Girard Perregaux 1966 Blue Dial Chronograph

& ldquo; Classic & rdquo; represents a state of life and is one of the goals pursued by gold collars. But classics are not static. In the era of more and more individual pursuits, ‘out of classics’ has become a strong appeal. Just as in watch works, round, square, barrel-shaped, cushion-shaped are the most classic and traditional case shapes, and on top of this, the lugs, crowns, and mirrors are slightly modified. Let people experience the beauty of innovative design while appreciating the classic aesthetics. Another example is the reason why many watch brands are able to rank among the top luxury lineups. In addition to their dozens and hundreds of years of long-standing historical heritage, it is also that they have launched many popular classic pocket watches and watches. At the same time, these classic series are in turn integrated into the brand’s DNA with their own classics. Their movement quality and appearance are highly unified. They are widely welcomed by watch lovers, but how to renew these classic series is also a ‘Brands must try to get out of the classics.’ Nowadays, the understanding of gold collars for watches has already surpassed the elementary level, coupled with their consistent pursuit of high-quality clothing and quality of life, the requirements for watches are: to be able to get a traditional sense from a watch The uncompromising classic taste and feelings cannot be simply ‘reproduced classics’. This requirement has become more or less a mainstream consciousness. The following watches are exactly the same.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Blue Dial Chronograph RMB247000

This year marks the 220th anniversary of the GP Girard-Perregaux watch factory. The brand has launched an elegant Girard-Perregaux 1966 white gold chronograph blue dial style. No matter the level of technology and design aesthetics, it shows the brand’s pursuit of perfection. The appearance of this watch is concise, and the design and production are very particular: the case and lugs are designed and developed by the watch factory, and the decoration is very delicate. It embodies the noble luster of platinum materials, the contours are contoured, and the wrist is comfortable to wear; The ray pattern dial makes the numbers more distinct, and the small seconds dial with engraved engraving and timer indication are very clear.