New Year’ Countdown, Ta Christmas Gifts Are Here. Swiss Mido New Year’s Watch Recommended

As Christmas approaches, street windows and department stores are filled with Christmas gifts, and the New Year atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. For Westerners, Christmas is the day of Jesus Christ’s birth, a celebration of the coming of the New Year. Indeed, counting the time, the new year is coming again. With the approach of ‘Double Dan’, the flow of people in the mall is endless, and everyone wants to carefully choose a Christmas gift for themselves or others. Because anyway, December is the best time to convey gifts throughout the year. It can not only convey the goodness and gratitude in our hearts, but also satisfy all the surprises and longings that Ta wants. Whether for yourself or others, this intention has nothing to do with the form and value of Christmas gifts, but more importantly, its internal meaning. For this reason, Swiss Mido Watch specially selects 4 timepieces for you. With the twelve days of the New Year countdown, you will have a ceremonial New Year.

& 12; Countdown to 12 days: grow up, praise yourself & gt;
I give myself a gift and applaud my persistence and self-confidence for the past year. It is true that whether in life or at work, people always have this or that, but we have to admit that persistence and self-confidence are often the most effective way to resolve these difficulties. Sometimes success is actually simple. When you ca n’t keep up, stick to it. When you are not confident, you believe that you are the best.

Swiss beauty watch BARONCELLI series of beautiful long kinetic pearl mother-of-pearl real diamond ladies watch combines traditional femininity and modern self-confidence, 25 white mother-of-pearl with PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel bezel, more than shine, Gentle and moving. The 51 diamonds (0.102 carats) inlaid on the dial and the black calfskin strap add a touch of brilliance and elegance to this minimalist watch, telling every touch that blends into the dots. At the countdown of 12 days in the New Year, a watch like this is given to self-confident self, to encourage their perseverance for a year, praise themselves!

& Countdown 09 days: courtesy, love everyone & gt;

Give others a gift and thank those who made memories for themselves. In the past year, many people left a mark on our lives, more or less, better or worse. In any case, we should thank these people. They may be the orderly mentors and friends in our lives, the uncle Ji You, who is very acquainted with his work, or the three relatives and six relatives who are whispering in their ears every day. Life is wonderful because of people. Thanksgiving is to love everyone around us.

Swiss Mido’s new MULTIFORT helmsman series long kinetic energy observatory-certified fully automatic mechanical watch with a black dial decorated with Geneva ripples echoes the hands treated with Super-LumiNova® beige luminous coating, forming a unique and elegant contrast, and making time display Clearer. This is also the first helmsman series watch with a fully automatic movement certified by the Mido Caliber80 Observatory equipped with a silicon hairspring. This watch is quite accurate, designed to express care and wishes for friends, lovers, and those who are grateful. Thanks for the special help and points given during the year. At the countdown of 9 days in the New Year, a helmsman series long kinetic energy observatory-certified fully automatic mechanical watch is given to friends and relatives, and we treat our past year and love you!

& Countdown 06 days: Remember 2018, send memories & gt;

Recalled all the sweet and bitterness and sadness and joy in the past year, each one is so unforgettable. I have to say that any memories, laughter or tears are worthy of our collection. There are no memories in the world that are exactly the same, and no story can be copied or recurred; every day is unique and everything belongs to that special moment.

Swiss MEDO watch BARONCELLI trilogy ‘Past, Present, Future’ -2018 limited edition watch with mercerized polished stainless steel case, with white polished dial, showing the brand’s advocating simple texture and modern design style At the same time, it also retains classic design elements such as the ‘small three-pin’, reflecting the respect and inheritance of the brand value concept. The “LimitedEditionxxxx / 2018 (limited xxxx / 2018)” and serial number are engraved on the back of each “2018”. Precise timepieces and their special significance allow all our memories of the past year to be accurately recorded at their own points in time. When the New Year counts down to 9 days, a trilogy-2018 limited edition watch, remembering 2018 and sending memories.

& Lt; Countdown 03 Days: Expect New Year, To the Future & gt;

For the coming New Year, we will always be full of different expectations; we never know what will happen tomorrow or in the future, but thankfully people still yearn for the future. For such hopes, people always hope to remember and spend it in a ritualistic way. Especially for New Year’s Zero, people are trying every means to keep it in our own memory.

Swiss beauty watch BARONCELLI series ‘Memorial Day’ big calendar automatic mechanical watch with mercerized polished 316L stainless steel case, with mercerized polished white particle dial. Its large calendar window is set at 6 o’clock, and two wide calendar windows provide an open reading display, which is also a unique symbol of the Belem Celli series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch. What is worth mentioning is that the dual calendar window of this large calendar watch allows us to have a ‘ceremonial’ New Year’s memory in the moment when the New Year is coming. When the New Year counts down for 3 days, a Belemceli series ‘Remembrance Day’ full-automatic mechanical watch is expected to the New Year and to the future.