Gucci Employees Sentenced To Imprisonment For Losing $ 200,000 In Theft Of Servers

In the recent period, the luxury goods industry can be described as a constant turmoil. Hermes and Louis Vuitton’s lawsuit has not subsided. GUCCI has another case of employee misappropriation of servers. The incident that caused huge losses. Recently, the Manhattan High Court A former Gucci employee sentenced.
    Local time this Monday, a former Gucci network engineer was sentenced to two to six years in prison by the court because he stole Gucci’s servers and caused Gucci more than $ 200,000 in damages.
    The defendant, Sam Chihlung Yin, 35 years old, of Chinese descent, has admitted to falsifying the computer education and illegally obtaining material from the computer. He was expelled from Gucci in May 2010. After leaving the company, he logged in with an account he created while he was working, interfering with computer systems, shutting down servers and networks, and deleting other people’s data. In June 2010, Yin used a virtual identity he had created to deceive his former Gucci colleagues via email, activating a virtual network (VPN), which allowed Yin to ‘freely access’ Gucci’s network and gain administrator level People’s secrets. Five months later, Yin attacked the company’s email system again, leaving hundreds of Gucci employees unable to access files and email for nearly 24 hours. Yin was charged with up to 50 different felonies and faces 15 years in prison, but because he took the initiative to plead guilty, the court eventually sentenced him to two to six years in prison.
     The so-called tree is a big draw. Little do they know the purpose of this employee. However, as a large company, we still have to take precautions and do a good job of protecting the company’s system. After all, the loss of 200,000 US dollars is not a small amount.