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    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hollow Watches?

    Hollow is a decorative technique on the mechanical splint of a mechanical watch. Actually, it is not just a watch. It is also found in some antique clocks or pocket watches. Therefore, the hollow is a traditional type of clock. It has three characteristics: one is that there is no or part of the dial, and you can directly see the movement; the other is that the surface of the movement’s plywood is plated with precious metal. The gears and other parts of the clocks and watches are decorated with polished patterns or engraved on the surface of the movement plywood.
    There are also hollow clocks in mechanical clocks, and they are also called ‘skeleton clocks’ or ‘skeleton clocks’, because usually these clocks are covered with a large glass cover, which can see the clock movement in all directions The movement plywood is also gold-plated.
    As a clock or watch, the precise structure and superb mechanical processing are an art and a beauty, so be sure to expose it to people to appreciate it; and then, a clock is also an incredible tiny and wonderful mechanical device. The wheel train moves continuously for a moment, and all the parts are meticulous, as if it is like aura and life. The frame of the hollowed-out watch movement is not covered, and even the barrel is not covered, so you can clearly watch every moment of the movement of the mechanical watch and every working state. It’s fun even for a layman to watch it lively, which is the advantage of hollowed out watches.
    Hollow watches are more expensive, especially when they are engraved on the splint. Many are made by hand by master watchmakers. There are ‘big eight’ forms in antique pocket watches, and the movement splints are carved. Cloud-like pattern, commonly known as ‘cloud board’, although it is not hollow, but it is very expensive in the collection market.
    Many of Switzerland’s famous brand watches are hollow watches, which are regarded as a standard in high-end watches, such as Patek Philippe Patek, Vacheron Constantin, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Breguet. Most of the functions are It is very simple, that is, there is no complicated function on the hand. However, the price is far more than the ordinary style watches, selling more than 300,000 stale, these types of watches are specially made in small quantities, the movement plywood will also use precious metals.
    In addition to simple functions, hollow watches are also made into ultra-thin ones, and the thickness of the entire movement generally does not exceed 2 mm. However, from the perspective of watch performance, usually the larger and thicker the movement, the more accurate the movement accuracy is guaranteed. Therefore, the hollow watch does not rely on accuracy or movement performance to win. The Swiss hollowed-out watches with complicated functions are not absent. They have code counting functions, which are much more expensive. They will also make the case into a transparent bottom cover to facilitate viewing and playing from both sides.
    At present, some domestic watch manufacturers are also making hollow watches. It is estimated that they have seen a lot of profits in sales. (Sina Weibo) I have seen that some watches have failed, although it took a lot of effort and effort to ply the movement. Do hollowing out, decorate the surface, and then do gold plating, but ignore one of the most important issues. The strength and support of the movement’s splint are greatly reduced, and the gap cannot be reliably guaranteed (the gaps of the watch parts are minimal), resulting in watches Extremely prone to failure. In particular, the movement of some watch movements is too exaggerated. The plywood has been made into a grid shape, and some of them are made by using a Swiss movement bought by themselves. These watches are prone to problems.
    Regardless of whether it is the Swiss ETA movement or the Japanese mechanical watch movement, they all use automatic movements, hollowed watch movements, it is difficult to control the automatic rotor, which is heavy and constantly rotates when worn. There are forces in either direction. It also includes automatic winding, which exerts a lot of pressure on the splint after being fully wound, especially which thing will generate slipping torque.
    I do n’t think it’s durable, so I personally recommend not to buy hollowed-out watches. If you really want to buy them, it’s best to just buy the simplest hand-wound watch.