Breitling Shuttles In Time

‘We sell timepieces and passion. We don’t sell quality because quality is a must for Breitling,’ said Jean-Paul Girardin, vice president of Breitling, saying whether Breitling is a luxury or quality timepiece. When faced with such problems repeatedly, he acknowledged that luxury is indeed related to independence. The emergence of performance naturally includes not relying too much on external supplies-this is a good explanation for why the brand created its own production movement B01.
    ‘We thought about creating a platform on which other complex timepieces could be designed,’ Girardin said of the 47 mm Chronomat 44 GMT, which is equipped with another home-made movement named 04. The structure of this movement provides a GMT function that can be used to adjust the date forward or backward. According to Girardin, this is the first chronograph to offer the ability to flip GMT on return trips. Let’s put it this way, ‘We haven’t found any other chronograph with this patented feature.’ In any case, this is a rare feature of a chronograph.
    In addition to the Chronomat 44 GMT Caliber 04, Girardin also showed the first unlimited edition Navitimer powered by its own movement. Of course, Navitimer is one of Breitling’s most famous iconic works. This watch did put Breitling in the cockpit, making it one of the earliest brands to make professional-function watches, especially in the aviation field. Some basic elements such as the slider outer ring and timing function ensure its practicality.
Perpetual calendar Navitimer 1461 is named after the number of days of leap year money. © Worldtempus / Kristian Haagen
    Speaking of cockpits, Girardin mentioned that making his own movement makes the brand more like ‘captain builds his own ship’ or pilots make their own aircraft, more handy and free.