It’s Technology Is More Art

The one-minute Carrousel Sapphire watch launched by Blancpain is not only another important manifestation of Blancpain’s watchmaking skills, but also the spirit of Blancpain’s active promotion of new watchmaking based on traditional watchmaking. At the same time, the one-minute Carrousel sapphire watch launched this time announced the truce between Carloso and the tourbillon, which is a major breakthrough in the technology of the watch industry. The sapphire crystal transparent Carrousel is the best evidence.

   Someone once saw a tourbillon that was running for more than a minute and directly misunderstood it as Caruso. In fact, it also made a misjudgment between the tourbillon and Caruso. At the beginning of Carloso’s creation, because he set a long self-rotating speed, he was used to judge the distinction between Carloso and the tourbillon. In fact, both Carloso and the tourbillon’s frame are In the design, the gear’s multiple speed relationship can be used to adjust the preset rotation speed. Therefore, there is also a tourbillon of 30 seconds and a carrousel of one minute. Blancpain’s Carrousel design is one rotation per minute. Another misunderstanding is whether the balance wheel is coaxial with the frame (most people think of tourbillons with different axes as carrousel), which is actually a misunderstanding.

   Blancpain L-Evolution
The sapphire crystal Carrousel watches are all replaced by transparent sapphire crystals, and the movement wheels are all re-arranged to achieve the most exquisite craftsmanship in the delicate design retracting techniques.

   In order to set the balance in the center of Carrousel’s frame, Blancpain chose a linear Swiss horse escapement. The next step is to allow the Carussell frame to make one full revolution per minute. This task is not simple and involves the precise calculation of astronomical numbers; not only the power transmission of the frame, but also the power of the seconds wheel driving the escape wheel and balance wheel. They also found that in order to achieve a second hand wheel that can vibrate at 21,600 times per hour, it must rotate 1.5 times faster than a one-minute frame. Launched in 2008, the Blancpain Russell watch is just like the apocalypse. It is one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in modern watchmaking. The 2010 Blancpain L-Evolution Sapphire Crystal Carussell watch takes the art of Carrousel installations to a higher level. All the metal splints and bridges of this model have been discarded and replaced with a transparent sapphire crystal plate, allowing you to explore the subtle inner world of Carloso.

   In order to create a sapphire crystal splint, Blancpain developed a new drilling method and created a special gold sleeve for ruby ​​bearings, because rubies cannot be set directly on the sapphire crystal splint or bridge. In fact, Blancpain can go a step further. Marc, President, Blancpain
Hayek said: ‘We used to create a whole set of sapphire crystal gear trains, but in the end it still felt that it was too transparent. I want to make the entire operating mechanism a real protagonist, part of which is to show how power is transmitted through gears. ‘

   Originally, Blancpain’s original Carrousel movement was a traditional movement design that was evenly distributed, while the sapphire Carrousel was replaced by transparent sapphire crystals. The most exquisite craftsmanship beauty has also made the new L-Evolution Sapphire Crystal Carussell watch one of the most complex and highly functional watches in recent years.