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    2017 Geneva Watch Show Roger Dubuis Excalibur Carbon Fiber Watch And Four Balance Spring Watch

    Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis ‘released the beast’ at the 2017 Geneva International High-end Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH), and launched the brand’s world-first Excalibur Spider Carbon carbon fiber watch.

       This stunning red and black two-tone model features a skeletonized case unique to the ExcaliburSpider series, with a DLC-coated titanium crown, case back and ring. The extremely lightweight but solid titanium alloy and the case’s multi-layer carbon fiber complement each other, and also subtly contrast with the vulcanized rubber coating on the ring and the red lacquer coating on the bezel.

     The main plate, bridge and tourbillon upper frame of this watch are all made of carbon fiber, forming a group of lightweight and excellent timepiece structure. The honeycomb decoration of its dial is inspired by the radiator grille of the car, and here it creates a perfect stage symbolizing high technology, set off the extraordinary RD509SQ movement: this ‘Astral Skeleton’ The core operates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 70 hours.

       The hollow-out processing of the movement makes this amazing technological innovation even more challenging. T700 carbon fiber has exceptionally strong characteristics, and can reduce vibration and improve accuracy, so it effectively facilitates this difficult task. Its ultra-thin layered structure is achieved through a complex impregnation process, and in the process it gains a number of beneficial material properties.
       Compared to other carbon fibers, T700 carbon fiber has a uniformly distributed structure, which is sufficient to reduce the porosity by 8%, and can substantially reduce the weight by 30%, which is beneficial to the rotation of the tourbillon upper frame. The 10-degree angular layered carbon fiber used in the main splint and bridge of the movement has also undergone delicate and complicated manufacturing procedures, making the movement and the ring have the same pattern, which has become a fine example of expressing aesthetic effects through technical processes. The Excalibur Spider Carbon watch will be launched in a limited edition of 28 pieces. Its black rubber strap is inlaid with red RubberTech imitation industrial fabric and is secured by a DLC-coated titanium buckle, which not only holds people’s wrists lightly. , Also inspired infinite imagination. This brand’s original timepiece invites enthusiastic watch enthusiasts: dare to meet the challenge of ‘being extraordinary’ set by Roger Dubuis.

    Excalibur Quatuor Cobalt Micromelt®

       After mixing and filtering (to control its diameter), the powder is poured into a sealed cylinder for ‘hot isostatic pressing’ to obtain a completely compact texture. After that, it is hot-processed to form a hot-rolled rod. Processed to final specifications.
       Roger Dubuis not only praises this improved material with chemical uniformity, but also appreciates the special alloys (such as the fusion of metal and nonmetal) that cannot be achieved by other technologies created by this metallurgy, and is strict Control the porosity of the material to ensure the stable quality of the special alloy.

       Roger Dubuis considers technology and aesthetics from the beginning to the end, so while using such an advanced material, it also cares about the needs of watch wearers: this material is 100% biocompatible and can form a layer of protective spontaneity spontaneously. The film has high corrosion resistance; in addition, the material’s double-phase structure and carbide precipitation also make it stable and durable.

       The shimmering cobalt-chrome alloy contrasts well with the barrel frame, bridge, dial, hour markers, and alligator leather strap of the blue PVD-coated movement.
       Vibrant red and white are dotted with other elements: a car’s speedometer-style minute ring scale, platinum hollow hands and red needles filled with SLN fluorescent paint, and red stitching on the strap.

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    Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch Black And White Eternal

    LV’s Asia’s largest flagship store opened in Hong Kong. For this reason, LV launched the first watch series Emprise designed by design director Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobos said that Emprise watches are designed to reproduce the 70s Gorgeous atmosphere.
    MpEmprise is the first high jewelry series launched by LV. Marc Jacobs transferred this concept to watch design, representing a brand new design journey. And black and white are the colors that he thinks are most suitable, because the color becomes black and white, which can elevate the moment to eternity.
    Marc Jacobs believes that color is time-dependent. The color system and color and texture of a certain period of clothing can express the characteristics of a certain era. But black and white are great buffers and never go out of style.
    Speaking of the style of the Emrpise watch series, Marc Jacobs said that he hopes to regain the style of luxury watches in the 70s and reproduce the gorgeous atmosphere at that time. The appearance is simple and simple, with contrasting materials and colors, the decoration details on the brand’s luggage or tote are used to highlight the brand spirit.
    Louis Vuitton Emprise case back
    Emprisenbsp, the first watch collection designed by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton design director

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    Low-key Luxury Black Ceramic Perpetual Calendar Watch

    Glasuti launched pure black ceramic perpetual calendar watch, in order to miss the clock master Zhong Yonglin who died on October 8.
    格拉 Since 1845, the Glashütte Watch Factory stands for active, reliable, superb craftsmanship, made in Germany. It uses traditional watchmaking techniques to produce many high-quality pieces and unique mechanical watches. Glashütte now launches a pure black ceramic perpetual calendar watch, in memory of the clock master Zhong Yonglin who died on October 8.
    Ceramic watchmaking art

    German watches
    Scratch-resistant and hard. This is the best comment on the characteristics of ceramics. These advantages make ceramics the most ideal material for making watch cases. In this inspiration, the designer of Glashütte gave Senator Perpetual Calendar a different classic style appearance. The matte black ceramic case gives a sophisticated look to the sophisticated art of watchmaking, combining tradition and creativity in a new way.
    42The ceramic case with a diameter of 42mm is equipped with a factory-made automatic caliber cal. 100-07, with a power reserve of 55 hours (positive and negative error is 10%), and a correction mechanism is set so that the second hand can synchronize the standard time at any time. Unlike other correction mechanisms, the second hand is not connected to the bearing or crown. In other words, when the crown is pulled out, the balance wheel and the movement are still running, which can reduce the pressure between the internal objects. The calibration mechanism of this watch must be activated by pressing another button located at 8 o’clock in the case. The oscillating weight can be reworked in both directions, providing a stable source of power for the movement.

    Black ceramic perpetual calendar watch
    The leap year display is at 12 o’clock. When the red pointer points to L, it means that the year is a leap year. The visual impression of the face plate is simple and organized, and each function has ample space for display.
    The time and perpetual calendar are clear and easy to read through the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal inlaid on the enlarged bezel. The black background sets off the white week, month, and Glashütte’s typical large calendar window. Silver discs decorated with stars rotate under the faceplate, and there is a bright moon on the moon to show the moon phases. As a representative of the altar, Mr. Zhong praised Glasutti’s perpetual calendar as the most cost-effective perpetual calendar-the dial is clear and easy to read, and the complex functions are hidden behind it. Adhering to the consistent practical use of German watches, it is the favorite of senior watchmakers.
    Scratch-resistant black leather strap with light stitching and ceramic buckle is the perfect ending to this elegant, first-class design.

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    Harold Department Store Exclusive Exhibition Roger Dubuis Hommage Full Range Watch

    In August, the Harrods department store became the only place in the world where you can see all the watches of Roger Dubuis hommage series. Roger Dubuis will present all models of its entire hommage collection in a showcase in the UK’s famous Harrods boutique watch house in August. The showcase will feature some of Roger Dubuis ‘new collections’ iconic watches.

    Highlights of the exhibition are the Hommage series, a TributetoMr. Roger Dubuis watch, two dual flying tourbillon watches, and a ‘holographictower’ specially designed to welcome visitors. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Flavish ‘clocks And Miracles’ Watch Report Vacheron Constantin Booth

    September 29, 2014, that is, today, the ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High Watch Exhibition in the world’s three major high-end watch exhibitions was grandly opened in Hong Kong, which is also the second Richemont Group held in Asia As the world’s top watch brand, Vacheron Constantin has strict requirements on production and strives for excellence. The design of the Vacheron Constantin booth in Hong Kong’s ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian high-end watch exhibition walks between fantasy and reality. Watch more reveries.

    Fantastic visual effects, the watch presented is more dreamy, and everyone knows him better.

    The style of Vacheron Constantin’s booth this time is obviously different from that in Geneva. It is no longer like the first one. It is basically decorated in accordance with the Geneva style. I think this is the biggest change. At this moment, the special media team of the Watch House is in front of you for the latest watch information. Please also pay attention to the special report of the Watch House 2014 Hong Kong ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asia Advanced Watch Show.