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    On The Sofa With Rolex’ Rod Lavzan Rolex Powers Tennis

    The 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters officially kicked off on the 11th of this month. As one of the highest-level tournaments in the ATP World Men’s Professional Tennis Tour, Asia’s only stop in the ATP1000 Masters, this year’s Masters’player lineup is shining. Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, Wawrinka and other worlds Top singles and doubles players will gather in the ‘Magic Capital’ to fight for points and honor.

       As the title sponsor of this event, the famous Swiss watch brand Rolex also held its ‘On the Sofa with Rolex’-Rod La, at the ‘Rolex World’ in the Shanghai Roosevelt Mansion on October 14, 2015. Wo and Vijay Enragej Media Meetup.

       Known as a ‘tennis rocket’, Australian tennis star Rod Laver holds the record for the most singles titles in the history of tennis, and has accumulated more than 200 championship titles in his sports career. In 1962 and 1969, he successfully won the four majors of tennis, becoming the only player in the history of the game to win the Grand Slam twice.

       This time, Rod Laver and Indian tennis star Vijay Arizhagi met the media in the “Rolex World”. In addition to sharing some interesting things about their careers, they also talked about the construction of Chinese youth tennis and Rolex’s The active promotion role played by tennis development. He also said that I am honored to be invited by Rolex this year to participate in this Shanghai Rolex Masters. This grand event of Shanghai Masters this year also fully shows the strength of the organizing committee and is more confident about the future of Chinese tennis.

       Since last year, Rolex will continue to sponsor the World Men’s Professional Tennis Tournament, which once won the ATP Best 1000 Tournament for the fifth time in the next ten years. Perseverance in excellence and a special interest in tennis have inspired Rolex to fully support the development of the sport for a long time. It is precisely the common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and tennis that promotes close cooperation between the two.

       In the 13th match, Rolex brand spokespersons Roger Federer, Joe Wilfred Tsonga and others also successively appeared on the field. Although ‘Fei Tianwang’ made a huge debut and was eliminated badly, its promise to return again next year also gave some fans at the scene a little comfort.

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    Record The Imprint Of Time And Feel The Beauty Of Nature Citizen Sponsors The ‘subjective And Objective’ Contemporary Art Exhibition

    Express nature with brushes, express subjectiveness with skills. August 10-16, 2019, “Subjective and Objective” 2019 Citizen Contemporary Art Exhibition, sponsored by Wuling Painting Agency and sponsored by the well-known watch brand Citizen, was held in the zeroth space of Beijing 798 Art District. Sexuality is intertwined, expressing natural polymorphism and colorfulness.

    2019 ‘Subjective and Objective’ Citizen Contemporary Art Opens
      Artwork is a solid time memory, recording and presenting the natural and human environment, leading us back to a journey of time. Over the past century, continuous exploration of ‘time and light’ has also allowed Citizen to create core technologies such as light kinetic energy, satellite timekeeping, and super titanium TM. Light kinetic energy drives the watch by absorbing any visible light source and converting it into kinetic energy, without the need to frequently replace the battery. Not only bring convenience to the wearer, but also bring the environmental protection concept to the public to promote and maintain the human ecological environment.

    Group photo with Ryufu Sugawa
      In the opening speech, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., said: ‘Art creation originates from nature. We care about nature and are committed to exploring the true beauty of nature; we care about the environment and more about people Relations with the environment. Adhering to the concept of BetterStartsNow, it is not only expressed in technical excellence, but also presented in Citizen’s watches that bring more fusion of technology and beauty to everyone. The kinetic energy high-end watch combines the core technologies of environmental protection and convenient light kinetic energy with exquisite design to bring everyone the enjoyment of technology and beauty.

    Citizen Eco-Drive GPS Satellite Clock
      It is the original intention of Citizen to respect people and nature. To this end, Citizen actively advocates environmental protection and supports traditional skills and innovative arts. The creators of the exhibited works, Guo Lihuang, Zhang Huan, Zheng Huan, etc. are also artists in the Citizen’s ‘100 Cores and 100 Craftsmen’ project. Their creative thinking in the art field is also the corporate spirit that Citizen has always upheld.
      Nature is the basis of our existence. Nature gives us the wisdom to appreciate beauty and naturally stimulates our creative power. Only when we respect nature, love nature, and protect nature can we leave more beautiful works for human beings, and this is the beginning.