came from the ancient pendulum. The invention of the pendulum in the 17th century allowed people to measure time for the first time to the nearest second. It is also because of the appearance of the pendulum that people finally say goodbye to the era when there is only one hand on the clock dial and can only roughly count. The pendulum completes a complete motion of “forward” and “backward” in the sound of “drop” and “mdash” and “md”; it also marks the time for two seconds. The invention of the balance spring has replaced the pendulum and also created conditions for the further miniaturization of the clockwork.
    With the further improvement of the accuracy of pocket watches, watchmakers began to consider displaying the rhythmic swing of ancient pendulums in pocket watches. ‘One second and one hop’ design ideas began to brew in the minds of watchmakers. However, the balance with extremely high swing frequency obviously cannot directly play the role of ‘pendulum’, which requires a new, independent mechanism, or it is driven by another complex mechanism (such as constant power).
    What does & ldquo; jump second & rdquo ;:
    The French original meaning of Jump Seconds is ‘Seconde Morte’, which is translated into English as ‘Dead Beat’, and some are called ‘Second Beat’. The word Beat itself implies a bit of ‘cleanliness’. Earlier Rolex had a skip-second display watch equipped with a 1040 self-winding movement named ‘Tru-Beat’, which also implied this meaning. Compared with the smooth second hand, the “second jump” display has more rhythmic dynamics and is more mechanical.
    的 & ldquo; Hertz & rdquo; Origin:
    Hertz (usually abbreviated as Hz) is a physical quantity that records the number of arc-shaped swings of an object in a unit time (such as 1 second), and usually represents a stable periodic phenomenon. Hertz’s English name comes from a great scientist, Heinrich Hertz. He confirmed the existence of radio waves in 1888, and also contributed greatly to electromagnetics, so the international unit system of frequency ‘Hertz’ was named after him.

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    Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge I03 Gold Limited Edition

    If he is a fashion lover or is in the creative industry, then this CHIFFRE ROUGE I03 gold limited edition will definitely not disappoint. Chiffre Rouge I03 follows the extraordinary design of Dior and has the highest recognition. Dior Homme’s keen and unique aesthetic vision and stylish touch are fully expressed on the gold material. The movement is an Irreducible calibre self-winding movement developed exclusively for Dior by Zenith, and is certified by the Swiss Observatory COSC. The dial is mixed with the special luster of 18K yellow gold and trapezoidal white diamonds. The scales at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock are set with 4 princess-cut white diamonds, and the button circle at 2 o’clock is carefully set with 12 trapezoids Beautiful diamonds and 12 princess-cut diamonds, which are also tailor-made for this watch.

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    Monogram Flowers On Jewellery Louis Vuitton Color Blossom Series Jewellery In Full Summer

    Monogram flowers have the irreplaceable brand icon of LOUIS VUITTON, which has become the inspiration logo for many areas of Louis Vuitton. Whether it is leather goods, fashion, shoes, everywhere, of course, Louis Vuitton is indispensable. Jewellery and watches. The new BLOSSOM jewelry showcases new jewelry fashion in three series: COLOR BLOSSOM, IDYLLE BLOSSOM and SUNLIGHT BLOSSOM.

       In the design of the LOUIS VUITTON jewelry watch, Monogram flowers are already familiar symbols. In this year’s new BLOSSOM bloom series, Monogram flowers bloom again elegantly, blooming new fashion and beauty, becoming the protagonists of the new series. The new COLOR BLOSSOM series presents the beauty of Monogram flowers with the use of natural materials.

    LOUIS VUITTO COLOR BLOSSOM long necklace set with mother-of-pearl, carnelian and tiger’s eye

       The biggest feature of the new COLOR BLOSSOM jewelry is the use of natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, carnelian and tiger’s eye, combined with 3D three-dimensional carving and other techniques, so that the Monogram flower in the jewelry returns to the brand’s warm gold and brown colors.

    LOUIS VUITTO COLOR BLOSSOM necklace with mother-of-pearl, carnelian and tiger’s eye
       Monogram flowers carved in 3D from mother-of-pearl or decorative gemstones slowly bloom on the long necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings of COLOR BLOSSOM jewelry. Natural mother-of-pearl, carnelian, and tiger-eye sculpted Monogram flowers echo the brand’s trademark tone. After hand-carving and polishing, the rounded outlines of gems and mother-of-pearl contrast sharply with the delicate chains of gold and rose gold.

    LOUIS VUITTO COLOR BLOSSOM bracelet with mother-of-pearl, carnelian and tiger’s eye

    LOUIS VUITTO COLOR BLOSSOM jewellery with mother-of-pearl

       The golden round rivets in the center of the Monogram flowers resemble the rivets used on the Louis Vuitton hard case. Monogram flowers placed in a circle or diamond shape reflect the brand’s heritage, while also showing the Louis Vuitton jewelry making process.