Chopard Happy Hearts Confession

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Chopard is proud to present Happy Hearts, one of the brand’s flagship series. The heart shape contains love, bringing happiness and joy, is a cherished pattern by Caroline Scheufele, and also the symbol of the Chopard of Geneva. It is seamlessly combined with the famous Happy Diamonds, which leaps and bounds, and naturally occupies a place in the Happy Diamonds series, and turns into an independent series-Happy Hearts.

   Happy Hearts’s delicate white or rose gold chain is embellished with a large hollow pendant and a small heart pendant containing swirling diamonds. Gentle jewellery combines swirling diamonds and free and easy patterns to create a unique, fashionable and feminine jewellery series.

   This year, Chopard presents the Happy Hearts collection in a new way. Colorful colors debut: the heart of turquoise, onyx, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli or diamonds complements the traditional hollow pendant pendant, creating a vibrant glow. The main work of the series is a brand new bracelet, which is decorated with a colorful heart pendant and a heart pendant containing swirling diamonds at each end, facing each other to perform an elegant pair of dance music.
The bright red work launched on Valentine’s Day fully supports the Happy Hearts Foundation
   The heart shape is a symbol of love and a symbol of the Happy Hearts Fund. The organization was founded in 2006 by Petra Nemcova to help children displaced by natural disasters. Since 2013, Chopard has supported the Happy Hearts Foundation. On Valentine’s Day, Caroline Scheufele presented a bracelet with a bright red heart to the Happy Hearts Foundation .