Hublot Brand Ambassador Kobe Unveils Black Mamba Limited Watch

As night falls, Black Mamba sneaks into the lanterns of Shanghai Beach. At the same time, a black-themed party is igniting in Hublot’s Nanjing West Road store. On the evening of August 7, Hublot brand ambassador and NBA legend Superstar Kobe Bryant appeared at ‘Hublot Black Mamba Night’ and unveiled the king together with Mr. Louis Beaver, Hublot brand director in China. Extreme Black Mamba Limited Watch. Guests at the scene witnessed this legendary collaboration and felt the passionate fusion of Swiss top watches and basketball.
Hublot brand ambassador Kobe unveils black Mamba limited edition watch

 Hublot brand ambassador Kobe appeared in Hublot Shanghai Nanjing West Road store unveiled the King’s Supreme Black Mamba limited watch

 The mention of Kobe Bryant is enough to make all the people who love basketball excited. Black Mamba-like speed, superb style of play, and near-perfect confrontation make Kobe Bryant a rare all-round legend in NBA history. The ultimate pursuit of speed and the enthusiasm for the pinnacle of victory made this radiant superstar finally come together with HUBLOT. In March 2013, Kobe Bryant officially became Hublot’s global brand ambassador. After joining the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and the world’s first trapeze, Usain Bolt, he joined Hublot Starlight. Another member of the glittering family.
Hublot brand ambassador Kobe unveils black Mamba limited edition watch

 Hublot China Brand Director Mr. Louis Beaver and Kobe jointly unveil the King’s Supreme Black Mamba Limited Watch in Shanghai
To celebrate this cooperation, Hublot launched a limited edition watch signed by Kobe in March this year in Kobe’s hometown of Los Angeles-‘King Supreme Black Mamba’. Today, the basketball superstar came to Hublot Shanghai Nanjing West Road store to present this ‘black mamba’ in front of Chinese media. The world’s limited edition of only 250 pieces contains many special elements to pay tribute to Kobe’s professional basketball career and basketball: The eye-catching “24” represents the No. 24 jersey that accompanies Kobe’s NBA game. The golden-spaced dial and purple hands symbolize ‘Purple Gold Dynasty’-the achievement and glory of the Los Angeles Lakers. Black Mamba runs through the hollow dial, which has both mechanical beauty and mysterious charm. The strap is a distinctive python-like snake-stitched black natural rubber with the signature of Kobe Bryant on the back, expressing the brand’s ‘art of fusion’ to the extreme.

 Hublot combines traditional Swiss watchmaking skills with modern high-tech technology. Whether it is an innovative concept in its professional field, or always amazing product research and development, and a unique marketing strategy, it has become a ‘model of success.’ . The kingdom’s trajectory of cooperation can be found in the fields of racing, football, basketball, skiing, sailing, yachting, polo and even rock and roll. Hublot has attracted countless complementary partners with its rapid rise.

 Talking about cooperation with HUBLOT Hublot and being invited to unveil the Hublot King Supreme Black Mamba Limited Edition in China in such a novel way, Kobe Bryant is full of surprises. ‘Resolute, decisive, and courageous, it is my conviction that I have always settled, and it is the reason why I join the Hublot family with no disregard. I personally like the King Black Mamba limited edition watch very much. A match made in heaven for my beloved basketball. ‘