Casio Announces Entry Into The Smartwatch Market

Casio CEO Kazuo Kashio has issued letters of war to Samsung, Apple and other companies interested in developing smart watches, saying they are ‘ready.’ While Pebble, Sony and other companies are aggressively attacking the field, Casio’s joining will make the smartwatch battle more fierce.

 News of Apple iWatch has been circulating for a long time, and Samsung is also planning to release its first Android-based smart watch Galaxy Gear. Samsung has officially announced that their smartwatches will be officially unveiled at the Samsung showroom of the IFA Consumer Electronics Association in Berlin on September 4. In addition, in recent years, Motorola and Sony have been continuously launching products in the field of smart phones, and Sony has also stepped up its momentum for the SmartWatch 2. According to analysis, Samsung’s smart watch will be used in a similar way to Sony’s products, and users can set most options through an Android management application.

 Although Apple has not officially acknowledged the existence of iWatch, Tim Cook hinted in April that the company will be ready to enter the ‘new product area’, this new product is likely to be aimed at people’s wrists.