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    Language Lange 1 Most Complicated Watch Introduction

    This is the most complicated Lange 1 watch. At the 2012 Geneva watch fair SIHH, Lange introduced the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR watch with the functions of tourbillon, perpetual calendar and month.
     In order to maintain the consistent charm of the LANGE 1 watch, the dial is not designed with a tourbillon to open the window, but is replaced by a traditional small seconds moon phase plate. In addition, the designer of the Lange movement invented the first rotating perpetual calendar month display ring in the history of the watch, which further maintained the cleanliness and original charm of the dial. There are notches of varying depth behind the display ring, corresponding to the number of days in each month.

     The traditional big calendar, week, hour, minute, second, moon phase are all in the traditional position. The leap year display and month indication are located at 6 o’clock on the dial. The hours and minutes at six o’clock are day and night. Pulling out the crown at 3 o’clock, the patented stop-second device can immediately stop the balance wheel in the tourbillon frame, so the watch time setting can be calibrated to seconds.

     The newly developed L082.1 automatic movement is equipped with a 21K gold centered automatic disc, and the middle part is embossed with Lange signature. The centrifugal balance wheel of the automatic disk is made of platinum, with a density even higher than gold, which can inject additional kinetic energy into the winding process. Thanks to the special operation of the movement, the perpetual calendar function of the watch does not have to be adjusted for one day until March 1, 2100; the moon phase display can even operate accurately for 122 years before a day of error occurs.

     This movement consists of 624 parts and uses 68 jewel bearings. The tourbillon gemstone bearing is made of diamond material, which echoes the Lange high-quality bone pocket watch of category 1A. The tourbillon mechanism consists of 69 parts and weighs only 0.5 grams. The vibration frequency is 21600vph / 3Hz. The movement has a diameter of 34.1 mm and a thickness of 7.8 mm. With 50 hours power reserve. In addition, hand-carved movement parts, hand-carved tourbillons, intermediate wheel plywood, and four gold sleeves fixed to the plate with blue steel all reflect the excellent craftsmanship of this movement.
     The most complex member of the LANGE 1 series to date is available in a rose gold or platinum case with a diameter of 41.9 mm. Comes with a red-brown or black alligator leather strap and a folding buckle of the same material as the case. The platinum model is limited to 100 pieces.

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    Another Choice Tasting Montblanc Star Series Full Calendar Watch

    Last year, Montblanc re-interpreted the brand’s iconic star series watches with new design specifications. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, Montblanc introduced new watches decorated with black Roman numerals (the old models were black Arabic numerals), providing fans with more choices. This article is about the new star series full calendar watch (model: 119955).

    Watch real shot show:

    Watch details real shot display:

       The case is made of stainless steel and polished, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11.43 mm. Equipped with anti-glare sapphire crystal, embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo onion crown, and lugs with unique stepped design.

       The silver-white dial is decorated with a radial Montblanc hexagonal white star engraved pattern and rail-shaped minute scale, with black Roman numerals, blue willow-shaped hour and minute hands, and a blue Patton-style Montblanc hexagonal white star Second hand and rhodium-plated barton date hands.

       A date circle consisting of 31 date numbers surrounds the dial, and a small crescent-shaped hand at the top rotates along it to indicate the date. The day of the week and month are displayed in a small window above the dial, and the moon phase display is below the dial.

       Equipped with MB29.12 automatic movement, the movement frequency of 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), with full calendar display (date, week, month and moon phase) function, full string can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

       Comes with a blue halo-coated alligator leather strap by the Pelletteria leather workshop and a stainless steel triple folding clasp.

    For more information about the 2019 Geneva watch fair, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

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    Top 5 Issues To Watch In Basel 2017

    It is not too late to get to the topic. Yesterday, we focused all our attention on Patek Philippe and Rolex, and based on the limited information we have, we made limited analysis and inferences about the two most important watches of Patek Philippe and Rolex this year. Today, we are going to change it because we have too many new watches. I will show you a few key models that impressed me and the issues that deserve the attention of players. Again, due to the rush of time and limited information, I will answer every question after I return home. All are carefully tracked.

    Blancpain new titanium case 45mm classic 50 seek

    The first question I would like to talk about today is Blancpain 50 search (please allow me to use this simplified Chinese word ‘search’ for the time being).
       This year Blancpain launched a new 45mm 50mm titanium case. As you all know, Blancpain 50 is now divided into two categories. One is the classic 45 mm 50 finder, and the other is a 43 mm 50 finder bathyscaphe (note that I only target models using the 1315 movement). The 45mm classic 50 seeker is actually a typical luxury diving watch. The watch is very high configuration, with anti-magnetic back cover and uses Blancpain 1315 movement. Therefore, in comparison, the price of the 45mm classic 50 seeker is relatively high. We can see that compared to the current 43mm 50 seek bathyscaphe, the number of 45mm classic 50 seeks among domestic players is less, which is also caused by the high positioning and high price of 45mm 50 seeks. On the other hand, as a modern ‘mini version’ 50-hundred modern version, 43 mm 50-looking bathyscaphe also uses Blancpain’s high-end positioning 1315 automatic movement, but 43 mm bathyscaphe obviously does not have 45 The millimeter classic 50 looks luxurious (of course, the price of bathyscaphe is closer to the public). Isn’t there an intermediate option? Blancpain’s newly launched 45mm 50mm titanium case this year is a great option for players. That is, the classic 45mm 50 seek luxury case is maintained, while the price is reduced. The reason is that the new titanium case 45mm 50mm uses a transparent bottom cover for the first time on the 45mm classic 50mm, revealing the 1315 movement in the case, eliminating the previous antimagnetic inner case (because of the current Blancpain’s The hairspring is already insensitive to magnetic fields, and the antimagnetic inner shell is of little significance). In addition, the previous version of the steel case was thicker due to the large size of the 45mm 50mm. The new model uses a titanium case, which reduces weight and adds 45 mm 50 mm of wearing comfort. These make the new titanium case 45 mm 50 find the best balance of luxury, configuration and price. It is worth your continuous tracking and attention.
    The following two questions are about Omega.
       The first is about the 60th anniversary of Omega. I know very well that this set is actually at a distance from most players. On the one hand, there are few domestic quantities, and on the other hand, a set includes 3 watches. But the reason I am anxious to tell you this is that the three watches in the set are really too strong. These three watches are the 1957 version of the Supermaster, the 1957 version of the hippocampus, and the 1957 version of the Ironmaster (you are not mistaken, it is really the Ironmaster). The appearance of the three watches is completely copied from the 1957 version. Note that they are not copied but copied. The appearance of the three watches is exactly the same as the 1957 version. In the case, in addition to the manual supercar using the 1861 manual movement, the hippocampus and the iron fighter use the latest Omega coaxial movement. The appearance of 1957, the movement of 2017 (except the manual speedmaster), this is the greatest charm and attraction of this set. I only have to look at you. The strength of domestic fans in Europe is up to you.

    Omega includes the 1957 version of the hippocampus, the 1957 version of the Supermaster, and the 1957 version of the Ironmaster.

       The second is Omega’s new iron tyrant. For old players, Omega Ironmaster seems to be a ‘distant’ name. In the current lineup of Omega Supermaster, hippocampus, constellation, and disc flying, the name of Ironmaster is rarely seen. But this year Omega launched a completely new version of the Iron Bull. Tieba was originally a professional antimagnetic watch of Omega, with antimagnetic inner case. The reason why it was called railmaster was because of the strong magnetic field in railway work, so it was a watch introduced to adapt to this magnetic environment. This year’s newly remodeled Iron Pa is 40 mm in size and uses the Co-Axial movement. The Omega Co-Axial movement itself is 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic, so the Ironmaster no longer needs an antimagnetic inner case. The biggest highlight of the new iron tyrant is that this watch is a new entry option for the Omega Co-Axial movement. The price is only more than 30,000 yuan, which lies between the hippocampus AT and the disc fly. Because Duffy is a formal watch, the entry-level butterfly fly has not yet used the Zhizheng coaxial movement, so for players who are watching and want to buy a Zhizheng coaxial movement Omega experience, The new iron bully is a very good choice, because it only costs a little to play a perfect coaxial.

    Omega’s new 2017 Ironmaster railmaster

    The third issue that deserves attention is Tudor’s new MT5813 chronograph movement.
       Since ancient times, Tudor has no self-produced chronograph movement. But this year Tudor introduced its first self-produced chronograph movement. On the surface, this is not surprising. But the ‘blood’ of Tudor’s new MT5813 movement is very interesting. This Tudor MT5813 movement has a relationship with Rolex’s 4130 and Breitling’s B01. Because it is the R & D personnel of the Rolex 4130 movement. After developing the Rolex 4130, it helped Breitling to develop the B01. Now, Tudor’s new MT5813 is still derived from the same technology and developers. According to the inaccurate information I have learned (only I know it personally, it does not represent the official, for reference only), Tudor will also provide Breitling’s self-produced three-pins in the process of communicating with Breitling’s timing movement technology Technology of the movement MT5621 / 5601. From the technical data of the movement alone, it is not difficult to see the similarities between the Tudor MT5813 and the Rolex 4130 and Breitling B01. I don’t know much about the current information, and I haven’t had time to see the official Tudor news materials, so players can follow and follow. After I return to China, I will also focus on Tudor’s MT5813 and continue to exchange ideas and results with you.

    Tudor new MT5813 chronograph movement

    The fourth and fifth questions below come from Longines and Tissot.
       Longines has launched a new record series. I ca n’t remember the Chinese name a little bit, and you can follow it for yourself. This new record series is highly configured and fully certified by the Observatory. This series uses Longines’ unique L888.4 movement, using a silicon balance spring, a cardless trimmer balance, and a NIVACHOC shock absorber (if my analysis below is incorrect, please correct me). The card-free fine adjustment balance used by Longines L888 is similar to the balance of the current Tissot and Mido 80 movements. If I remember correctly, the NIVACHOC shock absorber used in this watch should be the same as that used in the Omega coaxial movement The shock is the same, coupled with a silicon hairspring, this record watch using Longines L888 movement has a good movement configuration, which is generally unmatched by 2892. Similarly, I haven’t had time to see the official information, but when I saw this watch, I felt like a very good Longines. Please follow and pay attention to it.

    Longines’ new RECORD series watches and the L888.4 movement used.

       The fifth issue that deserves your attention is Tissot’s watch with the new swissmatic movement. Tissot launched a new movement called swissmatic this year. Some players may have noticed that this movement is the same as the Swatch 51 movement. The Tissot is basically the same as the No. 51 in the balance, hairspring and escapement configuration, except that it uses a metal automatic top. The price of this Tissot swissmatic is very affordable, obviously thanks to the movement. Players can focus on this watch because it is a good choice for getting started and playing. Due to limited time, I ca n’t write more. You can focus on the above 5 issues. After returning to China, we will discuss them in detail.

    Tissot’s new SWISSMATIC watch and the SWISSMATIC movement used.