Hublot Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of Monaco Classic Week And Launches A Chronograph

Hublot has a long history with the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club, and was designated as its official timer in 2005. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of ‘Monaco Classic Week’, Hublot specially designed a classic fusion chronograph to pay tribute to the Monaco Yacht Club.

 ‘Hublot? A different example of success but success.’ People who know this unique Swiss watch brand say so. Hublot, which is constantly making progress every moment, is creating the future with exciting speed. It was Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, the global CEO of Hublot, fulfilled such a dream, and opened the way for Hublot’s astonishing rise. From Big Bang to Supreme King, from classic fusion to handed down, each series is a masterpiece that fuses tradition with the future.

 ‘Whether it is at sea or on land, whether sailing for competitive competition or leisure, whether boarding an extremely modern super Maxis or a traditional classic yacht, the Monaco Yacht Club always represents a deep love for the ocean. Hublot They share the same values ​​and ideas. ‘Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver explained the close relationship between the two sides.

 Hublot’s new dynamic trendy choice uses extremely lightweight titanium as the main material, which has shock resistance and strong anti-corrosion performance; the navy blue dial with silver-plated hands shows the Monaco marine style, blue Alligator leather and natural rubber tops seamlessly combine the strap to better resist seawater erosion. The center pointer bearing at the center of the dial is filled under the club’s signature color. This watch is limited to 250 pieces.

 This watch symbolizes the Monaco Yacht Club and Hublot paying tribute to ‘La Belle Classe’ (respecting the tradition of nautical), and upholding and maintaining this value. This watch is also a tribute and interpretation of the perfect fusion of great tradition and focus on the future. The declaration of ‘The perfect combination of great tradition and focusing on the future’ clearly reflects the vision of Hublot and its CEO, combining ocean and land, tradition and innovation, wood and high-tech materials, time and space. Integrate all elements and all technology …