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    Louis Vuitton’s New Emprise Women’s Watch

    The design inspiration still comes from the Louis Vuitton classic hard case Emprise series ladies’ square steel case, which maintains the original size of 23mmx23mm. The surface is marked with LV at 5 points. In addition, the new Emprise women’s watch is inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s leather collection designed for the Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2015 collection, applying the same color and materials to the design of watch straps. The new Emprise women’s watch is available in a variety of styles. Matte Epi leather strap. There are denim blue leather with yellow stitching straps, and poppy red leather with same color stitching straps. The surface hour markers are given a color that echoes the strap. Diamond-shaped check strap. The diamond-shaped check pattern is reminiscent of the same pattern on the Louis Vuitton classic hard case lining. There are diamond-shaped stainless steel straps and black diamond-shaped stitched calfskin straps to choose from.
    Emprise Epi Denim Blue Leather Strap Watch

    – Rigid case
    – Surface diameter 23x23mm
    – Silver matte surface with blue hour markers
    – Denim blue Epi leather strap with yellow sewing thread, inspired by the 2015 spring and summer ready-to-wear collection
    – Quartz Movement
    Emprise Epi Poppy Red Leather Strap Watch

    – Rigid case
    – Surface diameter 23x23mm
    – Silver matte surface with red hour markers
    – Poppy red Epi leather strap with same-color sewing thread, inspired by the spring-summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection
    – Quartz Movement
    Emprise series diamond-shaped steel watch

    – Stainless steel case
    – Surface diameter is 23x23mm
    – Matt silver or black surface, silver hour markers
    – Rhombus Plaid Stainless Steel Strap
    – Quartz Movement
    Emprise Diamond Check Leather Strap Watch
    –Stainless steel case
    – Surface diameter is 23x23mm
    – Black surface, silver hour markers
    – Black calfskin strap with tonal diamond-shaped stitching
    –Quartz movement

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    Jewelry Table Is Not A Simple Addition

    Mr. Zhenjie, the global CEO of Piaget (PIAGET), adjusted the watch on her left wrist. First, she asked me, ‘What do you want to talk about?’ A watchmaker whose main product is jewellery watches is called ‘jewelry timer’ in the industry. Mai Zhenjie has worked for Piaget for more than 20 years and is an expert in jewelry watches.

    Piaget Polo Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch
    At the two watch exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland and Geneva, which almost covered all the new products in the watch market in 2007, major brands have unveiled their own jewelry watch series. Some people claim that after the 1970s and 80s of last century, the jewellery watch combining art, technology and jewellery was revived again, and its attitude was quite high-profile.
    The history of jewellery watches can be traced back to the 16th century. Early jewellery pocket watches were mainly customized for the royal family as decoration. By the 1930s, socializing had become an increasingly popular pastime in high society. In an interview, Liu Xisha, China’s chief representative of the French “Fort de France”, mentioned that social occasions held in high society in Europe must be respected as women. Although it may be too formal in form, it still has jewelry Watches with jewellery and timekeeping functions have become popular. From World War II to the 1960s, ‘dressing for the 9th hour’ (dressingtothenines) became an elegant attitude to life, which once again promoted the development of jewelry watches. The jewellery watch has experienced the fashion of the 70s, the beauty of the 80s, and the silence of the 90s, and now it has become a hot topic in the watch industry again.

    Piaget Jewelry Women’s Watch

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    Reinterpretation Of The Brand’s Classic Corum Dlc Titanium Gold Bridge In The Kunlun Golden Bridge Trilogy

    CORUM’s Golden Bridge watches from Kunlun have subverted the style tradition since their introduction in 1980. Today, six exquisite models with architectural three-dimensionality reinterpret the unique aesthetic concept. These models will be unveiled in the coming months. The first two models announced recently appeared to everyone.

    In order to highlight the importance of the Golden Bridge design to itself, Kunlun will launch several Golden Bridge watches in the near future, and recently unveiled two black DLC round case models.

    The new watch is based on the following design concepts: the case, bezel and buckle are coated with black DLC. All of these elements show a deep sense of solidity, in sharp contrast to the rectangular movement, which has an extraordinary light and shadow effect in the unique color of white or rose gold. ‘The basic principle of the Golden Bridge series is to highlight the rectangular movement. Since its introduction in 1980, the design of this piece has attracted much attention.’ Brand CEO Jérôme Biard explained: ‘These new models are an excellent example. Metal and DLC coating add depth and modernity to the look of the watch, while continuing the power and elegance of this legendary movement. ‘

    Although the Golden Bridge watch has been launched for decades, this time with titanium and DLC coating, it can add a sense of depth and modernity to the watch’s appearance.

    The rectangular movement displays the three-dimensional sculptural effect of the sculpture as usual, and once again becomes a model of agile and modern fashion. CORUM watches give the movement a unique architecture. This structure is reflected in the complex and intersecting geometric table bridges, reminiscent of the beautiful works of ergonomic art, including magnificent suspension bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. The artistic expression of Kunlun watches lies in the deep foundation of La Chaux-de-Fonds, its historical origins in art, and its ability to subvert the tradition of watchmaking technology.

    The rectangular movement is fixed in a complex cross-shaped geometric bridge, inspired by famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge, giving the watch a miniature architectural aesthetic

    This timepiece is available in two models: platinum and rose gold. The movement, hands, bezel, crown and screws holding the rectangular movement are made of white or rose gold. All remaining exterior parts are black. In addition, for the first time, Kunlun watches are paired with a black rubber strap engraved with the brand name in the Golden Bridge series.

    In addition to the DLC coating on the outer shell, the two new works are also made of rose gold and white gold in the details of the bezel, movement bridge and hands, which add elegance.

    This newly launched DLC-coated titanium gold bridge watch has a strong and unique charm. It is available in rose gold and white gold. In the next few months, two different models will continue to be launched, each of which is Available in the same gold style. The trilogy of watches to be formed underscores the extraordinary strength of the structure, injecting a new breath into the Golden Bridge series, and dedicating it to high-end watch collectors who respect fashion and tradition.

    DLC Titanium Gold Bridge

    Black DLC titanium material / CO 113 manual winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 43mm

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    Citizen Releases The Xinyue Journey Series Watch

    Citizen’s first solar-powered multi-wave radio watch that perfectly combines innovative technology and exquisite design? Xinyue Tour also made a brilliant debut, adding another wonderful point to the development process of Citizen women’s watch. Many senior citizens of Citizen attended the event and witnessed the grand event of the watch industry together with the guests.
     In the minimalist and beautiful pure white venue, Xu Jinglei debuted with a skirt, which fully interpreted the fashion beauty and intellectual elegance of modern urban women. Last year, a self-directed ‘Du Lala Promotions’ set off a wave of Du Lala in the country. Not only did Xu Jinglei’s fashion styling in the film be highly sought after, but the du Lala she shaped also became a white-collar worker. An example of hard work; the investment banker who is good at mediating her opponents in the upcoming ‘Intimate Enemy’ has made her once again a benchmark for the success of women in the workplace. From the girl next door to the glamour woman, from the idol star to the talented director & hellip; & hellip; along the way, Xu Jinglei has the ability to switch between multiple roles outside and inside the show.

     & ldquo; It is precisely because Xu Jinglei’s continuous breakthrough in her life course and her personal traits of both wisdom and beauty, which are in line with Citizen’s smart, intellectual and enterprising brand personality, have contributed to this collaboration between Citizen and Xu Jinglei. ‘Mr. Nakai, Chairman of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. said so. As the brand’s latest female spokesperson, Xu Jinglei also praised Citizen very much: ‘Citizen is a very connotative brand, just like it is a watch that combines technology and beauty, giving a feeling of both internal and external repair, which is also positive It is a life attitude that I personally admire. Therefore, this time I can be the latest female spokesperson for Citizen’s brand. I feel very fateful and honored. & rdquo;

     On the day of the press conference, Citizen’s family of light-energy multi-station radio-wave watches for the mid-to-high-end market also welcomed a new member of the “Citizen Xinyue Journey Series” female watches. In 2008, the Citizen Super Air Eagle series light kinetic energy multi-wave radio watch was released, and it was sought after by many business elite men. After more than three years of unremitting efforts, after overcoming many technical difficulties, Citizen finally realized the perfect fusion of cutting-edge multi-station radio wave technology and exquisite and beautiful female watch design. The Xinyue Journey Series female watch can not only meet the need for accurate time between Xu Jinglei’s work and life, but also the modern urban women who often shuttle between home and abroad, but also allow them to add femininity to their hands.
     Later, Xu Jinglei also showed the guests present at the Citizen Xinyue Tour series of light and energy multi-station radio wave women’s watches presented by Mr. Sumitomo Sumikawa, general manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. It looks even more glamorous against the background. ‘As a director, I often have to race against time, which requires me to control the precise time. When shooting’ The Close Enemies ‘, in addition to Beijing and Hong Kong, we also traveled to London and other places to take pictures. It would be nice to wear such a multi-wave radio watch at that time, and there is no need to worry about adjusting the time difference back and forth. ‘Lao Xu’s love for the Xinyue Journey Series women’s watch is full of words, and he also frankly hopes that this watch, which is both internal and external, can become her time management expert and accompany her through every memorable moment in life.

     Citizen has always been with female consumers and has made unremitting efforts for them to enjoy comfortable and passionate time. The signing of Citizen Xu Jinglei as the spokeswoman for the latest brand not only demonstrates Citizen’s determination to accelerate the layout of the mid-to-high-end women’s watch market; it also hopes that this move will strengthen the emotional interaction with Chinese urban women and continue to be closer to female consumers. Well convey to them the Citizen brand concept. Citizen firmly believes that Citizen watch products that combine ‘technology and beauty’ will be favored by more and more Chinese women.