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    With Sarah Atcho, Run Faster And Run Farther!

    Le Méridien is proud to welcome the hopeful of Swiss track and field, sprinter Sarah Atcho, to join the brand’s best friends.

       SarahAtcho has just been invited by the Swiss Athletic Federation to participate in the 4X100m Relay and 200m World Championships held in Doha from September 28th to October 6th.

       She is also an Olympic torchbearer for the Youth Olympic Games today in Morges …

       During a visit to the Saignelégier watch factory, the champion explored the dazzling collection of Le Méridien watches. ‘I like various styles to complement each other and complement each other! I like to dress myself, and I can switch between the iconic AIKON series and the purely simple Eliros series watches, which makes me very happy! And these watches are lightweight and wear them There is no problem with running. ‘The variety of styles and the design of the strap that can be easily changed with the help of the EasyChange system has made this young woman excited:’ This idea is wonderful! Today’s watches can also serve as fashion accessories! These The work is rich in style and reasonable in price. It coincides with my expectations for modern watchmaking! ‘During the workshop visit, Sarah was impressed by the precise and meticulous process. ‘Everything is in order, reminding me of my track and field sports. Because every action in the running is very important, every minute counts.’

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    Hublot Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of Monaco Classic Week And Launches A Chronograph

    Hublot has a long history with the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club, and was designated as its official timer in 2005. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of ‘Monaco Classic Week’, Hublot specially designed a classic fusion chronograph to pay tribute to the Monaco Yacht Club.

     ‘Hublot? A different example of success but success.’ People who know this unique Swiss watch brand say so. Hublot, which is constantly making progress every moment, is creating the future with exciting speed. It was Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, the global CEO of Hublot, fulfilled such a dream, and opened the way for Hublot’s astonishing rise. From Big Bang to Supreme King, from classic fusion to handed down, each series is a masterpiece that fuses tradition with the future.

     ‘Whether it is at sea or on land, whether sailing for competitive competition or leisure, whether boarding an extremely modern super Maxis or a traditional classic yacht, the Monaco Yacht Club always represents a deep love for the ocean. Hublot They share the same values ​​and ideas. ‘Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver explained the close relationship between the two sides.

     Hublot’s new dynamic trendy choice uses extremely lightweight titanium as the main material, which has shock resistance and strong anti-corrosion performance; the navy blue dial with silver-plated hands shows the Monaco marine style, blue Alligator leather and natural rubber tops seamlessly combine the strap to better resist seawater erosion. The center pointer bearing at the center of the dial is filled under the club’s signature color. This watch is limited to 250 pieces.

     This watch symbolizes the Monaco Yacht Club and Hublot paying tribute to ‘La Belle Classe’ (respecting the tradition of nautical), and upholding and maintaining this value. This watch is also a tribute and interpretation of the perfect fusion of great tradition and focus on the future. The declaration of ‘The perfect combination of great tradition and focusing on the future’ clearly reflects the vision of Hublot and its CEO, combining ocean and land, tradition and innovation, wood and high-tech materials, time and space. Integrate all elements and all technology …

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    Richard Mille Rm 07-01 Black Nano Ceramic Diamond Watch Was Born

    RM07-01 ladies’ watch series, with many styles, is the perfect choice for contemporary women to define the scenery between the wrists. RICHARDMILLE Perseverance and excellence, using a variety of materials, with a variety of gem setting styles and bracelet styles, this unique black nano-ceramic diamond watch came into being.

       The brand’s unprecedented combination of gorgeous diamonds and black nano-ceramics demonstrates its tireless attitude and commitment to meeting women’s stringent requirements for sophisticated technology and aesthetic perception.
       TZP black nano-ceramic material is outstanding in terms of hardness and scratch resistance. In addition, the surface of this unique ceramic material has a unique particulate texture, which presents a gorgeous matte effect. This is the noble texture that can be exhibited in the precise manufacturing process through micro-peening technology treatment, after a long time of fine grinding. The watchmaker needs to manually polish and polish each corner in order to show the complex arc shape of the case and the bottom.
       “Following the successful inlaying of gemstones on TPT® carbon fiber, we decided to apply this innovative setting technique to the new material,” explains Cécile Guenat, the technical director of the jewelry department of RICHARDMILLE. “We naturally thought of patents. This is the first time for nano-ceramics. Because a lathe for drilling a case must be precise enough for setting various parameters, this unique manufacturing process also ensures that the grade of the material is superior. ‘
       Each fully hand-polished red gold claw-set base is individually made, and is sequentially embedded in the case with finely arranged, 0.25 mm diameter holes, so that each high-quality diamond is firmly fixed. Exquisitely cut crystal diamonds with outstanding clarity and shining luster complement the velvety black nano-ceramics in the background.
       The case of this RM07-01 black nano ceramic diamond watch is also made of red gold and is equipped with the brand’s own movement CRMA2. This self-winding movement is assembled on a fifth grade titanium alloy base plate and bridge. The 18K5N red gold variable geometry automatic disk can adjust the winding frequency and cycle according to the wearer’s activity habits. 5N red gold dial center, pavé diamonds surround black onyx, exclusive with case
       The diamond craftsmanship shines brightly, showing the brand’s superb strength. The RM07-01 black nano-ceramic diamond watch will debut at the Geneva Fine Watch Salon, which opened in January 2018.

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    2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Roger Dubuis New Products Summary

    Super watches, passion and determination to break the rules have been deeply rooted in Roger Dubuis’s creative genes. In 2019, Roger Dubuis will continue to innovate and launch several innovative and bold timepieces to show its lofty aspirations. Each new work is not only more challenging than previous creations, but also frequently breaks through the boundaries of technology and aesthetics, greatly regretting the entire world of watchmaking.

    Roger Dubuis Excalibur One-Off Watch

    Excalibur One-Off watch is equipped with a magnificent 47mm case. Its case and rim are made of SMC laminated carbon fiber. The body is made of woven carbon fiber. In order to pay tribute to the Lamborghini SC18 Alston supercar, this watch’s feature selector echoes the supercar’s driving mode selector; the wearer can use this to select the settings of the timepiece function (W = watch winding, S = Set time). The unique movement on the Excalibur One-Off watch is the third movement introduced by the Tripartite Alliance, namely the RD106 SQ movement specially made for this timepiece, equipped with a dual flying tourbillon tilted at a 90 degree angle. And imitate the V-shaped geometric shape of the Lamborghinis supercar engine. The movement is surrounded by two sapphire component frames, symbolizing the car’s tachometer.

    For more boutique content, please click: Huracán Performante Watch

    In 2019, Roger Dubuis presents the latest limited edition inspired by the supercar of LAMBORGHINI, inspired by the Huracan Performante sports car V10 engine — the Excalibur Huracan Performante skeleton watch, with a diameter of 45 mm and a case covered with a unique “technology ‘Titanium gray’ coating, made of titanium metal and black rubber, selected from the iconic yellow decorative elements of the latest version of the supercar to be on the 2019 track. Limited to 88 pieces worldwide.

    For more news, please click: Excalibur Huracán Watch

    Swiss watch pioneer Roger Dubuis and the Lamborghini Squadra Corse racing department draw inspiration from the Lamborghini Huracán Performante supercar, carrying the aesthetic characteristics of the Huracàn supercar, adding a new masterpiece to the Excalibur King series, launching a new adrenaline-filled Excalibur Huracán watch. The watch features a dual-material strap with a black rubber frame inlaid with grey Alcantara® and black stitching. Both sturdy and durable straps are equipped with adjustable folding clasps and a quick-release mechanism that ensures quick strap changes.

    For more news, please click: Excalibur Shooting Star Ladies Watch

    This compact and exquisite Excalibur Shooting Star continues to proudly carry the classic interstellar logo of Roger Dubuis. With its stylish and bright skeletonized movement and the absolutely luxurious and innovative selection of materials, it reflects the fine watchmaking skills and nature. The perfect combination of elegant style. With a diameter of 36 mm, the dial is decorated with an 18K rose gold meteor band set with round cut diamonds and colored enamel star decoration. Such as the same bright meteor set off more gorgeous.

    For more news, please click: Excalibur Shooting Star Ladies Blue

    Roger Dubuis Women’s Roger Dubuis watches are always romantic and unexpected, just like meteors are never bound by the universe. This 36mm diameter Excalibur Shooting Star blue watch uses extremely sophisticated craftsmanship. Rose gold hollow dial and edge, with a strong neutral metal texture, inlaid with 10 round diamonds at the hour mark position; the center of the delicate and complex hollow dial, with 18K rose gold hands, stands proudly among them, blue enamel The decoration embellishes all around, dreamy and gorgeous. And this model is only sold exclusively at Roger Dubuis stores.

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    For more details, please click, watch house Geneva special watch salon link:

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    Girard Perregaux Classic Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch

    Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch
    芝 Since the mid-19th century, Girard-Perregaux has been associated with the ultimate in high-end craftsmanship-the tourbillon. Constant Girard, the founder of the watch factory, has made the brand respected by the world with his professional expertise. Among the masterpieces created by Constant Girard, the Three Gold Bridges Tourbillon (Three Gold Bridges Series) has an extraordinary and highly personalized style, giving the Girard Perregaux brand today an unquestionable orthodox status .
    In fact, his Sanjinqiao Tourbillon can be regarded as the supreme in terms of beauty, technology and symbolism. Unlike his contemporary watch designers, Constant Girard focused on those elements that could make his timepieces more shocking and unique: the structure of the movement and the shape of the components.
    Lipine’s invention basically determined the structure of the mechanical movement: including a main board, a spring drum plate (or bridge), an upper bridge and a pallet fork, so a movement including three bridges is Quite common. However, Constant Girard’s masterpieces are different because of the structure and arrangement of the above components, which contains a unique symbolic meaning.
    As time passed by minute by minute, Constant Girard’s golden bridge was pointed in opposite directions at both ends, symbolizing the past and the future. Of course, our time system is derived from the time calculation of 3 and its multiples in the Mesopotamian culture of 3000 BC. The last 3 can also represent the three phases of the solar orbit: sunrise, sundial, and sunset, or three indivisible natural elements can be introduced according to the religious meaning of the ‘Trinity’: water, earth, and fire. Over time, the three arrow-shaped golden bridges of Constant Girard also became a symbolic symbol.
    芝 In 1986, Girard-Perregaux’s R & D department began designing a three-gold bridge tourbillon flywheel watch. In 1991, at the 200th anniversary of the Girard-Perregaux watch factory, the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon watch also appeared at the same time, becoming an important masterpiece in the history of Swiss fine watchmaking. This is indeed a great challenge for watchmaking. Technically, the movement must be reduced to an area with a diameter of 12 cents; in addition, the structure of the movement must be retained so that the Sanjin Bridge becomes a dial. In addition, the shape of the bridge and the tourbillon frame should be simplified, and the anchor escapement should be replaced by the brake escapement.
    芝 Girard Perregaux has produced more than 20 models since 1991, including the integration of super complicated functions such as minute repeater or timekeeping. One of the most important creations of the watch factory is to configure an automatic winding system for the Sanjinqiao tourbillon. The concept is to use a smaller, but dense and heavy platinum oscillating weight, which can be accommodated in the rest of the Sanjinqiao structure. In the space. Whether installed in a Vintage or Laureato case, the structure of the Sanjin Bridge can be clearly exposed through the dial or transparent back, fully expressing the top technology and unique watch art and culture tradition contained in it.

    Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Pocket Watch
    Anonymous watch common sense: Tourbillon Tourbillon
    The tourbillon is a speed-regulating device invented by watchmaker Breguet. Tourbillon in French means ‘vortex’, and the tourbillon is a combination of transliteration and free translation. Breguet invented the tourbillon to correct mechanical errors caused by gravity.
    所以 The reason why mechanical timepieces can walk according to a certain rhythm is based on the precise control of the escapement. If the escapement adjustment mechanism itself is inaccurate, the timepiece will be out of alignment. The main culprit for the inaccuracy of the escapement is gravity. The balance in the speed control device uses the elasticity of the balance spring to complete the balance movement. Because the hairspring always rolls in a certain direction, when the timepiece’s placement position and posture (up, down, left, right, and left positions) changes, the gravitational force on this part will also change the friction of the bearing. As a result, a precision error called ‘position difference’ has occurred. For example, placing a watch on a flat surface is not the same as when wearing it on the wrist and swinging it often, making a difference faster or slower.
    末 At the end of the 17th century, people’s requirements for the accuracy of watches and clocks increased significantly, and they could no longer tolerate such a “position difference”. Therefore, Baodi digs his head and seeks a solution. He thought: The reason why the escapement is affected by gravity is that its parts are in a fixed motion state. If the position of this part is constantly changed, the different orientations will cause the effect of gravity to be offset in most cases. Based on this idea, Breguet came up with a clever way. He installed the escapement speed control system in a frame. This framework is constantly spinning at a certain speed. When the balance wheel is affected by the gravity in one direction at one position, it will be affected by the gravity in the other direction at another position. The frame is continuously rotated, and the position of the balance wheel is also changed accordingly. In other words, on a macro level, the influences from various directions will cancel each other out, which is equivalent to no influence.
    Even on today’s watches, the tourbillon is the luxury of a mechanically complex timepiece. It represents the highest level of technology, so there are not many manufacturers that can produce this timepiece.

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    Simple Black And White Early Spring Elegant Monochrome Watch Recommended

    Premonition This spring is the trend of black and white graphics fashion. Corresponding to this, you can choose the popular monotone style watch. Let’s take a look at the new models that will be available in the new quarter starting from April. Both the business and private models are extremely popular.

    Simple black and white early spring elegant monochrome watch recommended


    A premiere of the highly sought-after watch series Premiere, first created by Chanel in 1987. The stainless steel case, bracelet and buckle, bracelets are generally made with bracelets, which have excellent charm of accessories. The black lacquered dial is equipped with a high-precision quartz movement and a convex round onyx crown. It also wears well with bracelets and bracelets.

    Louis Vuitton

    The ‘Tambour Bijou’ series, which was born in 2006, also has new jewelry-like watches on the market. Rotating the outer flower shape cover, you can see different styles of flower-shaped dials, the design is unique. The center of the flower depicted on the cover is set with a diamond, which is very feminine. The letter-shaped enamel strap can be wound three times on the wrist. This watch with a bracelet design can enjoy the wrist as much as possible.


    Fendi’s iconic chameleon series is launched in black, which has become a new choice for daily matching. The watch is a rectangular dial with rounded corners and a double-F logo design underneath, which exudes a simple and prominent design charm. The dial is set with diamonds at 12 and 6 o’clock, adding a touch of luxury. Because of the combination of gold and yellow, this watch is more compatible with the same color jewelry.


    Ucci Gucci’s popular watch G-Timeless Slim series, add another luxurious new work set with diamonds. The dial of the GG style, with round grooves inlaid with 80 diamonds, has the feeling of lightness and clarity like spring. The strap uses white alligator leather for an extra luxurious touch. This watch is in line with the popular trend of white this spring.


    发售 Launched last year, the “Dior VIII” white ceramic series that was immediately noticeable was launched this spring with pink inlaid sapphire and a new style with spring design. The white color of the burlap texture, which is associated with the trial dress called canvas, is an indispensable color for Dior with high-end clothing stores. There, Mr. Dior combined the color of his joy with the pink side of luxury, and the brilliant combination of pink sapphire and ceramic luster showed the charm of popular design. The key to being well-dressed is to have a pleasing presence.


    面 Since its debut in 2010, Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watches have become a model for highlighting the brand’s style and innovative connotation with its unique and attractive design. The dazzling Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch features a 34mm polished stainless steel case with a distinctive white, black or rose-colored ceramic ring that sits between the decorative ripple on the outer ring and the body of the inner ring case. Each watch is paired with a satin leather strap or polished steel bracelet to match the dial’s color. With a feminine look and a cutting-edge function, this watch can be regarded as a luxury treasure beyond the times.

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    How About The Tudor Junya Series? How Is The Tudor Movement? What Movement Does The Tudor Junya 56000 Use?

    Bright, elegant and charming is the best description of the Tudor watch series. Many netizens ask how is the Tudor Junya series movement? What is the Tudor Junya 56000 movement? Next, the editor briefly introduces the relevant information of the Tudor Junya 56000 movement.
     Tudor 56000-68060 men’s mechanical watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, calendar display, waterproof 100 meters. Made of stainless steel case strap.

     Tudor watch-Junxuan series weekly calendar type 56000-68060 (set with 10 diamonds) Men’s mechanical watch with restrained luxury is more intriguing. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, a calendar display, and is waterproof to 100 meters. Black diamond dial with screw-down crown.
     Relevant watch information: Tudor-Junxian calendar series 56000-68060 (silver jacquard surface) men’s mechanical watch with automatic winding mechanical movement ETA2834, calendar display, waterproof 100 meters. Silver jacquard dial, stainless steel case strap, wear your taste.
     Relevant watch information: Tudor-Junyu series 56000-68060 white Men’s mechanical watch lines are clear and tough, attractive. Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, day and calendar display, waterproof to 100 meters.
     Related watch information: Tudor Watches. With the theme of ‘excellence in the heart, refinement in shape’, it is a masterpiece of high-end technology and aesthetic design, and perfectly displays the history and fine tradition of the Tudor brand, pushing the exquisite appearance and superior technology to the extreme.

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    Blancpain Opens Its Third Store In Dubai

    Blancpain and Rivoli Group’s flagship store, Blancpain boutique, opens. The store is located in Dubai Mall, the area’s newest retail center. The new Blancpain store is dedicated to the world’s oldest watch brand collection. Swatch Swatch
    Members of the board of directors Mrs. Nayla Hayek and Mr. Ramesh Prabhakar, executive director of Rivoli Group, presided over the opening ceremony of the new store.

    This boutique is uniquely decorated and echoes the style of Blancpain’s master watchmaker’s workshop everywhere. The design idea of ​​this boutique is to provide consumers with an opportunity to deeply understand the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and fully appreciate the core value of the Blancpain brand.

    At the opening ceremony, Mrs. Hayek said, ‘The cooperation between Swatch Group and Rivoli Group is very good. He has successfully enhanced our brand’s visibility in the luxury market in the Middle East. The Group’s strengths in the retail industry and Blancpain’s The growth needs are very consistent, and we are very happy to further expand our business by opening our third brand store here in Dubai Mall, the latest retail landmark in the city of Dubai. ‘

    This boutique is the third store opened in Dubai by Rivoli. The first one was opened in Emirates Towers, and a second one was recently opened in Burjuman.
    Source: Blancpain