Experience The Luxury Jewelry Watch With A Different Noble Texture

J12 is a ‘common book’ in Chanel watch treasure house. Can you see ‘old’ is unknown, but at least in these 9 years, it is still a surprise, a hundred looks Weary! It’s not that the first Premiere watch launched by the brand in 1987 is not good enough or elegant enough, I also know that the new series of Premiere is in full swing, but when it comes to Chanel watches, most people including me are still the first time. Think of J12.

J12 Tourbillon White Gold Diamond Watch, $ 1,685,000
   J12, born in 2000, represents Chanel’s determination to march into high-end watches. Design art director Jacques Helleu once said casually: ‘It took me 7 years of hard work and time to find a perfect black in J12.’ Indeed, in the case and strap of high-tech ceramics, we feel That noble black texture! J12 is Chanel’s first sports watch, J12 is the brand’s first application of high-tech ceramic products (signature is even more popular than the first Rado), and J12 is also valued in Switzerland’s La Chaux-de-Fonds Established a watchmaking workshop for specialized production.

J12 Haute Joaillerie White Gold Diamond Watch, $ 5,873,000
   To evaluate, I would consider J12 to be an ambitious lady. From the original three-pin style to the design time in 2002, it added the brand’s most powerful stunt-diamond setting, followed by a limited series one by one. By 2005, it officially entered the complex watch formation with the tourbillon style. Step by step, it also expanded the territory of the forces step by step. Many people who are more philosophical will still criticize: ‘Not some fashion watches that sell and sell diamonds?’ Well, what really appeals to these people is the Calibre 3125 mechanical movement officially launched by the brand last year. That was co-developed with Audemars Piguet. Do you dare to say that the finished products of the Papi watch factory are not professional enough? By this year, the lady wants to please the mature taste men. At the Basel table show, we saw the first time J12 is equipped with a belt. The men who do n’t like “stand upright” shouted loudly!

J12 Pink Gold Black High-Tech Ceramic Jewellery Watch, $ 493,000
  Seeing this, everyone will agree that J12 is already slim and even bright and elegant. Here are three examples for everyone. The left-hand version is not the most expensive, but the black ceramic meets 18K pink gold is the most popular match recently, and is interpreted by Chanel. The bezel is set with 46 (4.5 carats) long trapezoid-cut diamonds and the dial is set. There are 8 diamond hour markers, and the crown has a brilliant-cut diamond. Only 200 lucky people in the world have the opportunity to occupy it (100 38mm and 100 33mm case diameters). The second one is J12 Haute Joaillerie, which is the most magnificent representative. The 42mm 18K white gold case is filled with many and many diamonds … it is too numerous to count, anyway, it guarantees that you will be dazzled, and that it is guaranteed to be given to anyone Girl, she will die for you. The last one is the J12 Tourbillon, which is equipped with a Chanel 0.5-T.1 manual-winding movement. It is set with more diamonds than the model launched 4 years ago, and the bottom plate of the movement made of white ceramic will see the movement. The skillful performance of the fire.