Balmain And Miss Switzerland: A Good Fate-news Balmain

For the fourth year in a row, Miss Switzerland will wear the Balmain watch, which will pour the country with its charming glory. The new beautiful queen will be unveiled wearing the Elysées Chrono Lady and become the image ambassador of the St-Imier brand.
In some relationships, the spark of love shines endlessly. This is undoubtedly the case for Balmain’s fairy tale love with Switzerland’s most beautiful woman. Since 2005, the St-Imier brand has been incorporated into the costume parade of Miss Switzerland, bringing great joy to people. It is not the wedding ring on his finger that proves his true love, but the watch on his wrist.

The designers of the Balmain watch introduced a unique style in each parade to show beauty, beauty, prestige and charm. Lauriane Gilliéron, Christa Rigozzi and Amanda Ammann are all more charming because they wear Balmain watches. On September 27th, the new Miss Switzerland will be dazzling in the decoration of the Elysées Chrono Lady in the Elysées collection.
The Elysées collection has been sought after by men and women for around 10 years because of Maison’s popularity. And this new watch perfectly symbolizes many advantages of Swiss ladies and modern women: elegant, independent, courteous, positive and refined.
Although Miss Switzerland only wears one Elysées Chrono Lady watch, which is a diamond-set mother-of-pearl with arabesque dial, there are no less than 13 quartz watches in this series: diamond-set or diamond-free; silver white, dark gray Or mother-of-pearl with arabesque dial; stainless steel, white leather or satin-gray strap.
There is no doubt that every design is just like every Balmain watch, proudly showing Swiss design and quality. And Balmain, beauty also comes from within.
Source: Balmain