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    Dancing In Time Summer Fang Fei Tissot Chooses Women’s Wrist Watch

    The rain-filled lotus garden is full of fragrance, and the colorful summer world is being awakened by time. At the same time, women’s beautiful imagination of the colorful world is also aroused by it. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot condenses the summer scene in the wrist of size, telling the heart of Xia with women’s watches in red, purple, white, blue and four colors. Since the brand’s birth in 1853, Tissot has dedicated itself to paying attention to women’s timepieces. It has perfectly blended superb watchmaking technology with cutting-edge women’s styles, and celebrated the beauty of women both inside and outside with a unique collection of timepieces. This time is no exception. Four well-chosen summer timepieces are like four poems praising the beauty. They sing and sing in the garden after the rain, and the pointer ticks, making the wearer like to meet summer Fangfei.

    Red makeup Xiaoxia —— Tissot Kutu series mechanical female watch

     Just like women’s fashion, the color and style have been expressed by the low-key and restrained inner beauty of Huawei’s inner world. Tissot is a passionate and confident woman, offering the gift of half-sky as red as Xia Xia. The Tissot Coutu series praises every woman with its unique personality. The body of the watch is round and smooth, exuding a feminine charm. The diameter of the 32 mm dial is slightly larger than that of ordinary women’s watches. It adds boldness and modernity to modern women. Temperament and style; the eye-catching red leather strap is the finishing touch, a touch of red just like the inner passion. Twenty-five gems are hidden in the belly of the watch, escorting the self-winding ETA2824-2 movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour and a power reserve of 42 hours, highlighting the inner world of modern women. The high-quality requirements of professional movements have enriched the inner world of Tissot Kutu series mechanical women’s watches. The ‘core’ follows me and the light shines from the inside.

    Smoke purple elegant-Tissot Xinyuan series mechanical female watch

     Twelve o’clock at midnight is a magical moment in Cinderella’s fairy tale. Tissot’s new Xinyuan series mechanical watches also have such magic. At twelve o’clock, a circular hollow window displaying a delicate automatic movement jumps to the dial, stopping time in a beautiful moment. The design is inspired by the nature of early summer. The Tissot Xinyuan series exudes fragrance with a touch of purple; the hollow design above the dial is like a bird looking out from the branches, and you can enjoy the summer meaning of the Swiss-made automatic movement at a glance. Noisy; the purple crocodile leather strap and the white dial poetic match, if the water is hibiscus-like elegant and moving; summer time depicted by plants and flowers, printed on the dial with a relief pattern, singing a fresh and idyllic rural song; slender The stainless steel hands move elegantly in the dial, like the time to pick up the light, and feel astonished. The Tissot Xinyuan series is the inspiration muse of the goddess of art. At this moment, summer is on your wrist.

    Pure white magnolia-Tissot T02 series ladies watch

    Tissot presents Magnolia’s handwriting letter for all the quiet and elegant women in summer-Tissot T02 series women’s watch. The name of the Tissot T02 watch comes from the T series launched by the brand in 1999. At that time, Tissot used female designers to design women’s watches for the first time. The ‘T’ logo was incorporated into the design to emphasize the brand’s presence. Today, the design of Tissot T02 also draws on the elements of the T series. The famous ‘T’ logo is also used at the lugs, which cleverly connects the case and the strap, and it itself has become a part of the strap. Completely. The square mother-of-pearl in the center of the dial creates a silky smooth texture; the two sides of the square dial are set with diamonds to match the diamond scales, exuding an unparalleled elegant luster; it is worth mentioning that the watch dial, case and The straps are polished and frosted to show care in every detail. The pure white wrist watch is like a magnolia quietly blooming in the garden, showing the subtle beauty.

    Blue Jasmine-Tissot Gallop 200 Series Women’s Watch

     White as a pearl-like China Resources, blue as the sea is deeply intoxicating, enjoying the charm of time in the beautiful as intoxicated, the Tissot Chichi 200 series ladies watches are possessing this magic at first sight. The Tissot Gallop 200 series uses a classic and elegant round 316L stainless steel case. The polished bezel design is simple, which focuses people’s attention on the dial. The dial and strap are full of dark blue, which is more like blue jasmine. Elegant charm; the central area of ​​the dial is designed with ‘Paris studs’ pattern, which is exactly like relief, slightly raised, while adding a three-dimensional and texture to the dial, it also adds a touch of floral style to the watch, exuding a feminine and sexy femininity . Its performance in sports performance is more applauded. This watch is equipped with a tachymeter and a timer, which can provide accurate data throughout the process, allowing you to better understand your exercise rate while sweating. Let beauty and time record your elegance and sensuality, and Ting Ting is free to move freely. This is the Tissot 200 series ladies watch and its attitude to life.