Chopard Chopard Shines With Cannes Film Festival Premiere Red Carpet

On May 18th local time, Chinese actor Guan Xiaotong, Chinese actor Ming Dao, Chinese model He Sui, Indian actor Peri Ranka Chopra Jonas and her husband Nick Joe Nick Jonas, British actor Helen Mirren, American actor Andie MacDowell, Brazilian actress Marina RuyBarbosa, and Italian actor Marika Pellet Marica Pellegrinelli and others attended the premiere of the movie ‘LesPlusbellesannéesd’une Vie’ on the red carpet. The stars on the scene shone and streamed.

  Chinese actor Guan Xiaotong chose Chopard’s high jewelry series earrings and bracelets with embroidered flower tube top dress on the red carpet. The dazzling sapphire, diamonds, and emeralds radiate a radiant light on the ears and wrists, showing an oriental elegance with the dress, and the Chopard Magical Setting ring worn by the fingers also blooms like flowers, which interprets the scorching style to the extreme.

  Chinese model He Sui made a sexy appearance with a pink tube top dress and Chopard RedCarpet series jewelry. The 92.06-carat pear-shaped sapphire-shaped RedCarpet series earrings swayed brightly, and the high-jewellery series bracelet with colorful gemstones on the wrists bloomed brilliantly. , Dazzling.

  The Chinese actor Ming Dao appeared elegantly in a black suit. The Chopard L.U.CXPSTwistQF series watch he wore showed outstanding and low-key restraint on the wrist, showing the oriental gentleman’s spirit under the flash.

  Indian actress Priyanka ChopraJonas and her husband, American singer Nick Jonas, accompanied her. She wore a white lace dress with Chopard’s high jewelry necklace. With the earrings unveiled, the light of the dazzling diamond under the shadow of the pure white gauze veiled romantically and gleamingly, making it more charming and charming. Nick Jonas also chose to match his wife with a white suit and wear the Chopard Imperiale series wrist watch full of diamonds, 47.69 carats of diamonds and amethyst brilliance, highlighting its stylish style.

  British actor Helen Mirren made a stunning appearance with a nude sequin dress. Chopard’s high jewelry series earrings and rings embellished it. Diamond Huacai set off the extraordinary demeanor behind this strength.

  American actor Andie MacDowell was wearing a chic white dress to attend the red carpet. Chopard’s high-end jewelry earrings in the earrings were dazzling, and the same series of ruby ​​rings worn in the fingers also sparkled, between the wrists. The ruby ​​inlaid on the bracelet complements each other, adding a touch of elegance to the look.

  Brazilian actress Marina RuyBarbosa chooses Chopard’s high jewelry series necklaces and earrings with a black drop-shoulder tube top dress elegantly, exquisite earrings with 16.02 carat pear-shaped sparkling diamonds and feminine diamonds Necklace, together to set off its refined temperament.

  Italian actor Marica Pellegrinelli made her gorgeous purple satin dress. She chose Chopard’s RedCarpet earrings to decorate the overall shape. The earrings were adorned with opal, yellow sapphire, garnet and shavo. Wright garnet competes in the bright side of the neck, such as climbing two orchids in full bloom, making it appear elegant.

  On the same day, Romanian actor and model Catrinel Marlon also chose to wear Chopard jewellery to attend the premiere of the movie ‘LaGomera’. The red carpet was embellished with rubies and sparkling diamonds on the RedCarpet necklace. , And complement the pink lace dress, so that the overall shape is elegant and elegant without losing the romantic femininity.

Several Ladies’ Watches With Prices As Low As A Thousand Yuan

Girls who have just stepped out of the university campus and entered the society very much need a watch as an accessory, but high-end top brands are unbearable for most people. Today I will introduce a few models for you The watch with a price of one thousand yuan is very suitable for young women who have just entered the society and entered the workplace.
Casio CASIO-BABY-G series MSG-300C-7B2D ladies electronic watch

 Since the birth of the fashionable women’s watch brand Casio Baby-G, with its fashionable design, distinctive personality and rich colors, it has become an important accessory for many young women to match fashion. Now is the era of pursuing a stylish lifestyle. Of course, you who love fashion must have a Casio Baby-G watch. Casio CASIO-BABY-G series MSG-300C-7B2D ladies electronic watch with powerful features and excellent texture. Pink dial, date, day of the week, month display function. Watches are ¥ 1,350.
Yakliman-Classic 1-1555D Ladies Quartz Watch

 What brand of women’s watches can I buy for 1,000 yuan? For people who are not familiar with watch brands, they will think that 1000 yuan is only for domestic watches. Actually not. Austrian watch brand Yakliman has quite good models within 1000, such as Yakliman-Classic series 1-1555D ladies quartz watch. This watch is made of stainless steel case strap, silver-white dial design, Roman numeral hour markers appear special charm on it, sword-shaped hands indicate time, clear and easy to read. The watch only costs ¥ 990, which is a good choice for you just graduated!
Jacquesman-La-Passion series 1-1571ZD ladies quartz watch

 Like challenges, outgoing personality, energetic, and easy-going. Do you want to buy a 1,000 yuan watch, which watch is better? Xiaobian told you the bright yellow dial dial strap of the Yakliman-La-Passion series -1571ZD ladies quartz watch is very suitable for you! 24 stainless steel inlaid on the stainless steel case, crystal clear, with high-grade leather strap. Watch ¥ 990.
Time Force-Fantasy TF3394L01 Ladies Quartz Watch

 The watch is a landscape on the wrist. For women, the watch is an exquisite ornament. Whether at work or with friends, an elegant watch can show the owner’s low-key and exquisite lifestyle brand. Time Force-Fantasy series TF3394L01 Ladies quartz watch rectangular black dial lined with point-dial hour markers, crystal on both sides of the case, elegant and elegant design style, exuding elegant femininity. The watch only costs ¥ 930.
 In fact, there are many watches that are economical and suitable for you. As long as you discover them carefully, there will always be gains.

Hamilton Holds New Basel 2013 Product Launch Conference In Hong Kong

Hamilton held the ‘Hamilton 2013 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair Product Preview and Launch Conference’ at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui on February 6. Warm up for the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair in April 2012.

 At the press conference, Hamilton invited Mr. Vivian Stauffer, Hamilton’s International Sales Director, and Mr. Anthony Chan, the vice presidents of Hong Kong and Macau of Hamilton, to take the lead in introducing media friends including Hamilton Jazzmaster Face2face, Hamilton Jazzmaster Lady Auto and Hamilton Khaki. New watches from Aviation and other brands in 2013 also exhibited the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol and Jazzmaster Viewmatic worn by the two main characters in the world premiere of the action film Tiger Courage Dragon 5-Election War in Hong Kong. Watches set off the first whirlwind of 2013 for the watch altar.

 On the same day, all the guests who attended the preview and launch of the Hyatt Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui’s banquet hall were immersed in the stylish atmosphere of Hamilton in the venue. The event was first kicked off by a welcome speech by Mr. Anthony Chan, the vice president of Hamilton Hong Kong and Macau, and Mr. Vivian Stauffer, the international sales director of Hamilton, introduced the brand’s marketing plan for the media this year. , And new products at the Basel Expo 2013. After the demonstration of brilliant models, the conference invited media friends to appreciate and try on a series of new watches. The guests were very excited to be able to prioritize Hamilton’s stylish and innovative watches before the Basel Expo in April.

New products from Hamilton 2013 Baselworld:
 Hamilton Jazzmaster Face2face: The design concept of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face2face and the watch itself have two very different sides. The unique rotating case has two built-in surfaces. On one side is the noble and precise ‘Choose Boy’ chronograph, and on the other side is a solid and elegant three-hand chronograph. Although the two surfaces are in sharp contrast, they have the same characteristics: the automatic movement is equipped with elegant decorative hollow automatic reeds, which can be seen through the oval case. Each watch is available in two ways to suit different personal styles. The two surfaces can be adjusted to different time zones to match the wearer’s different moods and dresses. At any time, the owner of the watch is also the supreme conductor. Hamilton’s extraordinary craftsmanship since 1892, combined with high-tech materials and advanced functions, has achieved superior quality, even if the complex double-sided technology is used, it does not damage the wear resistance or accuracy. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Face2face is limited to 888 and each is numbered.

 Hamilton Jazzmaster Lady Auto: The Swiss-made Hamilton Jazzmaster Lady Auto is also gorgeous and exquisite inside and out, allowing the hostess to arrange time elegantly and calmly to ensure excellent efficiency. The watch is driven by a meticulous automatic movement, with a special see-through back cover, which shows the operation at a glance. It is confident that the 21st century technology and feminine beauty can coexist in harmony. The styling of this watch is full of design ingenuity, which once again confirms the original creativity of the brand. The round surface perfectly blends with the oval case, and the teardrop-shaped lugs are timely and pleasing to the eye. The stylish materials and lines echo Hamilton’s consistent beliefs and interpret the connotation of female charm.

 Hamilton Khaki Aviation: Hamilton has been associated with aviation since 1919 and has contributed a lot to aviation development. Entering the 1940s, the legend of Khaki officially kicked off. During World War II, Hamilton became the official watch manufacturer of the US military. Since mankind pioneered the field of aviation, the brand’s masterpieces have served as the best partners for pilots of different ages. In 2013, Hamilton continued to add new members to the classic Khaki Aviation series, providing a variety of materials, materials and design matching options, with the pilot soaring across the sky, crossing history and achieving an immortal legend.

Tudor Watches Calendar Type Aesthetics And Technology Essence

The Tudor Junya series calendar is based on the theme of ‘excellent in heart, exquisite and shape’. It is a masterpiece of high-end technology and aesthetic design. , Push the exquisite appearance and excellent technology to the extreme.
   ‘Bright, elegant and charming’ is the best description of the Tudor Junyao series. The JunYuan calendar inherits the style of the JunYuan series: refinement and vitality. The shiny case with a polished stainless steel double outer ring displays the calendar at 3 o’clock and is exquisite in design. The double bezel with 60 diamonds shows the nobility and elegance of the wearer. With a sapphire crystal surface and screw-in crown, every detail shows the grand charm of the Junya series. The JunYuan calendar is also equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). Regardless of men and women, as long as they encounter a watch with perfect and detailed appearance and bright lines, they will be fascinated at first sight, and they believe that this is the ultimate result of technology and design.

   The Tudor Calendar style is full of refined and elegant design essence. Its artistic beauty and superior technology interpret the classic charm, deeply attracting watch enthusiasts who pursue high-quality, gorgeous appearance and excellent technology.
Tudor Calendar (36 mm)

References 55020 and 55023

All stainless steel or 18ct yellow steel

Diameter: 36 mm

Automatic mechanical movement

Polished case with double bezel

Double bezel set with 60 diamonds

Calendar display at 3 o’clock

Sapphire surface

Screw-down crown

Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
Tudor Calendar (31 mm)

References 53020 and 53023

All stainless steel or 18ct yellow steel

Diameter: 31 mm

Automatic mechanical movement

Polished case with double bezel

Double bezel set with 60 diamonds

Calendar display at 3 o’clock

Sapphire surface

Screw-down crown

Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)