3 Watches For Men

Rolex Submariner Series

   In 1953, Rolex introduced the most classic diving watch in history-the Submariner series. In 1988, a more distinguished model of the submariner was born, which was Ref.16613 (gold steel submariner). This watch can be described as enduring, and its price has increased every year, less than 50,000 yuan six or seven years ago, and the price in 2007 has exceeded 70,000. Because it not only has excellent waterproof performance, but also the color of gold is more attractive, which leads to more people who wear it to sail and sail than people who wear it. Rolex also later admitted that they had inadvertently developed such an outstanding and classic sailing yacht watch of 16613.

Omega Seahorse NZL-32 Chronograph

   It was launched by Omega in honor of its role as the ‘New Zealand Team’ of the United Arab Emirates in the 32nd America’s Cup in 2007. The name of the watch is taken from the New Zealand team’s 1995 winning boat number-NZL-32. The design of this watch takes into account the needs of the fleet during the race, and is equipped with a 10-minute countdown timer consisting of five circular indicator windows. The famous hippocampus logo of the hippocampus series is stamped on the case back, and the spiral bottom cover ensures a water resistance of 150 meters.

Panerai Cuminor

   Panerai may be more enthusiastic about classical sailing events. The kind of boats without carbon fiber materials and a large number of high-tech equipment, only wood and cloth sails combined by superb skills, everything is quaint. Just as simple and natural as the Panerai Luminor watch. Many things are like this, the more plain and simple the more loved.