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    Recommended Business Watch New Expensive

    They all have common features, slim and sturdy, full-featured, direct contact between formal and casual watches, allowing you to be at ease in business entertainment and master the topic. Piaget Altipano 34mm Rose Gold Ultra-Thin Watch
    Highlights: Ultra-thin + diamond
    腕表 This watch has a multi-layered dial and slender lugs, but the platinum case remains only 5.25 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest self-winding movement watch. The highlight of this watch is the calibre 1208P movement crafted from 22k gold.
    At first glance, the Altipano series watches are very similar, but the details are different, such as the 40mm white gold gemstone stopwatch dial at the corresponding 5 o’clock position.
    Blancpain Slim Retrograde Small Seconds
    Highlights: Ultra-thin + complex retrograde
    The new Blancpain watch features a 40 mm white gold case with a sapphire crystal. The blue lacquered dial is decorated with classical radiation ripple carving, with multi-layered transparent blue, which can transform into an unparalleled ocean depth effect.
    海洋 This marine effect complements the silver-white Roman numerals and hour and minute hands, making the reading clear and clear. The serpentine date hand in the center is uniquely designed to add beauty to the dial. In addition, a retrograde seconds hand is also provided at 6 o’clock. And behind the 5 o’clock position lugs hidden behind the lugs, you can quickly adjust the date. 72-hour power reserve. Water resistant to 30 meters.
    Oujiang Shi Constantin Overseas watch
    Highlights: Time zone + black rubber watch
    In 2010, Vacheron Constantin launched this watch. The solid gray tone created by the stainless steel case, titanium bezel and dark blue dial gives her a timeless low-key beauty. This watch has a variety of functions. In addition to the classic hour, minute and second display functions, the date sub-dial and the two places are placed at the dial at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively.
    1222 self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron isolation plate, which makes the watch not affected by the daily magnetic field and cause time deviation, ensuring the accuracy of time. The design of the adjustment knob and the screw-locked crown ensure that the watch is fully protected.
    Alligator leather light gray strap is suitable for men with large silver face and big and tall negotiations, while black rubber strap is more suitable for men with dark wrists and sweaty hands.
    Rolex’s new Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER
    Highlights: Time zone
    As a newborn of the Oyster family, the Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER watch presented at the Baselworld 2012 exhibition is a highly innovative watch with superb technology and easy operation. SKY-DWELLER relies on 14 patented technologies (of which 5 are new patents), including dual time zone display, that is, the dial’s central hand indicates the local time, and an eccentric 24-hour dial shows the time in the reference time zone.
    Also comes with an innovative annual calendar device called SAROS, inspired by an astronomical phenomenon that only needs to be adjusted once a year between February and March. In addition, there are 12 small windows around the dial to display the month. This watch is designed for those who require the watch to be practical, easy to use and elegant.
    Omega Aqua Terra GMT dual time zone
    Highlights: Time zone
    Hippocampus Aqua Terra GMT dual time zone watch will use a 43 mm diameter case, the case is available in 18K red gold, stainless steel and red gold with stainless steel and other metal materials. Paired with the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ dial of the Aqua Terra model, the vertical texture is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht.
    In addition to the central hour hand, minute hand, and second hand, the dial also has a GMT hand that rotates once every 24 hours, thereby achieving the function of reading the time of the two places at the same time.
    Cartier Calibre multi-time zone watch
    Highlights: Time zone
    Is a veritable watch for business travellers. The day and night hands of the sun and moon symbol on the dial below the center of the watch indicate the time of departure and the main hand of the watch indicates the time of destination. You can magnify the destination display with a magnifying glass on the side. This design can avoid the inconvenience caused by the dial’s too many instructions.
    As long as you press the turn button, you can read the time of 24 reference time zone cities. Each time you press the turn button, you can display each city and the corresponding time, and the corresponding time between the reference city and the travel city.
    的 The last major innovation of the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch is the ability to switch between summer and winter time. During the five months when daylight saving time is implemented, you can switch between daylight saving time and winter time by simply reading different levels of time on the city dial.
    IWC new Spitfire chronograph watch
    Highlights: Timing
    For the first time, IWC introduced a standard Spitfire chronograph watch-models 387802 and 387804 are equipped with a stainless steel case. The surface of the case is polished by hand to a high gloss or smooth matte effect, and the appearance is magnificent. The sun’s moire emits a dazzling light when it refracts sunlight on the blue-gray dial.
    精致 The exquisite Spitfire engraving pattern on the bottom of the table and the polished and matte surface decoration complement each other. The dark dial and date display are integrated with the altimeter design, bringing it closer to the ‘instrument’ shape of classic pilot watches.
    回到 If you go back to the 1930s, Spitfire chronographs will surely make a lot of British flying elites. Today, the men who choose to admire this timepiece show more elegant clothes style and excellent taste.
    Longines Somia Series
    Highlight: Jianjin
    Longines Soymia series chronograph stopwatch equipped with L688 column wheel movement specially developed and produced for Longines, the case diameter is 41 mm, stainless steel rose gold case, silver dial. The design of this watch is both stylish and sporty, with a high price / performance ratio.