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    Tag Heuer Launches Abarth 595 Competizione Special Limited Watch

    The 94th Brussels Motor Show in Belgium has just begun. On the first media day, Abarth and Tag Heuer launched a special creation-Abarth595CompetizionebyTAGHeuer, with powerful horsepower, full of dynamics, limited to 30 cars.

       This is a celebration of the dynamic innovation of the Abarth and Tag Heuer brands. Under the leadership of Jean-Claude Beaver, CEO of TAG Heuer and head of the watch division of LVMH Group, the body was jointly developed by TAG Heuer and GarageItaliaCustoms (led by Lapp Elkann), and each car leaves the factory Each time is equipped with a Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph, the race spirit and sports luxury luxury watches perfectly.

      1.4-liter T-Jet turbocharged engine, maximum power of 180 hp, peak torque of 250 Nm, acceleration of 100 kilometers in 6.7 seconds, 595CompetizionebyTAGHeuer is specially designed for adrenaline addicts, powerful, and applies Brembo advanced braking system, braking safety . The model is available at Abarth’s Belgian and Luxembourg dealers, with a list price of € 27,790 and € 26,871, respectively.

      To make this model even more stylish and unique, Abarth and Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer set a precedent for such cooperation. Cars and race cars are deeply rooted in Tiger Heuer’s genes and are an important part of the brand’s heritage. As we all know, Tag Heuer has established partnerships with some of the great F1 teams and drivers and sponsors legendary car events.

    This model has the following characteristics:
    17 inch aluminum alloy wheels
    Red brake caliper
    Black leather and Alcantara Sabelt bucket seat
    Interscope audio system
    Unique ‘TAGHeuerLimitedEdition’ aluminum internal identification plate
    ‘TAGHeuer’ external badge
    ‘TAGHeuer’ key ring

       Each car is delivered with a Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph with a case diameter of 41 mm and an aluminum speedometer scale bezel. The dial’s 9 o’clock timer position is decorated with the exclusive custom Abarth logo, and the bottom of the table is engraved with the Abarth scorpion pattern. The watch has a perforated leather strap with red stitching symbolizing the spirit of racing. In addition, the case side is satin-finished, a tribute to the beauty and sportiness of the Abarth595CompetizionebyTAGHeuer. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Parmigiani Scaling Indicator Secret Of Martial Time

    OVALE Series——New models born

     The launch of the Oval Watch Collection is a journey of innovation for the Parmigiani brand, and like many other models, this watch is inspired by the restored watch. Oval watch with retractable hands, created by British jewelers Vardon and Stedman, is a true heritage of watchmaking, restored in 1997 at the Parmigiani brand in Fleurier . The design of this watch can be described as imaginative: charming ovals and magical complications. Two retractable indicators can expand and contract along the oval outline of the case. When passing through a number of time scales, it shows the passage of time. With the little-known complex device of the scaler, this watch seems to have life, telling us the secret of time.

     The new oval watch and the prestigious scaler complex represent two iconic features of the Parmigiani brand. First of all, the brand’s complete independence, which is reflected in its vertical production facilities, and enables Parmigiani to remanufactured truly unique large and complex device components and create shapes that are most faithful to the original. The second characteristic is the inseparable connection between the Parmigiani brand and the restoration of watches and clocks. The extraordinary watches made by the predecessors are an invaluable combination of knowledge and craftsmanship, telling us the importance of superb craftsmanship and providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary watches. Just like the oval watch and its modern models, the restoration work of the Parmigiani brand is an ongoing dialogue between historical masterpieces and future watchmaking products.

    Oval watch collection Ovale Pantographe

     The basic movement used by Ovale Pantographe is the oldest movement created by Parmigiani: the PF110 movement specially designed for the Hebdomadaire series. With the advent of the retractable indicator module, a new movement called PF111 combines a retractor on a manually wound movement with an 8-day power reserve. Ovale Pantographe is available in rose and white gold, but all models have the same dial decorated with barley grains-this dial also cleverly combines arcs and lines to create a relief effect. Blue, a highly symbolic color in watchmaking history, is reused here. The retractable pointer is made of blue steel titanium, a color obtained by heating to 550 ° C using a very difficult process. The time scale and digital are made of blue steel with PVD coating.

          Ovale Pantographe
     Rose gold case, silver dial, Hermes alligator strap

    Scaler complex

     The highlight of this new oval watch series is undoubtedly the complex device of the scaler that controls the hands to zoom in and out to represent the passage of time. The pointer is mounted on the scaler, a device that gives it a telescopic function, and uses the principle of the length x to specify the coefficient to achieve movement at the farther or closer points of the ellipse. At the specific mechanical level, the cam located in the center of the movement determines the length of the entire hand and will stretch X times. In other words, this central cam measurement can provide the information needed to move the indicator and adjust the length of the indicator according to the contour of the dial.

     This orbit and expansion have been carefully calculated, and the trajectory of the indicator movement has formed a perfect and harmonious ellipse. In addition, the computer analogy ensures that the minute hand will never be shorter than the hour hand after the telescope, that is, there will be no confusion such as 12:15 and 3 o’clock.

     This extraordinary work surpassed all expectations. Its main challenge is not the horological complex itself, but cutting, especially the assembly of retractable hands. After experimenting with many different techniques, Parmigiani’s watchmakers chose the most cutting-edge technology to cut the material used for the indicator-titanium strings. They are using the latest generation of laser cutting technology, which uses water and nitrogen with an accuracy of 2 to 4 microns. To achieve the desired accuracy, we conducted a one-year test at the Lausanne Institute of Technology. For this reason, high-tech equipment is abandoned instead of manual assembly. In fact, no matter how perfect the machine is, its precision can never replace the watchmaker’s eyes and dexterity at critical stages. Riveting titanium strings also requires excellent hearing and touch. When accessing the rivet, the test of the watchmaker’s technology is to determine the critical point of deformation of the rivet, and at this moment of material deformation, a specific ‘ding-dong’ sound is issued, marking the end of the operation. According to this, titanium strings must slide completely freely against each other, not even the smallest gaps can be created. Therefore, the watchmaker must achieve an ultra-precise balance at every connection of the structure to ensure the overall normal operation of the component.

    Oval Watch Collection Ovale Tourbillon

     Ovale Tourbillon combines the beauty of ovals with the well-known round tourbillon carrier and its fascinating vibrations. The PF501 movement is a legacy created by Parmigiani technology and is one of the very few 30-second tourbillon movements on the market. It can be rotated twice per minute to improve accuracy. The luxurious and luxurious Ovale Tourbillon is available in rose gold with a black mother-of-pearl dial or rose gold with a white Geneva dial with a silver Geneva wave. This extraordinary work is limited to 30 pieces each.

            Ovale Tourbillon
         Rose gold case, black dial, Hermes crocodile strap

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    How Did The ‘turtle’ Swim Over Half A Century?

    In 1888, the brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurt founded their own watch production base in Switzerland. At the foot of Mount Jura between Solothurn and Bill, the two brothers and their three employees have created an exclusive area at home to work. But within a short period of time, their business has been greatly developed, and in the next few years, various businesses have been expanded and opened.

    The birth of a special ‘turtle’

     With the continuous development of watchmaking technology, Certina’s continuous research and breakthrough on the way of watchmaking. In the 1960s, Certina began producing professional diving watches. Among them, the most famous is Certina DS Super PH 500M. As early as 1959, Certina launched a reliable and durable DS double insurance system, and this technology is equipped on the diving watch, which is a major innovation for Certina. Certina DS is an automatic watch advertised as ‘very impact resistant’ with a water resistance of up to 20 bar (200 meters). This technology caused a great sensation at the time.

     By 1969, the United States Navy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had carried out a series of geological and biological experimental studies in the Caribbean Sea, and the project code name was Tekteite. The underwater camera and microphone record the movement and sound data of the test team. The divers who participated in the test all wore Certina DS-2 Super PH 500m diving watch. After the experiment, the test rating of Certina watch was Excellent A.

    So what exactly is DS double insurance technology?

    Certina DS double insurance technology anatomy diagram

     How to interpret the ‘double insurance technology’ on the diving watch? Only a highly rugged structure? Not only that, the concept of double insurance technology is also reflected in all parts of Certina watches: O-ring washers on the lever, two O-ring washers on the crown, professional washers on the case back, Forced case back.

    Certina ‘Sea Turtle’ Logo

     It is worth mentioning here that the back of each Certina diving watch is engraved with a unique ‘Certoise’ coat of arms. This is the tradition of Certina, and it also represents the guarantee of Certina quality. Turtles symbolize long life, sturdy and waterproof. Today, the mark of the ‘turtle’ is as impressive as its reliable quality.

     Adding ‘dual insurance technology’ to diving watches makes Certina diving watches different from other brands. Certina DS Action Diver (turtle series) automatic diving watches have been reaffirming this concept for many years, and always follow the strict ISO 6425 diving watch standards.

    What is the ISO 6425 diving watch standard?

     ISO 6425 specifies the physical properties that a diving watch must have, such as the water resistance to which it can be reached. In addition, it uses some special test methods to ensure that all requirements can be met. For a mechanically driven diving watch with hands indicating the time, these necessary physical properties include: a component that can preset a diving time of 60 minutes (usually a unidirectional rotating outer ring), clear reading in the dark, and watch running status Tips (usually a glowing second hand), resistance to salt water erosion and impact from external forces, reliability in underwater operation, anti-magnetic (ISO 764), shock resistance (ISO 1413), and thermal shock resistance (rapid temperature changes)

     The most important of all the tests specified by ISO 6425 is that each watch must be tested under conditions of 1.25 times the official nominal waterproof depth, the so-called ‘overpressure’. Under ‘overpressure’ conditions, if the watch passes all tests, it also means that the watch can cope with the underwater environment in actual operation. The deadly enemy of the diving watch is water vapor. As long as you overcome this technical difficulty, it is not just the turtles who are free to swim in the water, but you wearing a ‘turtle’.

    New ‘turtle’, different experiences

    Double protection design crown

     At the Baselworld 2017, Certina launched a new generation of DS Action Diver (Sea Turtle) automatic diving watches. The new generation of ‘Sea Turtles’ also follows the ISO 6245 diving watch standard and has a water resistance of 300 meters. , And is equipped with a highly innovative PowermaticTM 80-hour long power movement to ensure that accurate water movement can be maintained in and out of water.

     In addition to its excellent waterproof performance and movement, the reason why the ‘Sea Turtle’ series is still popular today is inseparable from its classic diving watch shape. The new generation of ‘Turtle’ still retains the style of its series, but has made some changes from the original. First of all, the case changed from 43.2 mm to 43 mm. The red letter element was added to the dial to make the dial’s color more lively and richer in layering. Comparing C013 and C032 in the same series, C032 also adds a date display window design at 3 o’clock. Some people say that it disrupts the overall harmony, and some people say it enhances the use of daily life. However, this design dispute with or without history does not only exist in the ‘turtle’, we do not discuss the problem of no solution. In addition, the outer ring of the entire hand form has also been slightly changed, and the original 12-point triangular logo has been added with a dot-dot fluorescent coating design.

     Certina diving element series (turtle series) C032.407.11.041.00

     The new ‘Turtle’ has a high-contrast dial design, which contrasts with the smooth lacquered bezel in color. The hands and large time scale are finished with Super-LumiNova®, which enhances readability in a variety of light conditions. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal is one of the many features of DS (Double Insurance Technology), ensuring that all Certina watches have excellent waterproof and shock resistance since the 1960s. The new DS Action Diver (turtle series) automatic diving watch is equipped with a three-row frosted stainless steel bracelet with a two-button folding buckle and a professional extension for diving watches. In addition, there are other styles to choose from, such as black dial models and other material straps, such as rubber straps. The domestic price of the new generation of ‘turtles’ is RMB 6,200, which is the same price as the previous generation of turtles. While the technology has been upgraded, the price remains the same.

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    Conston And The Global Gift Foundation Are Committed To The Global Children’s Charity

    Recently, Frederique Constant, a well-known independent Swiss watch brand, officially announced that it has reached a multi-year cooperation agreement with the Global Gift Foundation to work together on the development of children’s charities around the world.

       In specific operations, Frederique Constant will work side by side with the two major foundations and actively participate in the charitable activities of the Global Gift Foundation. The two foundations are: First, The Eva Longoria Foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of life of low-income Latinos through education and corporate activities, and creating conditions for a better future And foundation; the second, The Ricky Martin Foundation, is committed to combating human trafficking, attracting social attention, and creating a better environment for education, health, and social justice for the healthy growth of children.
       Frederick Chief Executive Officer Peter Stas said, ‘Aletta and I are very happy to be able to reach this cooperation agreement, but this is only the first step for the Frederick Constant Fund to participate in supporting charity. We will also continue to support sponsoring the World Heart Foundation. ‘