Hamilton X Schott Nyc Cross-border Cooperation

Think of the similarities between the Hamilton and SchottNYC brands: both of them became suppliers to the U.S. military during World War II with superior quality and reliable performance, each providing pilots with outstanding watches And jacket, and became a military style symbol of the 1940s, but also fully reflects the essence of the ‘American Dream’ spirit.

   Hamilton’s superb watchmaking technology and precise and reliable performance have made it the guarantee of accurate operation of the early American railways and established a good reputation. Again, this is why SchottNYC is highly acclaimed and highly sought after. This time, the two brands merged their advantages to create a collector’s watch with outstanding quality and American spirit, and together wrote a story of military glory.

   The new Hamilton Khaki Pilot SchottNYC watch has a 46 mm case, which is equipped with an H-30 automatic movement, a dual calendar display function, and a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The khaki green dial features contrasting light green Super-LumiNova® coating on the hands and numerals. For pilots, reading is clear and legible. Even in a dark environment, the contrasting Super-LumiNova® ensures a clear and accurate reading.

   This limited edition of 1892 SchottNYC watches, each of which is specially selected for Hamilton’s light-textured all-aniline cowhide as the strap material, and uses the federal standard military color number 30099 earth brown, which has been used since World War II The leather materials of today’s bomber jackets complement each other. This leather strap has a hard texture, but as it wears over time, it becomes softer and fits the wrist curve naturally. Just like leather jackets will gradually form folds, more and more fit the contours of the body.

   1892 is the founding year of Hamilton and the birthday of SchottNYC founder Irving Schott. Each limited edition watch is carefully presented in a leather case specially made by SchottNYC for Hamilton. These watch cases are hand-stitched using traditional techniques at the SchottNYC factory in Union, New Jersey. Foldable design with checked cotton fleece lining, side pockets and card slots for easy travel.

   Hamilton Khaki Pilot’s SchottNYC watch cleverly blends the values ​​and essence of two major American brands. The spirit of the ‘American Dream’ is fully interpreted in this ingenious limited edition watch.