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    Limited To One Vacheron Constantin, What Are They Like?

    Vacheron Constantin is one of the ‘troikas’ of traditional Swiss watchmaking (the other two brands are Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet). Like Vacheron Constantin, Quedley, 85180, 88180, 86020 are all familiar to players. In fact, in addition to these regular series watches, Vacheron Constantin also has a very high-end customized series called ‘Attic Craftsmen’. The loft craftsman series watches are tailor-made large complex watches and special craft watches. Each watch is a limited edition of one orphan. These watches represent the highest level of Vacheron Constantin, rare to see. So let’s take a look today, what these top-of-the-line Vacheron Constantin watches are limited to one.

    Vacheron Constantin’s most complicated watch, 57260. This pocket watch shows many features on both sides.
    Attic Artisan Series Tourbillon (Snake)
     I don’t know if you still remember the world’s most complicated watch 57260 (Pocket Watch) introduced by Vacheron Constantin. 57260 contains 57 functions, one of which is the spherical tourbillon. Vacheron Constantin 57260 is a pocket watch and cannot be worn on your wrist. Vacheron Constantin took the spherical tourbillon in 57260 and made a watch. This is the Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan Series spherical tourbillon. Vacheron Constantin’s spherical tourbillon is very complex and highly ornamental. Vacheron Constantin’s spherical tourbillon contains 6 patented technologies. It uses a silicon pallet and escapement wheel. The tourbillon cage is made of aluminum and has a power of 65 hours. On a loft-shaped spherical tourbillon watch, a giant spherical tourbillon is placed on the left side of the dial. In order not to cover the tourbillon, the retrograde time is displayed on the right side of the dial. The hour and minute hands are retrograde hands. The hands will not affect the tourbillon, and a large area of ​​the dial is hollowed out. Please note that the attic artisan spherical tourbillon measures 45 mm and uses an 18K rose gold case. Note that the side of the case is meticulously decorated with a snake pattern. Orphan, limited to one.

    Attic Artisan Series Tourbillon (Snake), middle position.

    Attic Artisan Series Tourbillon (Snake)
    Attic Artisan Series 2755 (Eagle)

     Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan Series 2755 is a large and complex watch. 2755 A watch contains three traditional Swiss complex functions, three questions, tourbillon and perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar week, month and date dial are on the upper part of the dial, the leap year is displayed at 1 o’clock on the dial, and the tourbillon is on the lower half of the dial. In addition to the hour and minute hands of the watch, the small second hand is pressed on the tourbillon. There is also a power indicator on the back of the watch. The 2755 is manually wound for 55 hours. The Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan 2755 uses a 45 mm rose gold case, the watch dial uses a engraved pattern, fine decoration on the side of the case, and an eagle carving. Orphan, limited to one.

    Attic Artisan Series 2755 (Eagle)
    Attic Artisan Series 14 Days Power Tourbillon (Lion)
     The long-powered tourbillon is a major feature of Vacheron Constantin. If I remember correctly, Vacheron Constantin superimposed four barrels on the 14-day powered tourbillon. The Vacheron Constantin Penthouse Pay Series 14 powered tourbillon combines an enamel plate with a long powered tourbillon. The tourbillon is located below the surface of the disk. The cage of the tourbillon is made into the Maltese cross shape of the Vacheron Constantin logo. There is a power indicator above the dial. The 14-day powered tourbillon of the attic artisan series is an enamel plate, which is a pattern drawn on a gold plate. The enamel lion pattern on the dial is very realistic. Vacheron Constantin uses a special rare enamel technique. The pattern is composed of white, gray and brown. This watch uses a 42 mm rose gold case. On the bezel and side of the watch, there are detailed leaf carvings, which means the lion of the king of the jungle. Orphan, limited to one.

    Attic Artisan Series 14 Days Power Tourbillon (Lion)
    Loft Craftsman Loft Craftsman Jump Table (Tiger)

     Four-window jump character table is a major feature of Vacheron Constantin. At the four corners of the watch face, there are four windows that display the hour, minute, date, and day of the watch. All time displays are on the edge of the dial, leaving a huge space for the center of the dial, which can be decorated with various patterns. Like the previous zodiac signs and hot air balloons of Vacheron Constantin, they are all the masterpieces of Vacheron Constantin’s word list. The attic artisan series jump word table is mainly animal theme. Vacheron Constantin loft artisan tiger jump table, carved tiger pattern in platinum in the center of the dial, and then carved bamboo in gold around. We can see a white tiger hiding in a bamboo forest and peering out, very domineering. Attic craftsman series jumper size 40 mm, platinum case, using Vacheron Constantin 2460 automatic movement, power 40 hours. In addition to the tiger motif, the attic artisan jump word list also includes a monkey motif. Tigers and monkeys are solitary, limited to one.

    Loft Craftsman Loft Craftsman Jump Table (Tiger)

    Loft Craftsman Loft Craftsman Jump Table (Monkey)
    Attic Artisan Series Enamel Watch (隼)
     Enamel watches are not uncommon, but the Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan series enamel watches are very special. Attic artisan series enamel watch uses ‘Blanc de Limoges’ enamel (Chinese name, Limoges white glaze). Vacheron Constantin replaces ordinary enamel with Limoges white glaze, and the fired pattern has a photo-level effect. The patterns are lifelike and three-dimensional. This attic artisan series enamel watch is a scull pattern. Although not a complicated function, I find this enamel watch even more attractive. Attic craftsman enamel watch size 40 mm, white gold case, using 2460 automatic movement, power 40 hours. In addition to this puppet, the attic artisan enamel watch includes a rhino. Cormorants and rhinos are solitary, limited to one.

    Attic Artisan Series Enamel Watch (隼)

    Attic Artisan Series Enamel Watch (Rhino)
    Attic Craftsman Series Three Questions Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar

     We can see that the above tables all contain animal themes. In addition to these animal themes, the Vacheron Constantin Loft Craftsman series also produces purely complex watches, such as this three-question tourbillon perpetual calendar. This attic artisan’s three-question tourbillon perpetual calendar has a very special layout. On the front of the watch, the tourbillon is located at 8 o’clock on the dial. On the surface of the disk, a large area of ​​hollowing was done. The running mechanism of the minute repeater can be seen through the hollowing out. When the minute repeater function is activated, the parts can be seen to start moving through the hollowing out. On the back of the watch is the perpetual calendar. The top of the back of the watch is a flat leap year indicator, the left and right sides are the day of the week and the date, and the moon phase is below. This attic artisan series minute repeater tourbillon calendar has a size of 44.5 mm and a thickness of only 13.65 mm. It has a rose gold case and uses the Vacheron Constantin 1756 movement. Orphan, limited to one.

    Attic Craftsman Series Three Questions Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar (Front and Back)

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    Blancpain Creates A New Women’s Moon Phase Watch: ‘moon Beauty’ When The Sky Shines

    Pioneer is modern and interesting, Blancpain’s new women’s moonphase watch is launched, and the stainless steel style is equipped with five strap replacement kits to read women’s thoughts.

    One watch in five styles

    From now on, changing the ‘tonality’ of the watch and matching different dress styles is a matter of hand. The new Villeret classic series stainless steel watch has five strap replacement sets in the box, which are of different colors and materials: three alligator leather straps, which are red, midnight blue and sky blue; White ostrich leather strap and black satin strap. The replacement operation is easy, and the wearer can easily complete it by simply pressing the buckle on the strap.

    The new ‘Moon Beauty’ date-indicating moon phase watch features a bezel set with 48 diamonds and a stainless steel case with a diameter of 29.20 mm. The delicate white matte dial features willow-shaped hands, a pointer-indicating date display and a sapphire crystal moon phase display. The moon phase shows that this long-known and complicated function was once lost in the watchmaking industry. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that Blancpain’s revival of the moon phase function made it reappear. Since then, the moon phase display has become Blancpain’s signature signature. On the dial, the moon phases alternate between profit and loss, highlighting the profound relationship between watchmaking and astronomy. The face of the moon, corresponding to the phase change of the moon, shuttled through the small window on the dial. The moon phase display mechanism is realized by a 59-tooth moon phase wheel, and its corresponding time span is equivalent to two moon profit and loss cycles (each cycle is 29.5 days)-for this reason, the moon phase display connected to the moon phase wheel is printed on the There are two moon faces. The moon phase display is a ‘Moon Beauty’ smiley face, with a moving beauty mole on the corner of the mouth. There is also an interesting historical story-in the eighteenth-century France, the beautiful mole on the corner of the smile (because it looks like a fly, at the time it was called mouche, that is, a fly-shaped point) represents a playful attitude. At that time, the court women would respond to the admirers by painting a beauty mole, and the meaning changed with different positions.

    Beauty outside the core

    The new Villeret classic date moon phase watch, equipped with a new automatic winding 913QL movement. The movement is equipped with a beryllium-bronze alloy balance wheel, and is equipped with inertia fine-adjustment screws and antimagnetic silicon hairspring. Silicon hairspring is one of the most important watchmaking innovations in the watchmaking industry in recent years. It has the advantages of low density, light weight, strong shock resistance, and super magnetic resistance. These characteristics give the hairspring an almost perfect geometry, improve the isochronism of the movement, and improve the accuracy of the watch. Through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, the gold oscillating weight suddenly jumps out of the eyes, and the snail-shaped bevels, polished corners, bars and ring-shaped Geneva ripples are all visible. These exquisite and sharp internal details are polished, highlighting the ingenuity of Blancpain watchmaking.

    Blancpain Villeret Classic Date Women’s Moon Phase Watch
    Number: 6106-4628-95A
    ‘Moon Beauty’ smiley moon phase display
    Gold oscillating weight, inertia fine adjustment screw, antimagnetic silicon hairspring.
    Crocodile skin, silk, ostrich skin, stainless steel and other 5 interchangeable suit straps, which can be easily removed and installed; stainless steel case, white dial, bezel set with a row of diamonds; diameter 29.20 mm, thickness 10.36 mm Water resistant to 30 meters.
    Cal. 913QL self-winding movement, movement diameter 23.70 mm, thickness 4.50 mm, power reserve 40 hours.