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    Hermès Homemade Full Launch

    Founded in Paris in 1837, Hermès has established a reputation for excellence in saddle making technology. At the beginning of the 20th century, it further developed this technology in the field of leather crafts, especially in the production of leather belts, clothes and handbags. Hermès watchmaking tradition can be traced back to the 1920s, when saddle making techniques were first applied to leather straps. In 1928, Hermès watches first appeared in the Hermes main store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honore.
    Arceau mechanical watch_rose gold_cigar alligator leather strap

       In 1978, a watch factory was established in Bienne, Switzerland. After setting up a factory in Switzerland, the geographic center of the watch industry, Hermès has declared its high standards of taste and passion for precision and perfection. Hermes watches are based on solid craftsmanship, combining creative inventions and professional technology for more than 85 years.
    Arceau mechanical watch_stainless steel_black alligator leather strap

       Since 2003, Hermès has commissioned the Vaucher watch factory to produce high-end mechanical watches, sharing its passion for hand-made and precision machinery, and in 2006 acquired a 25% stake in Vaucher. Vaucher inherits more than two centuries of expertise, and this name that is renowned in the watchmaking industry is indeed one of the rare comprehensive watchmakers with a full range of watchmaking expertise. This partner allows Hermès watches to adopt traditional small-scale methods to meet the craftsmanship and quality standards cherished by Hermès.
    Arceau Small Moon Phase Watch_Steel and Diamonds_Super Violet Purple Alligator Strap

       Backed by Vaucher technology, after years of research and development, in 2012 Hermès launched two homemade movements H1837 and H1912 in one breath. Since then Hermès has taken a solid step in the field of professional watchmaking.
    Arceau mechanical watch
       The Arceau watch, designed by Henri d’Origny, was launched in 1978. It features an asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lug at both ends of the round case, which is unique at a glance. It looks like the case is suspended from a belt; the italic Arabic numerals on the signboard are from the heroic posture of a horse walking on a circular step. From 2015, Arceau mechanical watches will be fully equipped with Hermès H1837 homemade movement.
    Arceau small moon phase watch _stainless steel_like grey alligator leather strap

    Arceau Small Moon Phase Watch
       In the ‘Best Watch of the Year’ award organized by Swiss authoritative watch magazine Montres Passion in 2013, the Arceau small moon phase watch was selected as the ‘Women’s Watch of the Year’. Beginning in 2015, it will be fully equipped with Hermès H1837-made movements.
    Cape Cod mechanical watch_stainless steel_cigar alligator leather strap

    Cape Cod mechanical watch
       The Cape Cod series of watches launched in 1991 is inspired by the design of the chain “Chaine d’Ancre”, a famous jewelry piece by Hermès in the 1930s, which is the shape of the anchor chain. For more than 20 years, its unique design has become a symbol of Hermès timeless classic. From 2015, Cape Cod mechanical watches will be fully equipped with Hermès H1912 homemade movement.