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    Sebastian Perret’s Work Wins The Swiss Mido Professional Watchmaker Watch Design Competition

    Watchmaker Sebastian Peret designed the watch work inspired by the Big Ben in London, England, and won the Mido Watch Design Competition.

       In March 2015, Swiss Mido invited three professional watchmakers to participate in this design competition. Inspired by the famous Big Ben in London, England, to design a watch for Mido, Sebastian · Perret’s work stands out.

       On October 15, 2015, at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai, the Swiss Mido watch held a grand award ceremony for this competition. This watch, designed by Sebastian Peret, will be issued in a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide and will be unveiled at the World Watch and Jewellery Show 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.
    Source of inspiration
       In order to meet this challenge, Sebastian Peret carefully observed the famous London building, Big Ben, from near to far at the beginning of his creation. As the founder of the Etude de Style design agency in Neuchatel, Switzerland, his design was inspired by the slender silhouette of the clock tower of Westminster, England. When you look at it, endless details emerge in front of you: complete and delicate features, the shadow cast by the notch and the square clock face perfectly illustrate eternal time. He designed the watch to show the grandeur of Big Ben, the streamlined neo-Gothic style, and restore the outline structure from the inside out. This is also the challenge he set for himself-to maximize the characteristics of Mido watches.

    Mido Watch Design Competition
       In March 2015, Swiss Mido grandly announced at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show that this professional watchmaker’s watch design competition was held. Three professional watchmakers were asked to design a new limited edition watch inspired by the Big Ben in London, England. In late April, the information of the three watchmakers selected by Swiss Mido was published on the official website of the event http://contest.mido.ch. They are: Eric Giroud (Eric Giroud ), Sébastien Perret, and Lorenzo Vallone. Their final work was officially released online on July 30. During the next two months of voting time, netizens around the world voted on their favorite watches. The judging committee of the competition includes Esa Mohamed, president of the International Institute of Architects, and Mr. Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido. Of course, all netizens also voted.

       The final result of the competition was announced by Mr. Esa Mohamed, President of the International Institute of Architects, at the awards ceremony held on October 15th at the Swatch Art Center in Peace Hotel in Shanghai.
    Nearly 100,000 global netizens participate
       Online voting is undoubtedly a highlight of this event, attracting countless beauty fans and enthusiasts interested in watchmaking technology and architectural design from all over the world. This event attracted a total of about 100,000 people from nearly 100 countries to participate in the voting of this competition.
    A New Chapter in Mido History
       In 2014, Swiss Mido started cooperation with the well-known International Architects Association, which has 1.3 million professional architects around the world. With the direct participation of the Association, following the ‘Perfect Series’ of the Ancient Roman Colosseum and the ‘Great Wall Series’ of the Great Wall of China, Mido once again paid tribute to the classic landmark buildings in the world, as ‘inspiration confirms eternal’ beauty Du’s unremitting pursuit of quality and technological innovation, this latest Mido watch brought by professional watchmakers will definitely open a new chapter in Mido’s history.

       The winning ‘Big Ben’ watch will be limited to 500 pieces worldwide in the second quarter of 2016.

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    The Case That Subverts The Traditional Appearance, Interpretation Of Free And Indulgent Timepiece

    As more and more trendy designs pour into the modern trend, with the collision of different design concepts, the design of watches and clocks does not work. The change of the shape of the watch comes from the pursuit of different aesthetics of the watchmaker, and is keen to break through the traditional restraints. On the other hand, it also comes from the fatigue of the audience. It will also give people a refreshing feeling. For collectors, such innovative watches are also the best collections. The weird case is not only a work that makes watchmakers proud, but also makes viewers remember it and deeply remember the brand.

      Cartier TankCrash Watch

      TankCrash translates as ‘impact tank’. The uniquely designed Crash watch is also one of the most mysterious and rare works in Cartier’s watchmaking history. Since its birth, the precious Cartier Crash watch has created a rare custom legend in the watchmaking field: Gathering Noble elements, superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity.

      The design of this watch has made a bold change to the tank’s appearance. After the two watches are collided with each other, they are integrated into one. No matter how the changes are made, the appearance of the tank watch can still be recognized at first glance. The dial simply presents four irregular Roman numerals, classic orbital scales and blue sword hands still appearing on the dial. The pearl inlay adds a touch of softness and gorgeousness to the original personality of the watch. With black belt, mysterious and stylish.

      When most people see a twisted case, they may think that the watch has been squeezed and deformed, but in the eyes of designers and artists, this is another extreme beauty, which looks tangible in the invisible. At the 2013 Geneva watchmaking exhibition, the Crash watch launched by Cartier continued the twisted and exaggerated design and smooth natural lines, and its curved case increased the difficulty of traveling, because each time scale is not uniform, one grid and one change. The elongated or indented parts need to undergo strict angle measurement. In addition, for the first time in this series, the watch has a metal bracelet instead of a leather strap. The drop-shaped bracelet made of white gold or rose gold is dazzling and outstanding, showing the independent and agile but noble personality of urban women.

      Piaget LimelightBloomingRose

      The earl is a woman’s best friend. It always fuses timepieces and jewelry with each other, letting time and light set off each other. The way Piaget changes the case is not to deform or twist it, but to let time bloom beautiful flowers as the case rotates. The LimelightBloomingRose watch is a new member of the YvesPiaget rose garden. It blooms dazzling creativity, and the beautiful flower crown rotates slowly, like a brilliant bouquet of diamonds, adding a bright light to the rose gold bed.

      The dial design of this watch is like a bud with buds to be placed, and four diamond petals are close to each other to form a simple and gentle curve, which reveals a subtle beauty during the day. The shadow of the day was tilted westward, the intoxicating dance party was unveiled, the rose buds were in full bloom, and four diamond-paved petals were all in sight. The dazzling jewellery roses show once again the exquisite craftsmanship of Piaget craftsmen. Piaget’s original concealed mechanical mechanism allows the upper case to rotate 45 degrees, turning it into the brand’s distinguished representative-Eve Count Rose, telling the brand’s extraordinary creativity.

      Bvlgari Octo watches
      Passing the eternal value through the century civilization, OCTO transcends the traditional male watch design. Has strong and extraordinary charm and dazzling distinctive personality. The Bulgari Octo watch has a high degree of recognition on different occasions due to its unique shape, breaking the conventional case shape, successfully using geometric principles, and combining simple circles and squares to form a perfect octagon. shape. The bold design of 18K white gold will make Bvlgari impeccable. Such a stylish watch must only be paired with a sportsman to highlight its charm.

      In addition to its appearance, the functions of this watch are extremely complicated, so let’s briefly introduce it to everyone. The white semi-circle on the left side of the dial is the hour display. The hand automatically jumps back to the initial position when it reaches the end point, or the function of manually adjusting the chronograph hand to return to the initial position. The small white disk on the right shows the minutes. The four small black disks on the right must have made you dizzy. From top to bottom are the clock alarm / mute indicator, the kinetic energy reserve indicator and the size self-sound indicator of the separate movement and the time signal device.

      Minute repeater with four hammers, the watch not only can strike the famous Westminster Zhongle, but also provides self-sounding function. This watch is equipped with CalibreGG31002 movement, with excellent performance. Through the case back, you can clearly see the movement of the movement, with a power reserve of 48 hours.

      Ralph Lauren Stirrup

      It is very important for brands to find a shape symbol of their own. Just like we think of a square watch, we think of a Cartier tank, and when we think of an oval shape, we think of Breguet’s Naples. Of course, these require the brand’s long-term accumulation, but for Ralph Lauren’s Stirrup series, from the birth of this has its own shape, the horseshoe-shaped disk surface. The horseshoe design of this series is mainly due to the influence of traditional equestrian sports and the history of the PoloRalphLauren brand.

      Ralph Lauren Stirrup series diamond bracelet watch is the embodiment of Ralph Lauren’s world, which combines the adventure spirit of equestrian into a watch with unique elegance and jewellery craftsmanship. The new STIRRUPDIAMONDLINK watch symbolizes the evolution of women’s fearlessness. The case size is only 23.30 by 27 mm. It is very compact and equipped with many options.

      Hamilton VENTURA Adventure Watch

      The Adventure Collection in the American Classic Collection showcases the authentic American spirit of the Hamilton Collection. These watches incorporate 21st-century style and function into the unique phenotype of classic Hamilton. Some creative inspirations date back to the distant 1920s, and by then there were good design icons. The triangle-like appearance is more likely to give people a sense of visual conflict than the circle, and it is slightly different but more distinctive. The angular design and smooth lines exude a geometric charm.

      This special watch fully combines classic style with oversized dial design. The original shield design still shines. The angular crown is integrated with the case, and is equipped with a unique pointer at 3 o’clock. The black dial is high-end and lively, matching the shape of the case to present a triangular partition and pattern decoration. The tip of the second hand and the scale from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock also boldly smeared the fiery red color, depicting the rhythm of the passionate impulse of the adventure watch, highlighting the wearer’s unique personality. Paired with a black rubber strap, it is comfortable to wear and highlights the noble temperament of the wearer. Underneath the arrow, the Swiss automatic mechanical movement is surging, injecting endless momentum into the passionate American spirit.

    Summary: The polygon is very classic, the triangle is very backbone, and the twisted shape is very individual. Looking at such a watch that subverts the tradition, people sigh the wonders of watchmakers. Any change in any form is a progressive innovation. What you can’t do is only unexpected. Any inspiration or idea can be turned into reality through elaborate production. The timepiece looks so colorful and colorful in the hands of the designer. It is impressive. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    Long Distance Travel Killer Two Places Watch

    For well-known reasons, the two-time function in the watch is gradually becoming a killer application in the watch industry, just like the tablet computer in the IT industry or the touch screen mobile phone in the communication industry. People who do not have such a piece will definitely feel uncomfortable. The variety of timepieces in the two places is becoming more and more abundant, and it will definitely be a problem to select them. Especially for such a ‘practical’ function, if it is completely from a practical point of view, it is naturally more cost-effective to spend less, 10,000 yuan Up and down is the same as buying an ordinary mechanical watch. However, there must be a group of readers who scoff at this. They want to buy something special, expensive, or top-of-the-line. We have all considered it for you.

    NOMOS Tangomat GMT Watch
    The display window of the new Tangomat GMT does not show the full city name, but a short abbreviation instead. LON, BER, TYO, HKG, MOW and NYC are abbreviations of the corresponding time zone on this watch.
    Self-winding movement, stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, white silver-plated dial, city name of the second time zone at 9 o’clock, adjustable by button, blue steel central hand indicating the time of the second time zone, 24-hour indication of departure Dial at 3 o’clock, horse leather strap, waterproof to 30 meters.
    Reference price: 39800 yuan

    Patek Philippe 5164 Aquanaut Traveler Watch
    PP never deliberately stirs up a watch, but just enriches its product line step by step. The launch of this watch fills a gap in the PP product line, and the result is naturally hot.
    324 SC FUS self-winding movement, stainless steel case, diameter 40.8 mm, black embossed dial, local and departure day and night indicator windows at 9 and 3 o’clock, date display at 6 o’clock, center second time zone Hands, three-dimensional hour markers in gold with fluorescent coating, composite strap, Aquanaut folding buckle, water-resistant to 120 meters.
    Reference price: 302100 yuan

    Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT Watch
    Multiple time zone displays are practical and convenient. The crown has a total of 5 functions and has won the “small hands (best cost-effective)” award at the Geneva Watch Awards, which is the best value watch of the year.
    Montblanc MB4810 / 405 self-winding movement, stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, black machine-engraved dial, second time zone circle in the center, the outer edge of the dial is 24 world city dials. With the improved design and enhanced safety crown, various functions can be operated together: waterproof to 30 meters.
    Price: 37860 yuan

    Lange dual time zone watch
    The artificially decorated movement demonstrates the superb craftsmanship of Lange watchmaking. The elegant and restrained style makes business people love it.
    Lange L086.2 self-winding movement, rose gold case, 40 mm diameter, silver-white solid silver dial, blue steel second time zone hands, second time zone on the upper part of the dial, 24-hour day and night indicator, lower half Set small seconds, 8 and 10 o’clock buttons to adjust the second time zone in hours, maroon crocodile belt, solid rose gold Lange pin buckle.
    Reference price: 220000 yuan

    Hamilton Khaki Skywalker Watch
    手表 The pedigree of this watch originated from World War II. With precise performance, it escorted the then naval ships. The movements of the two places had good antimagnetic performance. The perfect combination of the brown strap and the steel case was even tougher.
    ETA2893 self-winding dual-time movement, stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, black dial with 24-hour airport abbreviation display at 9 o’clock, date display at 3 o’clock, antimagnetic soft iron back cover, brown embossed belt, Water resistant to 300 meters.
    Reference price: 9700 yuan

    IWC Pilots Universal Time ‘Antoine Saint Exupery Special Edition’ Watch
    The watch has been reconfigured with classic aviation auxiliary functions: UTC Universal Time Display developed 10 years ago by IWC. Of course, the seal engraving on the bottom of the table also gives rise to ancient feelings: the engraved Latécoère 25 aircraft (a model commonly used during the flight of Saint Exupery and other airmailers).
    Model 30710 self-winding movement, rose gold case, diameter 44 mm, date window at 3 o’clock, 24-hour time display window at 6 o’clock, water resistance 60 meters, rose gold style limited to 500.
    Reference price: 140000 yuan

    The new Columbus watch
    Based on the concept of exploration and conquest, Yibo Road launched the Columbus series. The dial clearly marked the 24-hour and 60-minute scales, the big four-hand structure, and the time of the two places at a glance. It also coincided with the four sailing journeys of Columbus. .
    GMT automatic movement, stainless steel case, bezel with 24-hour two-color scale, black dial, luminous sword-shaped hands, red arrow pointer indicates the second time zone time, date display window is at 3 o’clock, stainless steel strap, waterproof 100 meters.
    Reference price: 11300 yuan

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    Tag Heuer Is The Official Watch Of ‘ace Agent 2: Golden Circle’

    TAGHeuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch Ace Special Edition is the official watch of the popular film ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, which will accompany this The film landed in major theaters in China on October 20, 2017.

    The enthusiasm for ‘Ace Agent 2: The Golden Circle’ has swept across many countries, and its huge success has far exceeded expectations, and it has already surpassed the first ‘Ace Agent: Agent Academy’. As of now, ‘Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle’ has more than 250 million US dollars at the global box office, but the film is still in the spotlight in most regions.

    The TAGHeuer Connected Modular 45 smartwatch was hand-picked by the director of the film, Matthew Vaughn. Matthew Vaughn said: ‘Smart watches are one of the essential items for the agents in this movie. We have considered various options, and only the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch can perfectly match the ‘Ace Agent’ ‘We are a gentleman with a vanguard and elegance.’

    Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watch and Clock Business of the Cotai Group, said: ‘The cooperation between Ace Agent and TAG Heuer is a testament to the gentlemen of today Definition: It is a fusion of prestige, taste pioneer and keeping up with the era of intelligence. The film is also sought after by young people around the world. I hope that this film cooperation can attract more young customers to choose TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch. ‘

    The smart watch worn by gold medal agents in the movie played a key role. Whether in underwater shooting, fighting scenes or stunt shots, this watch is an indispensable tool for them in any scene. At the movie’s release, fans will appreciate the moment when ‘Ace Agents’ wear TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watches.

    This special watch also reproduces the modern aesthetics of British agents: rose gold lugs, leather straps with Kingsman printing, and orange velvet straps, inspired by the film’s Taren Eyre The iconic orange velvet men’s casual clothing worn by Taron Egerton. Ace’s special dial is midnight blue or gray, with Kingsman lettering at 9 o’clock and the Tag Heuer logo at 3 o’clock. Whenever the hour hand turns to 10:10, with the dial shaking for 10 seconds, the K-shaped logo representing the movie will appear. As an echo of the key elements of the movie, the Ace special watch transforms the original Android Wear lighting function on the original dial into a gold logo on a white background, which has both elegant British elegance and avant-garde avant-garde style. The watch will soon be available for sale in China.

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    Retro Taste On Your Wrist Tasting Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Steel Watch

    Panerai, a fine watchmaking brand with Italian origin. As early as 1860, the classic and tough it began a journey full of legends. As always, the pillow-type large-caliber style has never followed the trend, with the most unique brand style, it has become its own style, forming the exclusive scenery of Panerai. At the Geneva Fine Watch Salon 2017, the brand combines the retro style admired by the contemporary with its unique watchmaking tradition to launch this Panerai Radiomir 3-day moving stainless steel watch. The new timepiece echoes Panerai 1930’s models have a strong retro flavor. (Watch model: PAM00687)

    Echoes of the rare treasures of the 1930s

        The two watches are inspired by the classic timepieces launched by the brand in 1930. The bezels with unique 12-sided design are engraved with the words ‘OFFICINE PANERAI -BREVETTATO’ to reproduce the glorious glory of the previous models. Both watches are special edition watches developed by Panerai Chateau Manufacture. For the first time, all important features of the prototype watch are given to the new timepiece. Adhering to the unique personality of the watch, the classic and modern The combination of design and strategy shows Panerai’s time-honored watch style.
    Vintage detail design

    Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Stainless Steel Watch

    Exquisite stainless steel crown
       The 47mm stainless steel case, after polishing, presents a delicate and atmospheric metallic texture, retaining the pillow case design of Panerai’s most recognizable brand, giving the case a highly discerning beauty. In addition, the new watch uses a 12-sided frosted stainless steel bezel design, polished with smooth and delicate corners, and the same typeface as the historical prototype, continuing the size and design of vintage Panerai models. In addition, the addition of detachable lugs greatly facilitates the replacement of the strap, showing the excellent reliability and practicality of the new timepiece.
    Beautiful gradient dial

    Gradient brown dial
       Another major retro design is the gradual brown dial of the watch. The extremely simple shape, combined with the unique “sandwich” structure, contrasts with the large hour markers and the central hour and minute hands, making the watch time more pure and clear. The hands and hour markers are covered with a luminous part, which allows you to observe the time even in a dark environment, which is very convenient.

    Panerai P.3000 movement
       Through the sapphire transparent glass back cover, you can see the appearance of the standby core. It is equipped with a Panerai P.3000 movement and has a power reserve of 72 hours (up to three days). At the same time, the watch is equipped with a quick time adjustment device to ensure that the hour hand can move forward and backward in units of one hour without affecting the movement of the minute hand or the operation of the watch.

    Dark brown leather strap

    Stainless steel pin buckle
       The stainless steel case is connected to a dark brown leather strap, decorated with light brown stitching, for a great sensory pleasure. The strap is equipped with a large single-needle buckle. After polishing, it is exquisite and beautiful, which can well protect the watch from the wrist and is very reliable.

    Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Stainless Steel Watch
    Summary: Retro watch design and classic and outstanding watch performance, coupled with constant power for up to 3 days, created a new style of watch and practicality. Standing on the tablecloth, it looks like a gentle and gentle gentleman, showing the essential charm of men from top to bottom and attracting people to stop and watch. If you like this atmospheric and retro Panerai Radiomir series 3-day moving stainless steel watch, then consider it.

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    Rado Tang Wei, The Global Brand Spokesperson Tang Wei, Appeared At The First Youth Film Show Venture Capital Conference

    (Xining, China-July 2017) With its unique appeal in the field of cutting-edge film creation, FIRST Youth Film Exhibition aims to discover outstanding young directors’ works and continue to bring surprises to the industry. Recently, the 11th FIRST China Xining Youth Film Show Venture Capital Conference was grandly held in Xining. RADO, the global brand spokesperson and famous actress Tang Wei, appeared on the scene as the final judge of Venture Capital, and joined the senior filmmakers to listen to young directors. ‘S personal work statement, opened a brilliant and in-depth dialogue with young filmmakers.

       This time, from the perspective of the actor’s professionalism, Tang Wei gave targeted advice to the finalists of the twelve young directors based on the play itself and the market. As the global brand spokesperson for Rado, in the past three years working with the brand, Tang Wei has always been full of enthusiasm for the performing arts. Now, after returning from the postpartum period, she returns to the screen, discovers the intuition of new filmmakers with artistic instincts, and works hard to explain the strong support for the youth film industry with practical actions. RADO is also very fortunate. He can loyally stay with Tang Wei and witness the film journey together.

       On the same day, Tang Wei wore the RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical hollow-out watches. Casual suits and jeans were matched with signature smiles, showing an elegant and elegant style. The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical hollow watch is made of the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic material. With its extremely attractive hollow design, it will perfectly show the superb craftsmanship hidden inside the watch. Cool black color adds a touch of agility, sculpted and meticulously crafted.

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    Introduction To Hermès Arcole Watches

    Movement: quartz movement
    Function: Hour Hand, Minute Hand
    Case: 18K white gold, size 20 x 31 mm
    Waterproof 30 meters
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass
    Dial: White mother-of-pearl
    Strap: Orange yellow crocodile skin
    Price: RMB59,800
    * Available in 18K yellow and rose gold

    Movement: quartz movement
    Function: Hour Hand, Minute Hand
    Case: 18K rose gold, size 20 x 31 mm
    Waterproof 30 meters
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass
    Dial: White mother-of-pearl
    Strap: Orange-red crocodile leather
    Price: RMB53,300
    * Available in 18K yellow and rose gold

    Movement: quartz movement
    Function: Hour Hand, Minute Hand
    Case: 18K rose gold, size 20 x 31 mm
    40A total of 40 VVS natural diamonds on both sides
    Total weight 1 carat
    Waterproof 30 meters
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass
    Dial: White mother-of-pearl
    Strap: Red Alligator Leather
    Price: RMB53,300
    * Available in 18K yellow and rose gold

    Movement: quartz movement
    Function: Hour Hand, Minute Hand
    Case: 18K white gold, size 20 x 31 mm
    40A total of 40 VVS natural diamonds on both sides
    Total weight 1 carat
    Waterproof 30 meters
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass
    Dial: White mother-of-pearl
    Strap: denim blue alligator leather
    Price: RMB96,200
    * Other 18K yellow and rose gold styles are available

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    If You Want Uncle Fan, You Have To Have These Three Watches

    I don’t know when it became popular to love uncles and love uncles. Uncles like Zhang Jia, Wu Xiubo, Chen Daoming and others stood out. Of course, it is not easy to have an uncle. It can be said that there are uncle Fan Er, and some people will only be called ‘Master’, you want to have Uncle Fan Er these three watches you must have.

    Blancpain Classic 6263-1127A-55B

    Watch Series: Classic
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 38 mm
    Domestic public price: 94000
    Watch details: blancpain / 15206 /
    Watch comments: The image of Blancpain is a mature and stable model, elegant and noble. This Blancpain classic series watch has a 38mm diameter design and a stainless steel case. The classic double bezel design confirms the watch brand identity. The moon phase profit and loss display at 6 o’clock is eye-catching.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1368420 watch

    Watch Series: Master Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: 65500
    Watch details: lecoultre / 11401 /
    Watch Reviews: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series has always been a model of formal watches. This Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series watch is 39 mm in diameter, elegant and fashionable. At 6 o’clock, there is a moon phase profit and loss display device, which is as deep as harmony. The watch is equipped with a cal.925 self-winding movement produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which provides 43 hours of power reserve on the full chain.

    Vacheron Constantin 81180 / 000R-9159 watch

    Watch Series: Heritage Series
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Domestic public price: 135,000
    Watch details: vacheron / 1931 /
    Watch review: This Vacheron Constantin heritage series watch is designed with a diameter of 40 mm and is made of 18K rose gold. The simple silver dial with a two-hand design is simple and stylish. The watch is equipped with a cal.1400 manual produced by Vacheron Constantin The winding movement, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a full mandrel provides a 40-hour power reserve. Wearing this watch seems elegant and connotative.

    Summary: It is not so simple to want an uncle Fan. These are just some necessary and inadequate conditions. Others have many additional conditions, such as face value, connotation, etc. Of course, issues such as connotation can be slowly cultivated, not just some. Hardware requirements, these accessories are the hardware requirements, so it’s better to make money first.

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    We Didn’t Come To Beijing To Fight For A Bag Or A Watch

    ‘Beijing Women’s Book’ recently ushered in the closing day. This online drama starring Qi Wei has attracted much attention from the beginning. why? Because the show focused on Beijing, a topic that we have been paying attention to-‘North Drift’.

    Qi Wei of Chen Ke in ‘Beijing Women’s Book’

     After this drama was broadcast, everyone’s discussion on the plot never stopped. Chen Ke (formerly known as Chen Keyi) played by Qi Wei in ‘Beijing Women’s Book’ had a longing for and longing for Beijing life when she first arrived in Beijing. By changing her boyfriend frequently, she succeeded in getting the life she wanted. Everyone joked that this show could be changed to ‘Beijing Women’s Record’, of course, this is just a joke. However, this drama has problems in shaping the role of the protagonist Chen Ke.

    Chen Ke and her first boyfriend Zhang Chao after coming to Beijing

     Her hard work during overtime was only a brief switch of several shots. The content of cooperation, contradictions, and environment with her work partners is far less than the proportion of Chen Kexuan’s work among several men. It’s more than 30 minutes in an episode. It’s almost an episode of changing a boyfriend … I’m not going to talk about it. You’re making a boyfriend under the banner of coming to Beijing?

     In the play, her relationship with Zhang Chao, the first boyfriend in Beijing, was also criticized. When he first came to Beijing, Chen Ke couldn’t move when he saw the bag of LV, and he looked at the bag on the back of others intently. There is some artistic processing, but it is also something that girls have done more or less in their daily lives. I glanced at others on the road and looked at it with a new one, guessing whether the bag was real or fake.

    ‘At this time, the bag is not a bag, but an expression vector of women’s self-desire,
    But correspondingly, women are easily reduced to material slaves. ‘

     This is a film critic’s evaluation of this plot. Girls buy so many bags, especially brand-name bags, not because the quality of this bag can be so good, the bag can bring us the so-called ‘decent’, so ‘Baoji The word ‘every disease’ has become a synonym for women.

    Close-up of the Cartier Blue Balloon series watch

     When dealing with a second-generation rich boyfriend of the second boyfriend, Chen Ke and his two friends Benben and Tangerine had such a scene: Benben and Tangerine were discussing the latest Cartier Blue balloon watch, so that Chen Ke could be called the second-generation boyfriend to buy One for himself, Chen Ke said, ‘Is it the blue balloon? Is this the one on my hand?’ At this moment, the camera zoomed in and gave a close-up of this Cartier blue balloon. At this time, the blue balloon represented more the carrier of Chen Ke’s desire. She yearned for a better life and longed to marry the rich second-generation, although she failed in the end. But this blue balloon belongs to her, at least.

    Chen Ke when he first came to Beijing

     In ‘Beijing Women’s Book’, the heroine Chen Ke portrays a ‘desire’ female role. She is not willing to stay in a small city like her hometown, and does not want to accept the life arranged by her mother. I’ve seen the sentence ‘The life that your parents have arranged for you is not necessarily good, and there is no standard answer for life. But the courage of your parents is too small, and the life they arranged for you is what they feel is the most stable and the best to go Life ‘.


    Chen Ke after a while in Beijing
     Chen Ke didn’t want to lead a life of homogeneity with friends and classmates around him, and he could see the life at the end. This was her choice. She chose to go to Beijing, work hard in Beijing, and choose what kind of job she chose. The reason why we have to work hard and become our ideal selves is that we want to be able to ‘choose’ more and be ‘chosen’ less.

     The ‘North Drifting’ life described for us in this play may really exist, representing some people’s advanced path; it may also be magnified by the details of life. We are more ‘north-floating’, shuttle between Beijing’s large and small subway stations, and continue to move towards their destinations with the crowds. The subway is one of the unique scenes in Beijing. It is not that the subway itself is the people in the subway. There are too many people in Beijing. Everyone uses this city as a place where they can find other possibilities for their lives.

    ‘Beijing Women’s Book’ finale stills

     At the end of the show, we have an open ending. Chen Ke may return to his hometown, marry and have a child with the doctor in his hometown, and live a peaceful life. Maybe they will continue to stay in Beijing, continue to struggle, and continue to struggle.

     Maybe a better life, maybe a different life, and each person gives Beijing a different meaning. But we know that we are not here just to buy a limited-name designer bag, nor to buy a watch. We want more, whether it is a material pursuit or a spiritual search, or just to find some kind of affirmation and proof. No matter what it is for, I hope everyone can finally get what they want in this huge city.