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    Follow The Stars To Learn To Make Your Watch More Flavorful

    [Watch Reviews Trendy Star Wrist] Near Mid-Autumn Festival, do you already feel a bit of chill, every time this season, I always worry about what clothes to wear, and finally choose to go out After the beginning of the line, I found that the wrist was empty, ‘Which one should I like?’ (From my YY), but it is not easy to match the watch with your own. Sometimes over-exertion always feels like a starter, but choosing a too small style can easily hide the watch in clothing. Next, follow the watch house to learn how these stars are dressed ~
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    kaia Gerber
     Since Omega threw an olive branch to Kaia, she can often capture Omega’s figure in various street shots in Kaia. Her looks are cool and high-end, and Kaia often wears clothing with neutral elements, such as suits, solid T-shirts, etc. Make the most of your long, straight legs.

    Omega Celebrity Ambassador-Kaia Gerber

     I have to say, a cool girl like Kaia. And Omega temperament is pretty good. Because Omega’s watches have always given a simple and elegant impression, they will not go wrong in any place, in addition, in appearance, women’s watches still have a neutral taste, smooth lines also faintly use men Tough temperament.

    Kaia wears Omega saucer flying series 425.

     In the workplace, women like to convey a capable image through their attire, but being able at the same time cannot dispel the feminine impression of beauty. Omega’s disc flying series can basically meet such requirements. This watch, like the one worn by Kaia, is full of silver and white, looks beautiful and stylish, while the mother-of-pearl dial brings out a gentle temperament, which is very suitable for urban white-collar workers.
    Fresh Girl——Cotton Clothing × Watch

    Ouyang Nana airport private photo wearing Chanel J12 series watch
     The sense of girlhood is a treasure in the world. The girl’s unique clear eyes, blown skin and youthful smile make “girly” the most beautiful period of all women’s lives. And how did Ouyang Nana choose the watch at the peak of the girly sense?
     I often find the lens of this watch from Nabi’s private photos. Nabi’s love for this watch can be seen. In fact, in addition to Nana, many stars also love this watch. Ma Sichun, who said that the same young girl was impressed.

    Ma Sichun wears Chanel J12 series watch

     At the peak of the sense of girlhood, Ouyang Nana also used a simple dress and Chanel J12 to perform a youthful and invincible dress. Little floral is standard for girls, pvc material bags make people shine, comfortable little white shoes will not be out of date at any time, at this time, a solid-colored watch can make Ouyang Nana look more Refreshing. The color of this Chanel watch is pure, and its shape can even be described as ‘student-like’. The 29mm Chanel H2570 watch does not look very awkward when worn on a girl’s wrist, and it will appear with all kinds of clothing With ease. The ceramic case and mother-of-pearl dial make the watch more pure and pure, and the 8 diamond hour marks bring a bright visual effect to the watch. After all, the girl is sparkling in addition to refreshing ~ This watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which also eliminates the trouble of winding the mechanical watch and is more suitable for girls to wear as daily watches.
    Hip-hop trendy man-exaggerated clothing × watch [Bulgari OCTO series 103011 watch, Bulgari OCTO series 102854 watch]

    Wu Yifan wearing a Bulgari OCTO series watch taking photos of magazines
     A ‘Hip-Hop in China’ gave everyone a deeper understanding of hip-hop street fashion. Even the gold chain, which was initially regarded as a must-have for society’s big brothers, became a trendy man’s decoration. And loose jeans, exaggerated color jackets, baseball caps, sunglasses, etc. have also been brought on fire, not to mention, many boys really taste great after putting on. Not to mention Wu Yifan, whose face is always online.

    Wu Yifan wears Bulgari OCTO series watch
     Hip-hop style pays attention to a variety of contrasting colors and exaggerated looseness. It can be seen that no matter how exaggerated the color tone can be held. However, when choosing a watch, Fanfan was very clever in choosing a color, and the rest of the watch was exceptionally balanced to balance the whole, otherwise it would make the watch extraordinarily cheap. The new ultra-thin self-winding watch of the Bulgari OCTO series is visually different from other stainless steel models. The surface has bright white and matte effects, which makes the watch more textured. 40mm rhodium-plated steel sandblasted case with rhodium-plated steel sandblasted bracelet. The most special is the octagonal case. The different layers visible are sandblasted, and the details are in place. Another color of this watch uses a black dial and rose gold frame. Fanfan used this watch with an English-style sub-shirt, which not only maintained the overall color tone, but also made this watch a cool one second. Transformed into a formal watch, instead of the round shape gives the overall youthful atmosphere.
    Salt fresh meat-white shirt × watch [Jacques flip watch series Q2788520 watch]

    Jing Bairan wears Jaeger-LeCoultre watch

     Salt males refer to boys who have a light feeling. Most of them are thin and thin, with single eyelids or inner doubles, thin lips, and perfect side curves. This kind of boy is always Bai Yueguang in the heart of girls, and Xiaobian always thinks Jing Bairan is synonymous with this type of boy. Every time I see Jing Bao wearing a simple shirt and jeans, I think this is the first love.

    Jing Bairan wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch to attend the press conference

     Jing Bao also understands his ‘refreshing’ characteristics in dressing, and he especially prefers light-colored clothing. This refreshing feeling also requires a watch of the same style to be used. The classic white pan and blue needles give a simple feel overall. And simplicity is not the same as simplicity. Through the sapphire crystal glass surface, you can see a dial with a texture pattern in the middle of the silver-white dial, so that this watch does not look too monotonous. With this combination, does it make people see it like a spring breeze ~
     The combination of watches and clothing will always be a icing on the cake. Choosing a watch and clothing that suits your style will complement a person’s temperament. I hope this article can help you choose in the future- —

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    Vacheron Constantin Malte Fine Jewellery Tourbillon

    The ultimate demonstration of complex and delicate mosaic technology: invisible mosaic

     Vacheron Constantin has always adhered to the ultimate watchmaking standards-a perfect fusion of different art forms, masters of artisans from all fields, respect for tradition and continuous innovation, with a beautiful, precious, accurate and moving watch masterpieces, engraving the gift of time . Today, Vacheron Constantin’s new Malte Fine Jewellery Tourbillon symbolizes the perfect fit between art, watchmaking and creative talents, subtly combining the magic of watchmaking with the mystery of jewelry setting.

     This outstanding watch is a perfect tribute to Vacheron Constantin’s traditional watchmaking (Metiers d’Art). Employing a completely hand-made invisible setting technique, the watch is set with a total of 418 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 19.6 carats), reflecting the glorious time.

     VACHERON CONSTANTIN Malte Tourbillon Jewellery

     At present, there are only a few masters in the world who are proficient in invisible diamond setting. The gold base is completely hidden under the diamond. All the diamonds are supported by the orbit to form a light field, but no setting marks can be seen, which can release the dazzling light to the extreme. The Malte watch selected by Vacheron Constantin this time not only because it has a curved outline, but also with sharp edges and sharp lines, which brings great challenges to diamond setting technology. Therefore, Vacheron Constantin chose to apply invisible diamond technology to this watch as a demonstration of another extreme craftsmanship. In order to overcome the problem of diamond setting, from designers to jewelry setters, watchmakers and jewellery masters, they must work closely to fully demonstrate their outstanding skills under the common idea of ​​transcending themselves.

     Jewelry cutting craftsmen need to cut each diamond individually to the nearest micron to ensure that the jewelry inlayer can seamlessly fit the diamond into its pre-designed position. To achieve this absolute accuracy, goldsmiths need to spend more than 100 hours to create such a perfect diamond mosaic composition.

     Because the gold case is completely hidden under the diamond, the entire watch is a sculpture made of diamond: whether it is the lug, bezel, case center, dial, buckle, crown, or Every detail of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic Maltese cross shines brightly.

     This Malte fine jewelry tourbillon has also passed the stringent requirements of the new standard ‘Mark of Geneva’. The ‘Geneva Mark’ was founded in 1886 by the Swiss Federal Government and the Grand Legislative Assembly of the City of Geneva. It is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, durability and watch expertise. This unique quality verification has just undergone an important improvement at the end of 2011. The scope of its certification is no longer limited to the movement, but to the entire watch. This reform marks the ‘Geneva Mark’, which has long been valued by Vacheron Constantin, and will be more in line with the strict needs of customers.

    Calibre 2795, the perfect example of Vacheron Constantin’s superb craftsmanship

     A high-quality watch must be equipped with the same high-quality movement. This watch is equipped with a 2795 manual-winding mechanical movement, consisting of 169 parts, with a power reserve of about two days.

     This new barrel-shaped movement was developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, and it perfectly matches the case. The design of the tourbillon frame is inspired by the brand’s Maltese cross logo, which perfectly showcases the extreme decoration technology of each part of the movement, including a large number of hand-cut internal corners.

     The process of the tourbillon bridge is often very technically challenging. It takes more than 12 hours of manual processing to meet Vacheron Constantin’s strict grinding standards. The trimming process consists of two programs. First, the left and right parts of the cross-bridge are filed into cones or semi-cylindrical shapes, and the center and root parts are carefully divided. Finally, the craftsmen will repeatedly polish using tools such as grindstone, asbestos cloth, wooden sander and polishing paste to achieve the perfect polishing effect.

     This remarkable 2795 calibre is decorated with Geneva ripples, the edges of the tourbillon bridge are manually chamfered, and each movement is individually engraved.

     The perfect example of Vacheron Constantin’s superb craftsmanship: 2795 movement