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    Montblanc Brand Image Ambassador Charlotte Casiraghi At Gucci’s Fall-winter 2017 Milan International Fashion Week Show

    (February 24, 2017, Milan, Italy) Montblanc brand ambassador Charlotte Casiraghi made a handsome appearance at the Italian fashion brand Gucci autumn-winter 2017 fashion show The exquisitely tailored black blouse with bright red trousers, carefully matched with Montblanc watches and jewellery, shows a unique and capable temperament.

    Charlotte Casiraghi wears Montblanc watches and jewellery at Gucci’s Fall / Winter 2017 Milan International Fashion Week show

    Charlotte Casiraghi wore a Montblanc Bohème day and night watch on his wrist that night. The stainless steel strap and the Montblanc Souvenir d´Etoile diamond ring in white gold complement each other. The earrings worn in combination are even more unique-Montblanc Souvenir d´Etoile series white gold diamond earrings on the left ear and Montblanc Âme de Star series white gold diamond earrings on the right ear contrast with each other, bold and avant-garde. The dazzling Montblanc Âme de Star necklace in white gold is a striking addition to the overall look. A minimalist and unique style of dress is striking, and it just shows her confident and elegant princess style.
    Montblanc Bohème day and night display

    Montblanc Âme de Star white gold necklace

    Montblanc Souvenir d´Etoile white gold diamond ring

    Montblanc Âme de Star white gold diamond earrings

    Montblanc Souvenir d´Etoile white gold diamond earrings

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    Extreme Treasures Cartier’s Masterpiece

    For more than 100 years, Cartier has been known all over the world for its outstanding craftsmanship and unique artistic design. From the beginning, the brand has served the court king and royal aristocracy. Cartier’s works not only reflect the breath of the times It also integrates the essence of culture and art. Maybe some things or scenery in life, we did not pay attention to observe, but Cartier’s talented designers are uniquely savvy, their creativity is everywhere, they are good at turning decay into magic, turning ordinary into amazing, using a unique Way to interpret classic masterpieces.
     Distinguished peacock

      The peacock is regarded as the ‘king of hundreds of birds’ and is a very noble symbol in ancient East and West. In eastern legends, peacocks were bred by the phoenix, the longest bird of a hundred birds, after being bred, and were born to the same mother as Dapeng, and were named the King Buddha by the Buddha. In western mythology, the peacock is the sacred bird of the queen Hora, because Hera is called Juno in Roman mythology, so the peacock is also called ‘BirdofJuno’. Cartier’s design is inspired by peacocks and is unique in the design of the watch.
      LesIndomptables deCartier series. This is an animal-shaped watch, a landscape watch, and a brooch … Cartier devoted all his superb skills to give a watch three realms. For watch lovers, this is how Crafts are worth collecting.

      Cartier HPI00611 peacock decorative brooch watch adopts mother-of-pearl, 18K white gold engraving and enamel dial to welcome a gorgeous peacock with inlaid pink sapphire on the eyes, which is a symbol of good luck, kindness, beauty and luxury. The peacock that opens the screen is beautiful, and this gentle and shy peacock is extremely beautiful even without opening the screen. The rhodium-plated 18K white gold peacock decoration is set with 211 brilliant-cut round diamonds, showing gorgeous beauty. It can be turned into a brooch set with brilliant-cut diamonds, accompanied by the beautiful flowers of ruby ​​and nephrite.

      Flowers as ornaments, their form and layering are also shining in the designer’s pen. 18K white gold carved enamel flowers, charming but not glamorous, with green leaves, emerald. Most of the watch’s decoration occupies two-thirds of the space to the right, while the upper left is a place for the hour and minute hands. The sword-shaped rhodium-plated steel hands are in harmony with the overall hue. This watch is not only a tool for timepieces, but also a beautiful ornamental product with special ornamental value.
     Elegant garden
      LesIndomptables deCartier frog decorative brooch watch has a feeling of entering the Suzhou garden. The cool breeze blowing after the rain blows the fragrance of lotus, creating a mood of being in nature. The dial is simmered with enamel, clear lake water, turquoise lotus leaves, blooming lotus flowers, playful swimming fish, and even the ripples in the water are clearly visible. The 18K rose gold decoration is decorated with sapphire and bright cut. The round diamond shows the ingenious design and superb carving skills of Cartier watchmakers and designers.

      Cartier cleverly mixes enamel colors, transparent moonstone, K gold, sapphire and emeralds into a sky garden. The lotus flower in the garden is an exquisite brooch. Let’s focus on this little animal, decorated with 18K rose K gold frog, set with 67 brilliant-cut round diamonds, 3 moonstones, frog eyes set with 2 emeralds, its contours and forms are vivid, every detail The decoration is very appropriate.

     Playful bee

      Cartier fuses his expertise in multiple fields to create these miniature theaters. This bee watch is playful and exquisite, making it feel like a childhood. The hexagonal grid of the dial is like a honeycomb. Two 18K yellow and gold bees are decorated with bright cut round diamonds, yellow diamonds and black enamel stripes. Four emerald bee eyes decorate two small bees. Very beautiful, they lie on the dial to put Buddha to work hard. This watch uses a yellowish color from the dial to the strap, which on the one hand contrasts with the hue of the bee, and on the other hand it is extremely luxurious.

      These watches are carved from noble and extraordinary metal and lined with precious gems, so they are similar to the valuable bracelets, which is a true example in high jewelry. The appearance of animals adds a little mystery to the watch, and it also contains an elegant taste. It seems that the little bee who is not inconspicuous in life can display her dexterity on the wrist, making the tedious life more fun.
     Glittering Serpent
      The LesIndomptables deCartier series watches combine animal shapes, animal patterns, and functions of timepieces. At the same time, they are a delicate brooch. Cartier perfectly combines aesthetic design, jewelry setting and watchmaking technology. A series of decorative watches with animal elements. The watch uses a classic round dial with black enamel as the background. At the upper right of the dial, two sword-shaped steel hands at the hour and minute convey the precision of Cartier’s timekeeping. On the left, the branches and leaves of the white gold pomegranate tree are depicted. The branches are meandering and lush, and the black and white tones are contrasted and contrasting, highlighting the distinctive patterns. Three butterflies danced among the pomegranate flowers, and each butterfly’s inlay was composed of four orange or yellow garnets, forming a beautiful garden landscape.

      While admiring this tranquil scenery, a snake-shaped brooch was suddenly embedded, made of white gold, set with 249 cut round diamonds, and snake eyes were set with precious stones. The combination of white gold and diamonds made this watch more glorious. Although the designer simply described the snake’s posture, it was enough to reflect the fierce force of the snake vividly, as if wrapped around this branch. This watch uses a snake as an element. The snake itself is a symbol of ferocity in nature. It is attached to the watch to show the inviolable aura and the distinctive personality. The strong shape complements the delicate and delicate interior decoration, presenting two different moods. At the same time, the serpentine brooch can be taken down and worn separately, increasing the use of this watch.

      ‘The difference between every product made by Cartier is that it starts from a universal fashion concept, boldly blends the skills of jewelry production, meets the wishes of distinguished customers, and makes them the most elegant and noble gentleman and lady in the world.’ The words can perfectly explain Cartier’s elaborate masterpieces, so that you can have accurate time at the same time, and you can have elegant connotation. In addition to the above models, Cartier also has other animal elements, whether it is a fierce fierce leopard, tiger, python, or delicate butterflies, peacocks, dragonflies … Every animal is not just an image in nature It is the artwork in the watch.
    Summary: When the watch encounters jewellery, they spark a collision spark. When the two are combined with enamel carving, it becomes an art processing workshop. When Cartier watchmakers display it in an elegant way The infinite charm of the design allows the dial to present different scenery, which can meet different customer needs. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)