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    Formal Cellini Casual Explorer Ⅱ High Cold Week Calendar Beijing Macau Center Spot

    Recently, when I visited Guanya Watch City in Beijing and Macao Center, I learned that many classic Rolex models are on sale, including Cellini, Explorer II, Weekly Calendar, Date, Oyster Perpetual motion, yachts and more are available from stock. Among them, the steel watches mainly include the first and second generations of explorers, niggas, women’s yachts, and other models. There are more gold and precious metal diary and weekly calendar models in the store. Interested friends may wish to call or enter Detailed inquiry.

    Rolex Cellini Calendar

    Rolex Cellini 50515 white dial watch

        In 2014, Rolex unexpectedly launched the new Cellini watch, which is actually not so much a new launch as a revival. Cellini is a very special watch from Rolex. It did not have any oyster-like traces of Rolex’s signature. It is a very artistic series. Later, because it was not like Rolex and the market acceptance was not so good, it stopped for a long time, and it was paid again in 2014 with a new look. This watch is Rolex’s original Cellini calendar watch, silver dial watch with leather strap, very formal. The weight of the watch is moderate, and the case size is just right. The dial time display is reasonable and the reading time is very comfortable.
    Rolex Day-Date 118238 Diamond Watch

        Day of the week calendar, Rolex’s flagship product, known as the President’s Watch, has always used precious metal case, the high price is like an invisible threshold. Beginning in 1956, Rolex’s clear and eye-catching design, featuring fully displayed week names, has won widespread market recognition. This watch is a relatively cold model of the Rolex week calendar type. In addition to the case using 18K yellow gold, the dial is extremely luxurious, embedded diamonds and green special materials to fill the scale. Equipped with an automatic 3155 movement, the entire watch is breathtaking.
    Rolex Explorer series 216570-77210 white dial watch

        In order to help human adventure, Rolex paid tribute to the expedition to the summit of Everest, and created this special series of explorers. Since its development, this series has formed two generations of products. The first generation has no special functions, only ordinary junior pins. The second-generation products have very beautiful designs and GMT functions. The biggest difference between Explorer II and Rolex’s famous GMT series is that its 24-hour graduated bezel is fixed. Rolex Explorer II is available in white and black. The classic combination of white and orange triangle hands makes the white plate extremely popular.

    Beijing Wangfujing Macau Center Guanya Watch City

    Summary: It is understood that the Rolex counter of the crown watch city of Beijing Macau Centre is currently out of stock due to the sold out. The Ghost King has just been sold out recently. The calendar type is the main type, and other best-selling models are also available for sale, such as nigger, golden gold and blue ghost, etc. If you have a favorite style, you can call to inquire first and then go to experience.
    More details:

    [Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that the user of ‘watch home’ will enjoy more discounts
    [Dealer name]: Guanya Watch City (Beijing Wangfujing Macau Center)
    [Dealer Address]: 1 / F, Macau Center, No. 8 Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    [Contact]: 010-58138196

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    What Watches Are Good For Mother’s Day? Recommended Watch Brand

    In the face of today’s dazzling watch world, have you been dazzled and unable to choose a suitable watch? Mother’s Day is approaching, and many people would like to buy a watch as a gift for mothers. Next, the editor recommends 10 watches for your reference.
    Mido-Bellenceli III Observatory Certified Ladies Watch

     The newly launched Mido Berencelli III Observatory-approved ladies’ watch uses inspirational creative sparks to create a beautiful appearance of the watch, presenting a woman’s elegant and lightweight temperament, the watch’s round shape, and the design inspiration from Milan Emmanuel The arc’s infinitely symmetrical and infinitely extended arc concept seems to be a clever proof of the mother’s infinite love for her children.
     Related watch information: Serande watch

     As a new generation of classic women’s watches, Lady Serande has a beautiful appearance. It is an elegant expression of women and easy to match with any clothing.
     Related watch information: magnificent and timeless, exquisite and elegant; the oval case also contains the mother’s unique temperament. The sparkling diamonds create a crystal-clear effect. The dazzling oval bezel is dotted with crystal round diamonds, interwoven into a beautiful melody.
     Related watch information: Longines tenderly selects the elegant and time-honored collection of rose gold diamond women’s watches as a holiday gift for mothers. Precise timepieces on the wrists convey the constant companionship of their children, and the melodious tick of the hands confers eternal love to the mother.
     Related watch information: Dai Chuo Wiener is an Italian translation of Dolce Vita, meaning ‘sweet life’. Longines Dai Chuo Wiener diamond watch combines simple and smooth lines and bright elegance.
     Related watch information: The new champagne-colored dial is fitted on the 18 ct yellow gold case. The enlarged VI word mark on the dial is set with 11 rubies, which implicitly reflects the preciousness of this watch. Treasures add charm. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Diary, which is distinguished and unpretentious, shows the feminine charm from a new perspective.
     Related watch information: Montblanc Star Eternal Set has three unique white gold diamond watches in beautiful wooden cases; two of them are driven by automatic movements, and the third is quartz Watch models, each with gorgeous style.
     Related models: The design of the RADO HyperChrome series of chronograph watches is eye-catching, and the dynamic appearance also has practical timing functions.
     Related watch information: Tissot Six-T follows and emphasizes the ancient method of 60 base, making the watch itself exude endless nostalgic charm, low-key and full of content. It is like a mother. Even if the years pass, it is still graceful and charming.
     Related watch information: Mother’s love is long and firm, warm and delicate. Just like the extraordinary temperament of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat chronograph, the mother’s courage and independence are vividly displayed, showing the generosity of love
     Related watch information: aibi / 2000089 /

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    Earl And Mika’s Latest Mv

    British pop singer Mika chose to wear the watch of the top Swiss brand PiagetPiaget Altiplano Small second G0A33113 in the MV of the latest single ‘Rain’. This single is Mika’s new album ‘The Boy Who Knew’ Too Much. ‘Rain’ continues Mika’s popularity in the global pop music scene, and the new video will also set off a wave of music. Piaget is indeed his ideal partner. Piaget’s masterpiece brings this imaginative, lively and explosive single to a tight fit with Mika’s cynical but vibrant style.

    Pop singer Mika wears Piaget Piaget Altiplano Small second G0A33113
       The picture of the gorgeous and elegant 18K rose gold case and chocolate dial clasping Mika’s wrist runs through the entire MV. This watch continues the unique taste of pure lines and perfect classicism. It is equipped with an ultra-thin movement of only 2.5mm.

    Piaget Piaget Altiplano Small second G0A33113
       The brilliant sapphire crystal case back provides a glimpse of the beautiful decoration of the movement. The ring-shaped Geneva ripple and the beautiful blue steel screws are the distinctive features of Piaget’s movement. This ultra-thin watch fully embodies the perfect essence of the MV’s attempt to show fashion and luxury, colorful and vivid images.