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    Taste The Legendary Vintage Tissot Rock Series Small Seconds Watch

    162 years ago, Tissot was born in Le Locle, Switzerland. This charming town located in northwestern Switzerland gave Tissot a wealth of creative inspiration. Therefore, the first time for the 150th anniversary of the brand of the Locke series Launched, and now the series has become synonymous with Tissot classics. Today, the Watch House will introduce a Rock series watch with charming retro colors. The official model is: T006.428.36.058.01.

       Adhering to the brand concept of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, this Leroc series small seconds watch appears in our vision with a brand-new shape. Its exquisite design and selection of materials can be called the pinnacle, and the retro style seems to be telling us The ancient brand story has reinterpreted the three chronological elements of hours, minutes and seconds. It is equipped with the ETA2825-2 small seconds movement, which provides accurate timepieces for watches.

       The Tissot Rock’s small seconds watch has a neat and exquisite design and smooth lines. This feature is fully reflected on the dial with a diameter of 39.3 mm. The case made of stainless steel is sturdy and tough, and is more noble and atmospheric after gold-plating.

      The 11.5 mm thick case provides sufficient power for the movement of the movement, while the heavy case also highlights the retro temperament. The sapphire crystal glass has a slightly convex arc, which is perfectly embedded in the case. Through the mirror, you can observe the elegant movement of the pointer across the dial.

      The watch is paired with a pure black leather strap with delicate texture and clear texture, and the gold-plated buckle shows elegance.

       The rose gold PVD-coated watch with case and dial embellishes the retro whispers to the modern watchmaking process with low-key and gorgeous colors.

       The dial design is very brand-specific. The Roman numerals not only represent the brand’s imprint, but also add a classic charm to the watch; the delicate guilloche pattern between the dials is also a highlight of the watch design, with a relief aesthetic; , Is the English name of the Leloc series, written in retro hand-written italics, the calendar window is displayed on the right side of the logo; the 6 o’clock position is a unique small seconds dial, and the time is indicated by a short golden hand.

       From this perspective, the watch is more rigid and solid. The bezel is placed on the bottom case with a beautiful arc, polished and polished to show a charming luster. The crown is located at 3 o’clock, and the top is engraved with the brand’s letters. ‘T’, a pair of lugs with natural radians and beautiful arcs, integrated with the case.

       The crown is located at 3 o’clock on the watch. The elegant shape and exquisite decoration add beauty to the watch and have a better anti-slip effect.

       The exquisite folding buckle is also made of stainless steel. The surface is plated with gold, which is as luxurious and luxurious. The outside of the buckle is engraved with the ‘T’ symbolizing the brand’s mark.

       The bottom case of the watch is exceptionally delicate. The stainless steel gold-plated stainless steel case back is engraved with the brand logo and the watch series. It is beautifully carved and has excellent carving. Through the sapphire crystal glass of the case back, you can observe the trajectory of the oscillating weight. The Geneva ripple on the automatic rotor is clearly visible, just like the sparkling Lake Geneva.

    Summary: In order to meet the multiple needs of modern tasters in pursuit of fashion, the Tissot Le Locle series of small second hands launched four brilliant designs, under the guidance of the design principle of Le Locle series ‘engraving time’, highlighting the eclectic wearer’s personality.

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    Introduction To Rolex Consumption Perpetual Deepsea Watch

    Rolex has been inseparable from the ocean since the day the brand was born. And its consumable perpetual DEEPSEA is undoubtedly the model of contact in the new generation of diving watches. It successfully rewritten the watch’s deep diving record to 3900 meters (12,800 feet). This stunning historic breakthrough once again fully proves Rolex’s unshakable authority in cutting-edge waterproof technology.

    The success of the Rolex Consumption Perpetual DEEPSEA watch has benefited from several breakthrough technological innovations, including Rolex’s exclusive new case structure, the Ringlock System, which ensures that the watch can withstand tremendous pressure in deep water. Designed for the most demanding professional divers. In addition, three other outstanding watch components also contribute to the outstanding performance of this model: its high-performance stainless steel ring is placed between the sapphire glass and the case back to ensure that the glass and the case back are easy Withstands huge water pressure; the surface of its sapphire glass is slightly arched, which is thicker than that of other Oyster models, and its pressure resistance is doubled; the case back is made of titanium alloy with extremely high resistance, And it is fixed with 904L stainless steel ring with excellent performance.
    DEEPSEA watches meet the extreme demands of professional divers for ruggedness, precision and reliability. The strap is equipped with a dual extension system that allows the strap length to be adjusted to allow the watch to be worn outside a 7 mm thick wetsuit for easy wearing. Double extension system. Includes: Oyster discount telescopic chain link and new GLIDELOCK buckle for fine adjustment of strap length. The helium-exhaust valve is made of 904L stainless steel with extraordinary performance. Its size is exactly the same as the diameter of the case, so it is tightly connected to perfectly guarantee excellent waterproof performance. Equipped with this safety device, the gas infiltrating the watch during deep sea diving can be discharged from the watch when the dive is decompressed. The triple-locked winding crown is equipped with three independent sealing washers, which can be further tightened to further perfect its outstanding waterproof performance.

    Rolex’s original design makes the time display clearer and more legible. The DEEPSEA watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel and a black CERACHROM ceramic ring marked with a 60-minute scale, allowing you to precisely control your dive time on your wrist. The numbers and graduations engraved on the ceramic ring of CERACHROM are filled with platinum by Rolex’s patented PVD technology. Thanks to the blue fluorescent material Chromalight, the triangular pointer on the outer circle of the scale that points to zero and zero is clearly visible at night and in the deep sea. This new blue fluorescent material is also covered, and the extra-wide gold markings and hands on the dial are clearly legible.
    This watch is equipped with a precision, reliable and durable caliber 3135, which uses a PARACHROM balance spring with high shock resistance and antimagnetic properties. With automatic winding function, it is equipped with a permanent movement pendulum movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), with an energy reserve of 48 hours.

    Never-ending pioneering spirit
    The DEEPSEA watch with outstanding water resistance is undoubtedly an outstanding member of the Oyster watch series. It carries the research spirit of Rolex’s diligent and unremitting exploration, and it is with this spirit that the brand developed the diving watch submersible and sea-dweller models in the 1950s. The DEEPSEA watch is named to commemorate the Deep Sea Special, a classic diving watch developed by Rolex in 1960. At that time, the watch had submerged in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean 10,916 meters deep and passed this extremely rigorous test.

    Rigorous and professional quality assurance
    Deep-sea diving requires extreme safety and reliability, so every DEEPSEA watch must pass Rolex’s most stringent waterproof tests. With the assistance of COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d & rsquo; Expertise), a world-famous French underwater engineering and high-pressure technology company, Rolex has carefully developed special test equipment to ensure watch quality.

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    Introduction To The Iwc Rose Gold Tourbillon Watch

    IWC (IWC)
    Portugal MYST & Egrave; RE RETROGRADE platinum tourbillon watch
    With its wide popularity, the IWC Portuguese watch is unique in its classic dial and flying tourbillon with a 7-day power reserve display. This model first appeared in 2004, but IWC in Schaffhausen offers a platinum model this year and adds a retrograde analog date display. When the pointer points to the last day of the month, it will automatically jump back to the starting point.
    壳 Case: round rose gold case, sapphire crystal case back, can show the movement of the movement
    Dial: white ruthenium plated, leaf-shaped hands, Arabic numerals.
    Movement: Calibre 51900 self-winding mechanical movement, flying tourbillon with 81 components, 44 jewel bearings, 7-day power reserve, 19,800 vibrations per hour.
    Functions: hours, minutes, retrograde date, power reserve.

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    It’s Technology Is More Art

    The one-minute Carrousel Sapphire watch launched by Blancpain is not only another important manifestation of Blancpain’s watchmaking skills, but also the spirit of Blancpain’s active promotion of new watchmaking based on traditional watchmaking. At the same time, the one-minute Carrousel sapphire watch launched this time announced the truce between Carloso and the tourbillon, which is a major breakthrough in the technology of the watch industry. The sapphire crystal transparent Carrousel is the best evidence.

       Someone once saw a tourbillon that was running for more than a minute and directly misunderstood it as Caruso. In fact, it also made a misjudgment between the tourbillon and Caruso. At the beginning of Carloso’s creation, because he set a long self-rotating speed, he was used to judge the distinction between Carloso and the tourbillon. In fact, both Carloso and the tourbillon’s frame are In the design, the gear’s multiple speed relationship can be used to adjust the preset rotation speed. Therefore, there is also a tourbillon of 30 seconds and a carrousel of one minute. Blancpain’s Carrousel design is one rotation per minute. Another misunderstanding is whether the balance wheel is coaxial with the frame (most people think of tourbillons with different axes as carrousel), which is actually a misunderstanding.

       Blancpain L-Evolution
    The sapphire crystal Carrousel watches are all replaced by transparent sapphire crystals, and the movement wheels are all re-arranged to achieve the most exquisite craftsmanship in the delicate design retracting techniques.

       In order to set the balance in the center of Carrousel’s frame, Blancpain chose a linear Swiss horse escapement. The next step is to allow the Carussell frame to make one full revolution per minute. This task is not simple and involves the precise calculation of astronomical numbers; not only the power transmission of the frame, but also the power of the seconds wheel driving the escape wheel and balance wheel. They also found that in order to achieve a second hand wheel that can vibrate at 21,600 times per hour, it must rotate 1.5 times faster than a one-minute frame. Launched in 2008, the Blancpain Russell watch is just like the apocalypse. It is one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in modern watchmaking. The 2010 Blancpain L-Evolution Sapphire Crystal Carussell watch takes the art of Carrousel installations to a higher level. All the metal splints and bridges of this model have been discarded and replaced with a transparent sapphire crystal plate, allowing you to explore the subtle inner world of Carloso.

       In order to create a sapphire crystal splint, Blancpain developed a new drilling method and created a special gold sleeve for ruby ​​bearings, because rubies cannot be set directly on the sapphire crystal splint or bridge. In fact, Blancpain can go a step further. Marc, President, Blancpain
    Hayek said: ‘We used to create a whole set of sapphire crystal gear trains, but in the end it still felt that it was too transparent. I want to make the entire operating mechanism a real protagonist, part of which is to show how power is transmitted through gears. ‘

       Originally, Blancpain’s original Carrousel movement was a traditional movement design that was evenly distributed, while the sapphire Carrousel was replaced by transparent sapphire crystals. The most exquisite craftsmanship beauty has also made the new L-Evolution Sapphire Crystal Carussell watch one of the most complex and highly functional watches in recent years.