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    Sophisticated Men Will Choose Sports Watches

    A tasteful man will definitely choose a truly professional sports watch to wear on his wrist. The luxury sports watches born in the early 1970s, like the men born in that era, have become more mature and beautiful.
    As people increasingly take part in water sports and beach vacations, diving watches are naturally given a stylish touch. This trend has continued unabated this year.
    Omega Constellation Double Eagle Four Small Dial Watch
    4The four small dials on the rugged Double Eagle watch are staggered in a row on the large dial, which is extremely visually striking. Not only sporty, but also stylish. The highly dynamic dial is matte black, contrasting with the small dial.
    This watch combines extraordinary performance, reliability and stylish design. Whether it’s leisure at home, sweating on the sports field, or lingering in the city, this watch is the perfect match.
    $ 60,700

    Blancpain chronograph
    Blancpain’s ‘Fifty Mouth Seek’ full-calendar month-to-month flyback chronograph watch In 2010, Blancpain further expanded the ‘Fifty Mouth Seek’ series in sports watches to create a breathtakingly complex watch. The column wheel flyback chronograph and the moon phase profit and loss full calendar display, which are customary for traditional sports watches, are fully interpreted.
    Stainless steel case; diameter: 45mm

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    Swiss Women’s High-altitude Show Stunts Thrilling Walking On The Wings

    Walking on the wing is an aviation circus with an airplane as a performance platform. According to the British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on March 9th, the Breitling Wing-walking team female members performed stunts on Kuwait’s wings and performed stunts and thrills.

    7 On the 7th local time, Breitling Watches settled in Kuwait. The Breitling Wandering Flight Team performed a free show for the public over Marina Crescent in Kuwait. They drove a 1930 Boeing Stearman biplane passionately in the air. This is their 2014 debut, and the captain of the flying team, Martyn Carrington, said they were very honored to be invited to perform in Kuwait, and they are willing to face a new audience. And Aed Adwan, sales manager of Breitling Middle East, also said that it is very lucky to have such a well-known team to perform the aviation heritage of Breitling.

    The Breitling Skywalk flight team is funded by the Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling, and has toured more than 2,500 times around the world. The players need to complete various difficult actions on an airplane with a speed of about 241 kilometers per hour, and the danger factor is extremely high. In addition to walking on the wings, there are also demonstrations of flying techniques, including heeling, rolling, stall reversal, and inverted flight. In this performance, there are also low-altitude parades of crowds, and episodes of flying over the landmark skyline and the Liberation Tower. Such difficult aerobatic performances require a high degree of tacit understanding between walkers and pilots, as well as rehearsing air lineups and flight routes multiple times.