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    The Blue Dial Watch Exudes Deep Charm And Low-key Yet Luxurious

    If you don’t like deep black, bright white, bright gold, then deep blue may be your best choice. The low-key and mysterious blue dial watch is very suitable for you Elegant temperament, it is like infinite night sky or boundless deep sea, noble and romantic, low-key and luxurious.
    Glashütte 70’s large calendar watch
    There are a lot of things that catch the eye in the 1970s: cars, airplanes, furniture, and fashion are all signs of the 1970s. They inspired new art and design, making the decade of the 1970s an unforgettable decade. What the 70s left us with a special shape and feel. To pay tribute to this unique decade, Glashütte produced a masterpiece of German design and engineering: the 70s big calendar.
    70s big calendar models have significant 1970s features. Cushion-shaped steel casing is a typical design of the 70s. Dials are available in silver, ruthenium, and blue. The ruthenium-plated dial is decorated with sunburst, while the silver-plated dial is beautiful and smooth, and the finely polished shading of the blue dial covers the entire surface. Scales and hands are white or rose gold. The arched sapphire crystal case fits the wrist better. The finely polished steel case and strap give the wearer a unique and retro look and feel.
    宝 齐 莱 Azure Ocean Men’s Watch
    This watch is most prominently displayed by the dial-back hour on the timer. Each revolution of the central chronograph hand moves the minute timer at 9 o’clock by one tick. After the hand passes a circle, the power will be transmitted to the hour timer set between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock through a well-designed transmission mechanism, and the hour hand will move down the semicircular scale . When the hour timer hand moves to the last scale, it immediately jumps back to its original position and begins a new journey again. Callback display is exactly the biggest feature of Plavi ChronoGrade different from traditional timers.
    Another outstanding quality is reflected in the flyback function. The timer can be restarted by pressing the button without stopping the operation. The dual-window display of power reserve and date complements the perfect functions of this unique timepiece. After winding, the disc rotates clockwise. When the mainspring chain is released, the hands on the disc move in a natural direction (clockwise), that is, the hands are not dial-back. For the first time, Bucherer integrated this sophisticated technology, combined with a timer, a large calendar display, and a barrel-shaped case, to create the Plavi T-Graph. It is worth noting the minute circle in the timing function. The timer scale is located on the inner edge, and the stop-seconds hand can be quickly read with 1/4 second accuracy.
    地 Cartier blue balloon ultra-thin platinum watch
    Cartier, with its profound watchmaking skills, once again stood at the forefront of the trend, announcing the world with a new ultra-thin blue balloon series watch. The ultra-thin body and light texture interpret the elegance of the blue balloon watch series to the extreme. Within the oversized 46mm diameter, the restructured mechanical movement components perform their respective roles and complement each other. The case is made of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, the rose gold and white gold models are decorated with silver carved dials, which are elegant and delicate; the platinum models are lined with dark blue dials, which conceal an endless future.
    The bold innovation of the Cartier ultra-thin blue balloon series watch transcends the inherent shackles of time and leads a wave of the future that has never been seen before. The smart and smooth shape makes the watch seem to break away from the gravity of the earth; in the golden light, this gorgeous blue balloon is slowly rising; the light and elegant design greatly enhances the fit between the watch and the wrist. The wearer creates the best experience.

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    2013 World Brand Piazza Marine Tourbillon Debut

    Breguet Marine Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch
    World Brand Piazza 2013 presented at Prince Edward Jewellery Watches

     In 2007, Breguet launched the first silicon escapement tourbillon watch Marine 5837. Using this highly innovative material to make the balance spring, escapement wheel and lever can create a lighter tourbillon, which also has better shock resistance, anti-magnetic and no lubricant. The tourbillon frame made of titanium can further reduce the weight of the watch. Breguet took this from Abraham-Louis. The combination of the complex structure created by Breguet and the timekeeping function marks the birth of an excellent timepiece. On the Marine Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch, Breguet also used its expertise in watches and jewelry. The case with a diameter of 43 mm is set with baguette diamonds. Diamonds are set between the lugs, the frame, the plane of the buttons and the side of the crown. The ornate bezel is set with staggered trapezoid-cut diamonds. The entire case is set with 186 diamonds weighing approximately 11.77 carats. The silver-plated gold dial is engraved with a ‘wave’ pattern using the traditional Breguet process, which is also carried on the edge of the hour circle. The dial is set with 132 full-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.356 carats, while the buckle is set with 58 diamonds totaling 0.23 carats. The Marine Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch marks another achievement for Breguet.

     Breguet Marine Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watches and other outstanding masterpieces of the brand will be displayed in public at World Brand Piazza 2013 presented by Prince Jewellery and Clock, September 4-8, collectors, connoisseurs and watch hobbies This must not be missed.

     Breguet Marine Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch

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    Zhenlishi Stainless Steel Tape Open Star Series Automatic Mechanical Women’s Watch

    How much is a Zenith watch? I believe this question is very eager to know for many people. As one of the four most famous watch makers in Switzerland, Zenith is loved by many people. Because of this, Zenith watches are definitely expensive. How much is Zenith watch, ladies automatic steel watch price. Zenith stainless steel silk strap Open Star series automatic female watch price, orange
      This Zenith orange stainless steel silk strap Open Star series automatic mechanical ladies watch contains infinite passion. Star Open Love is a classic of Zenith watch factory: the heart-shaped window reveals the world famous El Primero 36,000 revolution Frequency active chronograph movement or Elite 28,800 rpm active movement, enthusiasm for timepiece art. The rounded stainless steel case with silver Arabic numerals and gold silk strap is luxurious and elegant. The market price of this Zenith watch is 68,000 yuan
      Zenith Open Star Women’s Watch with Stainless Steel Silk Band Price, Pink
      This Zenith Zenith pink steel steel strap Open Star series automatic mechanical female watch, product brand: Zenith Zenith, product size: case 33mm, product material: stainless steel, silk strap, product color: pink, product description : □ Automatic mechanical movement, sapphire crystal glass, round stainless steel case, pink dial, pink silk band strap, 30 meters waterproof, energy display, see-through window. Product origin: Switzerland. The market price of this Zenith watch is 111,000 yuan.