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    Swiss Radar D-star Emperor Series: Behind High Technology

    Swiss radar D-STAR Emperor series black high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical watch, reference price: 19,000 yuan
         The new patented Ceramos titanium carbide cermet watch that has appeared in Basel last year has not been officially listed until October this year, which greatly exceeds the half-year time required from Basel to the counter. After waiting for nearly two years, the release of this watch can be regarded as various concerns and expectations. On October 19, this watch was finally released for the first time in the world in Beijing! It is said that this is 2 months ahead of the original listing time of the headquarters!
         What’s so great about this high-tech watch? To what extent has technology evolved to make its mass production and listing plans push back and forth? Yangcheng Evening News reporters rushed to Beijing to bring first-hand information and an exclusive interview with the newspaper media in this city.
    Blockbuster high-tech release
         On October 19, RADO held a new product launch conference at the China Film Museum in Beijing, and launched the latest D-STAR watch series. At the same time, the glory of the new patented high-tech material Ceramos titanium carbide cermet that combines high-tech ceramic material and metal was announced at the scene, and it was unveiled as part of the D-STAR series.
         Why has the release of this high-tech watch been delayed? Wan Zhifei, vice president of Swiss Rado China, said that it is really because of the difficulty of mass production of this high-tech material, and because the brand adheres to the ‘Unlimited Spirit breakthrough,’ it continued to experiment and finally appeared in perfect results . In fact, the scheduled time for the listing of the Swiss headquarters is two months later, but due to the long-awaited Chinese watch fans, after several efforts, they finally made their world premiere in Beijing, and the next regional release has been scheduled for 2 months. Rear.
         This newly released material, Ceramos titanium carbide cermet, is a combination of high-tech ceramics and metals, including metal alloy titanium carbide, which combines the advantages of metal and high-tech ceramics.It is not only light and moist, it can quickly follow the skin temperature. The temperature adjustment has more than the 1900 Vickers hardness of high-tech ceramics and the sharp and smooth platinum steel texture. For the wearer, there is also a very important wearing feeling, that is, the weight of the watch is greatly reduced!
    Patric Zingg Vice President, Global Marketing, Rado
    Yangcheng Evening News: Material is a hot topic this year. I know that radar has made many attempts on ceramic materials. What’s so special about the latest D-Star series? Does radar have a particular preference for ceramics?
    Patric: Ceramos has a wonderful interpretation process. In 1962, the Swiss Rado launched the world’s first watch made of high-tech materials and made of high-tech tungsten-titanium alloys that are not easy to wear. The DiaStar series of watches started the glorious history of Swiss Rado. The D-Star series we are talking about today inherits the value of the 1962 DiaStar series.
    For the past 45 years, Swiss radars have not stopped developing and researching materials. And at least 5 years ago, Swiss radar began to enter another field, that is, design. We emphasized the uniqueness of our brand in design. So not only in material, but for many people who love Swiss radar, we bring them a completely different experience, which can be recognized at a glance from many other brands of watches.
    Yangcheng Evening News: In terms of design, Swiss radars always adhere to minimalism. Is this the future of Swiss radars’ design? Or will we see more fashionable and fashionable design ideas?
    Patric: The goal of Swiss radars so far has been to insist on their innovative changes and breakthroughs in materials, but we will provide many platforms to communicate. Design as a communication element presents constant changes in materials. It is easy to make one thing complicated, but it is very complicated and difficult to make one thing simple but bring high-quality things to customers.
    Yangcheng Evening News: In 2011, the entire Chinese market has a very strong demand for watches. How did the Swiss radar watch market perform in 2011? Is there some data I can provide to everyone?
    Patric: The entire luxury goods market is indeed very active in China and even the global luxury goods market this year. For the global market, the increase in China’s outbound tourism has also led to the vigorous development of the global luxury market. The Swatch Group, which RADO belongs to, is the world’s largest watchmaking company. We are very proud to say that we are the largest watch advertiser in the Chinese market. But RADO has a careful plan for every investment. In the past two years in the Chinese market, we have achieved more than double-digit growth in performance. Our market share is also very good.

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    Fingertip Ballet Lausanne International Ballet Winners Visit Amyron Factory

    17-year-old youth, what kind of dream do you have? Want to enter the ideal university, make your own music path, study abroad, or what? And she chooses the most demanding training, constantly challenges the limits of her body, and dances her life with her toes. Her name is Carolyne Galvao, a young ballet dancer from Brazil.

     She is only 17 years old, and with her strong dancing skills, she became one of the winners of the Lausanne International Ballet Contest 2018 and was voted as the most popular dancer. Carolyne’s talent for dancing has impressed Amy Long. The Amy Long brand is very proud to support this young dancer to help her pursue her ballet dream. The artistic beauty created by watchmaking is actually similar to the performing arts pursued by ballet. In order to integrate the beauty of ballet and watchmaking, the Amyron brand invited Carolyne to the Amyron factory to experience the artistic charm of watchmaking.

     The new Emilion watch factory is located in the Merlin district of Geneva, next to the Swiss Watchmaking Foundation office. It has a group of skilled watchmakers with advanced watchmaking and quality inspection equipment. The brand’s fusion of Swiss watchmaking and contemporary aesthetics is realized here, and the proud self-produced movement, hairspring and balance wheel are also produced here.

    Time is as tender as ballet

     Carolyne Galvao has been dancing ballet since she was nine years old. In her opinion, the attraction of ballet is not only to beautifully dance every movement, but also to interpret the emotions of the characters and perform every move of the plot. When visiting the Emilon watch factory, she was also attracted by the story of time.

     The Emilion brand dates back to the end of the 17th century. At that time, Emile Chouriet, a famous watchmaker in Geneva, and his partner François Dagobert Dupéry (ancestor of Mr. Dubili) created a small watch workshop on the shore of Lake Geneva, and the brand was named Emilon Because the name emphasizes the union of talent and craftsmanship, it is also a tribute to ancestors and master watchmaker Amy Long.

     On the stage, ballet dancers interpret emotions; here, time conveys tenderness through watches.

    Fingertip power

     Carolyne is also surprised by the precise technology and manual skills contained in the watch. Most of the time, Carolyne is undergoing arduous training. On the stage, seemingly gentle body movements, but require precise strength and balance, which depends on ballet Love and ten years of persistence. In fact, this is exactly the quality that watchmakers must have, looking at the desk at the slightest possible, just because time does not slip at the fingertips.

     The most attractive aspect of watchmaking is that each part is transformed into a part of time by the hands of the watchmaker. When the balance spring is suspended gently, the machine seems to have life and starts ticking. Under the guidance of the master watchmaker Emilon, Carolyne was addicted to a watchmaker. When the last part was installed and the hands began to rotate freely, her joy overflowed with words. This is more like a fingertip ballet. Every action must be in place. Every strength needs to be precise. It is a contest with precision in the slow and precise installation.

    Time starts to spin gracefully

     The beauty of ballet is pleasing in rotation and jumping, while the exquisite time is appreciated in the rotation of hands. The moment the second hand is pressed, the watch also shines, and time begins to rotate gracefully above the dial.

     At the Emilion watch factory, Carolyne wore the ballet skirt when the 2018 Lausanne International Ballet Contest was awarded, and wore the Emilion Jingya series watch to perform charming and elegant moments.

     Amy Long supports ballet art for a long time, and has the honor to become the official sponsor of the International Ballet Competition in Lausanne, participate in the discovery of potential ballet dancers, and contribute their enthusiasm and strength for the development of ballet art.