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    Instantaneous Shooting, Exploring Light And Shadow Journey Bulgari’s New Cinemamagia Light And Shadow Adventure High Jewelry Series Released In Capri, Italy

    [June 13, 2019, Capri, Italy] Fantasy, shine, and endless charm-BVLGARI Bulgari’s new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series was released in Capri, Italy, presenting The magnificence of the Italian jewellery family. The new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series has a unique style, condensing a continuous stream of ingenuity and rare and colorful gems into ingenious and ingenious jewellery, to praise the wonderful encounter between Bulgari and light and shadow.

    Bulgari’s new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series launch event
       Capri Island is located in front of the Amalfi Coast. The sea is clear and blue, and the scenery is beautiful. The fascinating nature of the island attracts celebrities and elites from around the world. During the heyday of Italian cinema, film crews from all over the world flooded into Rome and settled in the Roman film city Cinecittà, known as ‘Hollywood on Tiber.’ During this period, many film and television stars experienced the “sweet life” method that Italy respects on Capri. Based on such a deep source, Bulgari chose Capri to show off the new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series.

    Bulgari’s new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series exhibition area
       Villa Setosa is an iconic building with a history of nearly 700 years. It is located on Capri, overlooking the sea, and has a beautiful scenery. Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, gathered with celebrities, opinion leaders and media friends from all over the world to celebrate the unforgettable bright night.

    Bulgari’s new Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series
       The wonderful model show kicked off for this conference, and the Bulgari Cinemagia high jewelry series became a well-deserved red carpet star. Afterwards, the dinner was held on the porch of the romantic villa. Bvlgari also specially invited the well-known Italian band Anema e Core to perform for the dinner. With the melodious music, guests enjoyed the Italian style while tasting the food.

    Models perform Bulgari’s new Cinemamagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series
       Special performance guest Nicole Scherzinger helped out with passionate song and dance performances to reproduce the glorious moments in the history of Italian and world cinema, and became a wonderful highlight of the evening performance. In addition, Michelin-starred chef Luca Fantin also prepared exquisite dishes inspired by Capri for the conference, which intoxicated the guests. The famous DJ Graziano della Nebbia used the music rhythm to drive the dinner atmosphere. With the rhythmic music, the guests at the scene danced.
       Stars shined at the conference, including brand spokesperson Lily Aldridge, brand ambassador Lady Kitty Spencer, Eva Green, and Alisika Wey Alicia Vikander, Jon Kortajarena, Fiorever ambassador Úrsula Corberó, Spanish brand ambassador Nieves Nieves Alvarez, actor Carina Lau, Chun Xia, Karena Lam, Her Royal Highness Princess Lilly de Wittgenstein, Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, actor Kate Kate Hudson, Laura Harrier, Isabella Ferrari, Adele Exarchopoulos, Mario Mario Casas, Nadine Nassib Njeim, Emilia Schüle, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Kato Koyuki, Ko So-Young, Saudi actress Aseel Omran, actor and model Maya Henry, model Maria Pedraza, Anna Cleveland, Laetitia Casta, Magdalena Frackowiak, Matilde Gioli, Fashion Rising star Giulia Maenza.

    (From left to right) Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari Global CEO, Carina Lau, Actor Chun Xia

    (From left to right) Actor Lin Jiaxin, brand spokesperson Lily Aldridge, brand ambassador Alicia Vikander

    (From left to right) Brand ambassador Eva Green, Bulgari brand ambassador Jon Kortajarena, Bulgari Fiorever ambassador Úrsula Corberó

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    Richard Miller Rm 50-02 Acj Double Seconds Chasing Tourbillon Chronograph Technical Features

    The design of modern aircraft is like watchmaking technology. It must provide solutions to modern needs, and continue to make revolutionary changes based on the consideration of traditional engineering and design methods, using new methods, approaches and Materials to challenge traditional solutions to create lighter and faster aircraft that are more fuel efficient. Airbus, known worldwide for its application innovation, has been a leader in the field of aerospace design, especially its Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), which manufactures aircraft for private customers. Richard Mille and ACJ Working together to create a RM 50-02 two-second chase tourbillon chronograph is naturally the best cooperation.

    Titanium aluminum alloy limited edition of 30 pieces
    RM50-02 movement: manual winding tourbillon movement, hours, minutes, double seconds chronograph, 60-minute timer and power reserve display, torque and function indicator.
    Dimensions: 50.10 x 42.70 x 16.50 mm.
    The main function
    Power reserve
    About 70 hours (± 10%), located at 11 o’clock and displayed on a digital scale.
    Titanium alloy hollow base plate
    The base plate of the movement is made of grade five titanium alloy. Grade 5 titanium alloy is a biocompatible, highly rust-resistant and extremely strong alloy that allows the gear drive system to function flawlessly without hindrance. Grade 5 titanium alloy contains 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. These combinations of components greatly improve the mechanical properties of the alloy. This is why the grade 5 titanium alloy is often used in the aerospace, aviation and automotive industries. . In order to achieve the extreme weight-to-resistance ratio, the RM50-02 movement bottom plate is also treated.
    Grade 5 titanium alloy and stainless steel bridge
    The RM50-02 movement bridge plate is made of five grade titanium alloy. In order to make the movement richer in three-dimensional depth, some of the bridge plates are made of stainless steel and treated with aircraft coating, showing a dazzling golden appearance.
    Better two-second hand tracking device
    One of the new features of the Richard Mille RM 50-02 Tourbillon Two-Second Chronograph Chronograph is to completely eliminate the second hand jumping when the chronograph function is activated. In addition, the new-generation two-second hand-tracking device successfully reduced the kinetic energy consumption by about 50% due to reducing the friction with the movement, and at the same time eliminated the inertia jump of the hands when the timing function was stopped and started. These are all the fruitful results of focusing on the working principle of the two-second tracking arm.
    Operation: When the timekeeping function is activated, press the button located at the four o’clock position on the right to pause the chase needle to record the stop time. Press the button again, and the chase hand will immediately catch the chronograph second hand, ready to record a period of time.
    Torque indicator
    The indicator shows the tension information of the mainspring, thereby optimizing the precision timing performance of the movement. When the reading is lower than 53 dNmm, it means that the mainspring is too loose; on the contrary, if it is higher than 65 dNmm, it means that the mainspring tension is too large, which may affect the normal movement of the movement and even damage the movement (the indicator is at two o’clock Within the numeric scale next to the location).
    Function indicator
    The principle is similar to that of a car’s transmission. When the crown is pulled out, you can see the winding, neutral or manually set position through the function indicator. The currently selected function is indicated by the hands at four o’clock: W (winding), N (neutral E) and H (manual setting).
    Variable inertia balance
    This type of balance wheel can effectively improve the reliability of the watch when subjected to vibration and movement disassembly, and ensure more accurate movement for a long time. Cancel the fine-tuning system of the fast and slow needles, and the inertia of the balance movement can be adjusted stably and more finely by the 4 adjusting screws on the balance wheel. Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours instead of 7.5 hours per rotation) This barrel has the following advantages:
    -Significantly reduce the adhesion of internal mainspring cycle, thereby improving its performance;
    -The perfect mainspring delta curve is formed to achieve the ideal ratio between power reserve, performance and regularity.
    Progressive rebound function barrel pawl
    This device can save a considerable amount of energy (about 20%) when winding, especially at the beginning of the winding, and at the same time help to evenly distribute the internal tension of the mainspring.
    Clockwork tooth and third pinion adopt central involute tooth profile
    The involute tooth profile can provide an optimal pressure angle of 20 °, which helps to improve the transmission efficiency of the gear, and can offset the meshing deviation of the gear, thereby ensuring good torque transmission and significantly improving its performance.
    The modular time setting device fixed on the bottom cover has the following advantages in terms of service life and maintenance:
    -Since the device is installed outside the movement, in the event of a failure or maintenance, the time setting device can be replaced without moving to the bottom of the movement;
    -There is no need to remove the hands and dial when removing the module from the case back.
    Bridge plate with five grade titanium alloy spline screws
    This type of screw is easier to grasp the tightening torque acting on the screw during assembly, so the screw can withstand the disassembly and assembly process, and is less prone to wear and aging.
    TORQ SET® screws that lock the case
    Torq-set® screws use vortex grooves. Each groove arm is staggered from the adjacent groove arm. It is often used in the aerospace field. It allows the tightening torque to act accurately on the screw and has the safety of not easily changing. This kind of structure has different torque transmission characteristics, which can exert the fixing strength of the screw more than the cross-shaped design. Special grooves can tighten the screwdriver more tightly, even if the screw is rusted, jammed or frozen, it can be quickly removed.
    Torque-limiting crown
    This new safety device prevents accidental over-winding of the watch, causing damage to the winding stem or excessive pressure on the barrel. .
    Inner flange (outer edge and inner side)
    Supported by metal, filled with qualified luminous material with green hour markers.
    Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal (thickness: 0.40 mm), protected by 8 silicone clamps.
    Bezel and case
    Bezel side: double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal (Vickers hardness 1,800) mirror surface
    Thickness: 1.60 mm
    Bottom cover: double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Thickness: 1.20 mm

    Seiko modification
    -Beveled by hand
    -Hand-polished closure
    -Milled surface is microblasted
    -Contacts are polished
    -Polished bearings
    Stainless steel components
    -Brushed and microblasted surface
    -Beveled by hand
    -Concave chamfer with diamond cutter
    -Double-sided round sanding decoration
    -Gold-plated before cutting
    -Minimal gear correction to maintain its geometry and performance