Dior Viii Grand Bal Series: Gorgeous Ball Between Blooming Wrists

Just like Mr. Christian Dior’s exacting requirements when designing clothing, the Dior VIII Grand Bal series of high-end watches also shows Mr. Dior’s ‘real luxury requires good fabrics and craftsmanship. ”Concept, and in the use of materials and product design excellence, not only can show the passage of time from minute to second, but also to surpass the trend of contemporary fashion. Maybe even Christian Dior at the time did not know for himself whether his enthusiasm for art could become the soul of the clothing store that will soon be located on Avenue Montaign in Paris. Fortunately, this mature man who has experienced poverty and failure has brought a new concept to the world with his talent and keen sense of fashion, and also has given women the best gift that can highlight their charm. It may be a haute couture dress in your closet, all perfume bottles from Miss Dior to J’adore on the dressing table, or the exquisite watch engraved with the brand’s brand on the wrist … From the perspective of the women who own them, the Dior brand is more like a companion who accompanies every critical moment in your life, which will not only give them the most beautiful and happy life, but also make their life more exciting! Design forging the beauty of women
Beginning with the ‘Bar suit’ designed in 1947, Dior’s expansion into each field since then seems to focus on adhering to the ideological progress in this long-established design. Whether it is a Lady Dior handbag launched in 1995 or a glass bottle carrying Dior’s ‘J’ADORE’ series of perfumes in 1999, it has a very simple and soft geometric line style design that is full of femininity. charm. Today, these half a century ago have shook the beauty of the world’s clothing tailoring, and have been given by Dior designers to an important area of ​​brand expansion-in the watch industry, this Dior VIII Grand Bal was born only in 2011. The series, with its clever interpretation of Dior apparel, has set off a new wave in the watch industry.
的 Prom on the watch
Make this watch work like Dior’s high-end custom-designed interior wardrobe, exquisite clothing, keep improving. In the selection of watch materials, it symbolizes Dior’s pioneering and innovative high-precision ceramic materials in the field of watchmaking. It has demonstrated its extraordinary value with its elegant charm at the forefront of the times. Because of this, no one seems to be able to resist the temptation of this material full of unique luster, hard nature and light texture.
Since the birth of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, the works of this series are often decorated with precious diamonds and jewelry full of luxury. The watchmakers of the brand are also happy to combine the craftsmanship of watch making with high-end jewelry making. Their exquisite craftsmanship and caution when setting diamond jewellery are reminiscent of the hard-working seamstress in Dior’s haute couture studio When the teachers pleated, embroidered, and cut the fabric, the diamonds and jewellery set on the dial, as well as the dense stitches sewn on the precious fabric, every bit of it was so delicate and impeccable. .
Maybe you think this statement is exaggerated, but if you have witnessed the exquisite design of these works, you may understand that this conclusion is not an understatement. You know, the design of this series born in 2011 was inspired by Mr. Christian Dior’s love for gorgeous dances. For this reason, in the design work of Mr. Dior, there are no shortage of classic roles in prom. -Exquisite and luxurious prom dresses. In the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, the swinging skirts of these ball gowns are transformed into the power source of these self-winding watches equipped with the ‘Dior inverse’ movement-the automatic rotor, which is unique. Set on the dial of the watch, it is a perfect fusion of Swiss cutting-edge watchmaking technology and the rich creativity of Paris clothing design. Along with the movement of the wearer’s wrist, the oscillating weight in a costume is like a lady with extraordinary temperament, dancing on the ‘square inch stage’ of the watch face. This dreamlike scene has also become the source of creativity in the design of this series-the oscillating weight design on each Dior VIII Grand Bal series watch is based on the unique style of Dior’s previous works. Just like the Grand Bal series of 88 watches, each of which was launched in 2011, the different jewellery settings and oscillating settings are reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace crown, or an inlay Diamond pleated skirt. In 2011, this jewellery matched time with only white and black collisions-the black plate with diamond chains set in chains. This shows that from the beginning of the brand, Dior’s tendency to choose colors: gold, white and black are usually the first choice. However, Mr. Christian Dior does not exclude the use of other colors: ‘Black and white are sufficient, but there is no reason to deprive other colors.’ Therefore, there are also some new varieties of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series this year. Exquisite works of flashing other colors, pink, orange, cyan, green … The rich colors make the Dior VIIIGrand Bal series more vibrant. At the same time, in the new works of this series, we have found the use of materials such as feathers and mother-of-pearl that are derived from nature-under the special design concept of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, these materials have Ingenious style, they are no longer an indispensable ornament in a work, but an indispensable key link in the operation of a watch.
Similarly, in the new works designed this year, different design and material changes have also created skirts with very different styles on various works. In order to pay tribute to Dior’s most iconic high-level custom design, the DIOR VIIIGRAND BAL ‘RéSILLE’ watch works are designed under the theme of Mr. Christian Dior’s ‘My clothing makes every woman a princess’. The new dresses that made the princesses stunning at the ball, the delicate and complicated hollow pendulum is like a lace hair net embroidered with diamonds. In contrast, the colors of DIOR VIII GRAND BAL HAUTECOUTURE MODEL are as bright and modern as the name suggests. The inner bezel of the pavé-shaped blue crystals contains several ring diamonds of different colors, a dark green front oscillating weight with gorgeous irregular lines, and it is shown on a light purple transparent crystal dial It has a unique atmosphere. The bold color matching of the entire work is unforgettable, but Dior can’t help but wonder about Dior’s grasp of color. In addition to the bold colors, the materials of some works are also refreshing. As mentioned above, the DIOR VIIIGRAND BAL PLISSE MODEL series with feathers and mother-of-pearl as the oscillating decoration material. The perfect fusion of the natural charm and the luxury of the Dior VIII series jewelry watch also provides a new concept for the development of women’s jewelry watches in the future.
The ‘VIII Family’ accompanying for life
Although the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL series is unique in the design of the front oscillating weight, creating a signature feature belonging to this series, after all, the watch styles of this series are still subordinate to the Dior VIII series, and in other aspects of its watch design, It still maintains the consistent simplicity of the Dior VIII series, and is deeply versed in Christian Dior’s philosophy that ‘the principle of luxury is simplicity over everything’.
Dior VIII, a series that pays tribute to Mr. Dior, can be regarded as the most recognized watch work in the industry that can touch the soul of the Dior brand. That is why, for every ‘believer’ Dior brand proponent, The appeal of Dior VIII is also unmatched by other works. At the same time, as a major feature of the timeless charm of the Dior VIII series, while we admire the glamorous walking pendulum of the GRAND BAL series, we should focus on the iconic watch bracelet, which is cut in a pyramid shape. Above.
Like the rattan line of the ‘cannage’ pattern on Dior’s Lady Dior handbag, this beautifully designed pyramid shape faintly lets people see the shadow of the ‘Bar’ suit (‘Barsuit’), time flows, and the light shines on the cut surface From above, an extraordinary light shone. As the iconic design of Dior, the “Bar” suit has been proven since 1947. It has proved that Christian Dior’s love for structural lines, even in Dior’s favorite number “8”. Contains this unique style …
And the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL watch style is the same as the DIOR VIII BAGUETTE 33mm diameter diamond inlaid watch, or a number of DIOR VIII self-winding watches with a new inlay method, which is indispensable in the DIOR watch brand family. While missing the spiritual value of the series, this series has gradually been enriched and perfected. The delicate and ingenious setting of each diamond or jewellery seems to be telling a woman’s other thoughts in a different way. But no matter how complicated the change of watch style, the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ on the 8 o’clock scale of any DIOR VIII series watch and the pyramid-shaped cut that nobody can imitate seem to remind us- The watch you own belongs to a brand that can best show the charm of women, and belongs to a watch series that best reflects the connection between noble women and time and space.
Eternally moved
For the understanding of the brand, women always have a more sense of smell than men, and we will call it the sixth sense. Probably men can never understand women’s absolute hotness for a brand, but to women, this may be like the sudden advent of love, which is the so-called destiny.
Women’s loyalty cannot be blasphemed. Although they are sensory animals, only true ‘beauty’ can truly impress women and call out such emotions in their hearts, so that the sixth sense constantly reminds themselves that ‘it is mine ‘. Believe me, the ‘beauty’ of this kind of work not only flows outward, but also touches the soul directly. Just like a DIOR VIII series watch, does it really only carry the time indication, or the significance of the decoration on the wrist? The answer must be no. At this time, it is more an emotional symbol, conquering women with design and ideas, and bringing those touching moments that can be touched at every moment in their lives— — Maybe she once wore a thin veil in her childhood and longed for herself as a princess; maybe she sat alone on the dressing table during her teenage years and imagined herself to be a star with much attention, or maybe she was full of longing for marriage I hope that I can perform a solo dance for the people I love like a ballet dancer … and this is what Dior’s designers are committed to-using their exquisite and charming ingenuity to make these scenes appropriate Into the work. Mr. Christian Dior once said, ‘The creator has given the artwork a unique characteristic.’ It is precisely this characteristic that brings to every woman the most important change and eternal touch in life.