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    Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Gold Couple Watch

    If you look at the Vacheron Constantin website, you will find that the Patrimony series is the first in all watch series. Patrimony represents classic design and also reflects Vacheron Constantin’s own value. The two slightly grand 18K gold watches you see are perfect for surprise your girlfriend. This watch has been re-interpreted. Its light silvery milky dial with bar-shaped hands has a simple and elegant design. Its cross-shaped bracelet is hand-woven to better fit your wrist; with the hidden buckle, it is natural. . These two watches are equipped with Poinçon de Genève Geneva 1400 manual winding movement (menswear) and 1202 quartz movement (women), which are waterproof to 30 meters.

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    Name Watches Are Placed In The Safe, Will They Be Magnetized?

    Most of today’s safes are electronic locks, and some people will worry about whether the watch will be magnetized for a long time. As for the magnetism of the watch, because no one would go and take their own watch and try it easily with a magnet, I have some experience to talk about because I keep the watch in the safe / safe drawer. Let’s start with the conclusion:
    No magnetism, but be careful of magnets.

    Today’s safes are basically electronic locks with fingerprints and passwords.
     I don’t know how you usually store your watch. I usually put my watch in the safety drawer of the cabinet. Safety drawer with electronic lock, fingerprint identification. The electronic lock puts the battery. There is a motor inside. Press the fingerprint and the drawer will pop up automatically. It is a small safe. These safety drawers have been used for the longest time, and they are still in use now. The watch has been put inside for years without any problems. From my personal situation, this kind of electronic lock has no effect on the watch and will not make the watch magnetic.
     Until one day, I felt that there were too many watches and the safety drawer was a bit cramped. In particular, there are more folding buckle watches. Generally, the folding buckle watch does not separate the strap, and it occupies a large area, so I decided to buy another safe to put the watch.

    Today’s safes are basically electronic locks with fingerprints and passwords.
     Today’s safes generally have fingerprints and passwords, which can be unlocked with a separate fingerprint, unlocked with a separate password, or entered with both a fingerprint and a password. At the same time, it is very heavy and difficult to remove. I think it is safer than a safety drawer. But after buying it, I encountered a new problem. After I put the watch in the safe, one day I suddenly discovered that the small plastic door with the panel / battery box inside the safe was a small door opened and closed with a magnet. There is a coin-sized magnet on the small plastic door, which means that the watch in the safe is placed with the magnet every day. I took a spoon and tried it. It was so strong that it sucked it tightly. I was afraid of the watch being magnetized, so I started to remove this small plastic door. It’s not easy to dismantle. It took a long time to dismantle. I thought there would be no problem, so I put the watch back and used it, but it was not finished.

    It’s common to keep your watch in a safe, and normal electronic locks won’t make your watch magnetic.
     After two days, I was just too busy, and suddenly thought, would there still be magnetic force in the safe? I took a spoon and walked in the safe. As a result, the spoon was sucked again. This time, it was found that the panel / battery box was set before. There is also a magnet inside the panel / battery box. The suction force is also very large. I thought, yeah, the door must be able to open and close with two magnets inside and outside. I only removed the outside, and there was one inside. Unlike the small plastic door, the inside cannot be removed this time. But I was worried about the watch being magnetized, so I put the watch back in the drawer. Before putting back the fingerprint lock drawer, I also tried it with a spoon. The electronic lock of the safety drawer had no suction. I put it back down.
     Because the watch and the magnet were put together for so many days, in order to see if it was magnetized, I took a watch and went to the official after-sales inspection. After detection, no magnetism was detected. I further asked, watch stores, after closing every day, watches will be taken out of the counter, put in the safe, will the watch be magnetized? People in watch stores said that the safes in their stores were all mechanical lock safes that were bought without electronic locks.

    Watch special safes, basically have a watch transfer device.
    After this incident, I have several experiences.
     Today’s mainstream watches have certain anti-magnetic capabilities. Like Omega Zhizhen Observatory has 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic. Rolex blue niobium hairspring emphasizes antimagnetic ability. Some watches use silicon hairsprings, emphasizing that they are not magnetized. In addition to these, the mainstream watches of various brands generally use Nivarox hairsprings. Nivarox hairsprings are iron-nickel alloy hairsprings, while adding chromium and cobalt. Nivarox hairspring also has good anti-magnetic ability. In everyday life, it is not easily magnetized. I have also seen some people do experiments before, using an ordinary Longines watch, using various magnets to suck, and experimenting with various appliances, in the end this Longines was not magnetized. Longines uses Nivarox hairspring, which shows that daily antimagnetic is possible.

    Someone tested it with Longines. After experimenting with home appliances and magnets, the watch was not magnetized.
     If the watch is so susceptible to magnetism, I have two magnets in the safe, and the watches in the cabinet should both be ‘scrap’. Since there is a magnet in my safe that can’t be removed, for safety reasons, I changed this safe to other items. ).

    The hairsprings used in mainstream watches have certain anti-magnetic capabilities.
     Now, my watch continues to be placed in the fingerprint electronic lock safety drawer. As for the electronic lock, I personally have no problem putting the watch inside. At the same time, we can see that there are some safes for watches on the market, including watch turners, fingerprint locks, and password locks. There are a lot of electronic devices in the market. If you are really not assured, you can buy a mechanical lock safe like a specialty store.

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    Casio Announces Entry Into The Smartwatch Market

    Casio CEO Kazuo Kashio has issued letters of war to Samsung, Apple and other companies interested in developing smart watches, saying they are ‘ready.’ While Pebble, Sony and other companies are aggressively attacking the field, Casio’s joining will make the smartwatch battle more fierce.

     News of Apple iWatch has been circulating for a long time, and Samsung is also planning to release its first Android-based smart watch Galaxy Gear. Samsung has officially announced that their smartwatches will be officially unveiled at the Samsung showroom of the IFA Consumer Electronics Association in Berlin on September 4. In addition, in recent years, Motorola and Sony have been continuously launching products in the field of smart phones, and Sony has also stepped up its momentum for the SmartWatch 2. According to analysis, Samsung’s smart watch will be used in a similar way to Sony’s products, and users can set most options through an Android management application.

     Although Apple has not officially acknowledged the existence of iWatch, Tim Cook hinted in April that the company will be ready to enter the ‘new product area’, this new product is likely to be aimed at people’s wrists.

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    Precious Metals Are Worth The Four Classic Precious Metal Watches Recommended

    The precious metals currently used on watches are mainly rose gold, gold, platinum, and platinum, so why the price of watches with these precious metals is basically twice as expensive as ordinary models . If the price of precious metals is pure, then such prices cannot be reached. What is the reason? Today’s Watch House recommends several precious metal watches for everyone, by the way, and discuss why metal is so expensive.

    Rolex Date Series 116233 Champagne Diamond Watch

    Watch Series: Date
    Movement Type: Automatic
    Case material: 18K yellow gold-steel
    Strap material: 18K yellow gold-steel
    Case diameter: 36mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 97800
    Watch details: rolex / 5284 /
    Watch Comments: Of course, when talking about precious metals, gold must be mentioned. When it comes to gold watches, Rolex must be mentioned, so I was not exempt from it, and I recommend this super classic gold labor. Rolex is one of the most value-preserving brands in watches today, especially Jinlao. I heard that in casinos around the world, Jinlao can directly exchange cash for use. Gold should be the most valuable precious metal, so gold watches are more expensive than other ordinary material watches.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1362520

    Watch Series: Master Series
    Movement Type: Automatic
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Strap material: crocodile leather
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 145000
    Watch details: lecoultre / 11400 /
    Watch Comments: This watch is made of 18K rose gold case. Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. Because it has a very stylish and beautiful rose red color, it is called rose gold. Since rose gold is an alloy of gold and brass, it also has a certain value preservation. I think this is why the rose gold watch is too expensive. The 39 mm white dial recommended for this watch is simple and elegant. 6 o’clock direction date dial setting and moon phase display. Cal.925 self-winding movement, 43-hour power reserve, 18K rose gold case with brown alligator strap, it is simply a combination of freshness and deepness.

    Lange 1815 series 233.002618K white gold watch

    Watch Series: 1815 Memorial
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap material: crocodile leather
    Case diameter: 40mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 161000
    Watch details: lange / 2113 /
    Watch reviews: Lange watches have always been made of precious metals. The recommended one above is made of 18K white gold. Generally speaking, the full name of white gold should be ‘white gold’, also called WhiteGold. It is a platinum-free white alloy made by smelting gold with other white metals. Among them, the percentage of gold is at most 75%. Because this alloy appears white, it is called platinum. You should also understand, because it is also mainly for gold plus other metals, it also has a certain value retention. This watch uses a simple three-pin design, equipped with Lange’s own Cal.L051. .1 Manually wound movement with a power reserve of 55 hours.

    Vacheron Constantin 43150 / 000P-9684 watch

    Watch Series: Heritage Line
    Movement Type: Automatic
    Case material: 950 platinum
    Strap material: crocodile leather
    Case diameter: 42mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 522000
    Watch details: vacheron / 14879 /
    Watch Reviews: This watch is made of 950 platinum. Those who know how to invest in precious metals know that in fact, platinum is not as valuable as gold, but the price is a lot more expensive. This must take into account the scarcity of platinum, which is one of the rarest jewellery metals in the world, with an annual output of only 5% of gold. And the processing is difficult, the procedure is more complicated than gold, so the price is relatively high, which is that platinum watches are more expensive than rose gold and white gold. The reason why gold watches are expensive is that things are more expensive. The recommended watch is equipped with the Vacheron Constantin Cal.1120 self-winding movement with a thickness of only 2.45 mm and a case diameter of 42 mm.

    Summary: Some brands use precious metals for the materials of some highly complex watches, and do not make the same watches made of steel. Because most of these complicated watches are watch collectors, they generally do n’t take the watch out for trading, so the meaning of buying steel and precious metal models is not much different, so if the brand is Some ultra-complex models come in steel versions, so I believe those collectors will buy steel models first, because they will definitely be much cheaper. For our average consumers, in addition to the brand and other factors, the material is also a very critical factor for a watch that maintains its value. Precious metals are generally more valuable than base metals. But if it is investing in watches and looking forward to appreciation, I don’t think it is necessary to invest in watches.

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    Balmain And Miss Switzerland: A Good Fate-news Balmain

    For the fourth year in a row, Miss Switzerland will wear the Balmain watch, which will pour the country with its charming glory. The new beautiful queen will be unveiled wearing the Elysées Chrono Lady and become the image ambassador of the St-Imier brand.
    In some relationships, the spark of love shines endlessly. This is undoubtedly the case for Balmain’s fairy tale love with Switzerland’s most beautiful woman. Since 2005, the St-Imier brand has been incorporated into the costume parade of Miss Switzerland, bringing great joy to people. It is not the wedding ring on his finger that proves his true love, but the watch on his wrist.

    The designers of the Balmain watch introduced a unique style in each parade to show beauty, beauty, prestige and charm. Lauriane Gilliéron, Christa Rigozzi and Amanda Ammann are all more charming because they wear Balmain watches. On September 27th, the new Miss Switzerland will be dazzling in the decoration of the Elysées Chrono Lady in the Elysées collection.
    The Elysées collection has been sought after by men and women for around 10 years because of Maison’s popularity. And this new watch perfectly symbolizes many advantages of Swiss ladies and modern women: elegant, independent, courteous, positive and refined.
    Although Miss Switzerland only wears one Elysées Chrono Lady watch, which is a diamond-set mother-of-pearl with arabesque dial, there are no less than 13 quartz watches in this series: diamond-set or diamond-free; silver white, dark gray Or mother-of-pearl with arabesque dial; stainless steel, white leather or satin-gray strap.
    There is no doubt that every design is just like every Balmain watch, proudly showing Swiss design and quality. And Balmain, beauty also comes from within.
    Source: Balmain

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    Mature Charm Chopard L.U.C Series Watch Recommendation

    As one of the few independent watch brands in Switzerland, Chopard has its own unique design style and concept in watchmaking. The Chopard L.U.C series is one of the most outstanding series in the Chopard watch family. L.U.C series watches are a tribute to Chopard’s centuries-old craftsmanship. Each L.U.C watch is extremely beautiful, representing the highest state of watchmaking art. Today, Watch House introduces you to the classics of the three L.U.C series.

    Chopard L.U.C 161940-5001 watch

    Model: 161940-5001
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 43 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 1,250,000
    Watch details: 02.15-L manual winding movement to ensure the accuracy of the watch. Display functions include hours, minutes, small seconds on the tourbillon, and a perpetual calendar with a large jump date display. This watch bears the prestigious “Poinçon de Genève” quality emblem and has an extraordinary power reserve of 216 hours. Its indicator is engraved on the movement and can be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. Fan Xiang’s timepieces are also certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). A great choice for successful men.
    Chopard L.U.C Collection 161963-5001
    Model: 161963-5001
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 44 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 283,000
    Watch details: The 63.01-L movement has a 60-hour power reserve and is decorated with delicate hand-finished: nickel-silver chamfered bridges, Geneva ripples, exquisite gold-plated inscriptions and elegant gooseneck trimmers. This extraordinary timepiece also bears the prestigious ‘Poinçon de Genève’ quality emblem, which is an example of Chopard.

    Chopard L.U.C 161936-5001 watch

    Model: 161936-5001
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 39.5 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 166,000
    Details of the watch: In the ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 6.98 mm, the gray skeletonized dial proudly displays the internal automatic mechanical movement, which is constantly vibrating at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour, making this watch precise Solid backing of reliability and reliability. With a crocodile leather strap, it is a very high-quality watch, both in appearance and comfort.
    Summary: The L.U.C watch is named after the brand’s founder, Louis-Julius Chopard. This collection is entirely made in a workshop in Fleurier, reflecting the highest craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking. At the same time, we can experience the world of watchmaking excellence through the L.U.C series. L.U.C series watches exude a mature male charm, and many watch lovers are obsessed with it.

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    Gucci Employees Sentenced To Imprisonment For Losing $ 200,000 In Theft Of Servers

    In the recent period, the luxury goods industry can be described as a constant turmoil. Hermes and Louis Vuitton’s lawsuit has not subsided. GUCCI has another case of employee misappropriation of servers. The incident that caused huge losses. Recently, the Manhattan High Court A former Gucci employee sentenced.
        Local time this Monday, a former Gucci network engineer was sentenced to two to six years in prison by the court because he stole Gucci’s servers and caused Gucci more than $ 200,000 in damages.
        The defendant, Sam Chihlung Yin, 35 years old, of Chinese descent, has admitted to falsifying the computer education and illegally obtaining material from the computer. He was expelled from Gucci in May 2010. After leaving the company, he logged in with an account he created while he was working, interfering with computer systems, shutting down servers and networks, and deleting other people’s data. In June 2010, Yin used a virtual identity he had created to deceive his former Gucci colleagues via email, activating a virtual network (VPN), which allowed Yin to ‘freely access’ Gucci’s network and gain administrator level People’s secrets. Five months later, Yin attacked the company’s email system again, leaving hundreds of Gucci employees unable to access files and email for nearly 24 hours. Yin was charged with up to 50 different felonies and faces 15 years in prison, but because he took the initiative to plead guilty, the court eventually sentenced him to two to six years in prison.
         The so-called tree is a big draw. Little do they know the purpose of this employee. However, as a large company, we still have to take precautions and do a good job of protecting the company’s system. After all, the loss of 200,000 US dollars is not a small amount.

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    Experience The Luxury Jewelry Watch With A Different Noble Texture

    J12 is a ‘common book’ in Chanel watch treasure house. Can you see ‘old’ is unknown, but at least in these 9 years, it is still a surprise, a hundred looks Weary! It’s not that the first Premiere watch launched by the brand in 1987 is not good enough or elegant enough, I also know that the new series of Premiere is in full swing, but when it comes to Chanel watches, most people including me are still the first time. Think of J12.

    J12 Tourbillon White Gold Diamond Watch, $ 1,685,000
       J12, born in 2000, represents Chanel’s determination to march into high-end watches. Design art director Jacques Helleu once said casually: ‘It took me 7 years of hard work and time to find a perfect black in J12.’ Indeed, in the case and strap of high-tech ceramics, we feel That noble black texture! J12 is Chanel’s first sports watch, J12 is the brand’s first application of high-tech ceramic products (signature is even more popular than the first Rado), and J12 is also valued in Switzerland’s La Chaux-de-Fonds Established a watchmaking workshop for specialized production.

    J12 Haute Joaillerie White Gold Diamond Watch, $ 5,873,000
       To evaluate, I would consider J12 to be an ambitious lady. From the original three-pin style to the design time in 2002, it added the brand’s most powerful stunt-diamond setting, followed by a limited series one by one. By 2005, it officially entered the complex watch formation with the tourbillon style. Step by step, it also expanded the territory of the forces step by step. Many people who are more philosophical will still criticize: ‘Not some fashion watches that sell and sell diamonds?’ Well, what really appeals to these people is the Calibre 3125 mechanical movement officially launched by the brand last year. That was co-developed with Audemars Piguet. Do you dare to say that the finished products of the Papi watch factory are not professional enough? By this year, the lady wants to please the mature taste men. At the Basel table show, we saw the first time J12 is equipped with a belt. The men who do n’t like “stand upright” shouted loudly!

    J12 Pink Gold Black High-Tech Ceramic Jewellery Watch, $ 493,000
      Seeing this, everyone will agree that J12 is already slim and even bright and elegant. Here are three examples for everyone. The left-hand version is not the most expensive, but the black ceramic meets 18K pink gold is the most popular match recently, and is interpreted by Chanel. The bezel is set with 46 (4.5 carats) long trapezoid-cut diamonds and the dial is set. There are 8 diamond hour markers, and the crown has a brilliant-cut diamond. Only 200 lucky people in the world have the opportunity to occupy it (100 38mm and 100 33mm case diameters). The second one is J12 Haute Joaillerie, which is the most magnificent representative. The 42mm 18K white gold case is filled with many and many diamonds … it is too numerous to count, anyway, it guarantees that you will be dazzled, and that it is guaranteed to be given to anyone Girl, she will die for you. The last one is the J12 Tourbillon, which is equipped with a Chanel 0.5-T.1 manual-winding movement. It is set with more diamonds than the model launched 4 years ago, and the bottom plate of the movement made of white ceramic will see the movement. The skillful performance of the fire.

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    Unexpected Extraordinary Style 2019 Sihh Cartier New Product Summary

    Every year, the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show (SIHH) is a great event for watch circles. The highly anticipated Cartier has launched a number of new masterpieces at this year’s SIHH. It makes people shine, perfectly interpreting the extraordinary style of the brand.

    Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch

       The new Santos-Dumont watch with crocodile leather strap is exquisitely subtle, faithfully continuing the elegant style of the original 1904 model. This new work is available in 18K gold, 18K gold and stainless steel or stainless steel case, with Roman numerals, exposed screws, bead-shaped winding crown set with blue cabochon gemstones, continuing the system The historical heritage of the model masterpiece.

       Cartier retains a square case with a geometric pattern composed of four towers when overlooking the Eiffel Tower, echoing the Parisian architectural aesthetics of simplicity, purity and perfect symmetry. As a symbol of the modern design revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, this watch transcended the limitations of the times, abandoning the round pocket watch styles that were popular at the time, and highlighting the crisp and straight lines.
       Watch information: Watch real shot: de Cartier chronograph

       Cartier’s new chronograph is specially created for measurement records. In the 21st century, this tradition of excellence continues to be carried forward. Cartier pays attention to the elegant appearance and ergonomic design of the watch. It has a start / stop button at 9 o’clock, and the reset function is directly operated by the crown. Watch design is more simple and easy to operate. This watch is equipped with Cartier 1904-CH MC workshop refined movement. Guide column, vertical clutch device and linear return-to-zero hammer constitute a delicate mechanism for controlling and coordinating timing functions.
       Watch information: Watch real shot: de Cartier Squelette Noctambule hollow luminous watch

       This new Cartier Santos de Cartier Squelette Noctambule skeletonized luminous watch continues the simple design of this series of watches, the square dial, the exposed screw design and the ergonomic comfortable strap make it an industry model of the leading era .

       This new watch uses a Cartier 9612 MC workshop hand-winding chronograph movement. From the bottom cover, you can admire the beautiful structure on the inside of the watch.
       Watch real shot: de Cartier cheetah mini watch

       It has been more than a century since the cheetah series was born, but the pace of the cheetah series has never stopped. The Panthère de Cartier watch represents a unique style that is constantly evolving and innovative. Cartier presented this mini watch at the Geneva Watch Fair 2019 with a dazzling and iconic design that injects new creative energy into this series.
       Watch real shot: Watch information: de Cartier cheetah bracelet watch

       This bracelet watch interprets the smooth and silky characteristics of the Panthère de Cartier bracelet. The dial on the bracelet is skewed, making the jewelry bracelet a compelling protagonist with a unique design.

       The scattered hollow links make the skin loosing, making the material of the bracelet more transparent and light. Cozy and comfortable, even more personable. The dial part continues the tradition of this series. The small dial is located on the gold bracelet, but the wider bracelet is more present than the previous models, and it is completely OK to wear as accessories.
       Watch real shot: DE CARTIER cheetah bracelet watch

       This timepiece made of 18K yellow gold and inlaid with diamonds ingeniously interprets Cartier’s classic jewellery theme: extremely geometric black lacquered leopard spots, fluent lines and diamond-inlaid arches make the graphic design more Three-dimensional vivid.

       The clean lines fit the wrist perfectly, and the smooth lines are very elegant and extremely comfortable to wear. For women, this watch can be worn not only as a watch, but also as a piece of jewelry.
       Watch real shot: Watch information: DENTELLE cheetah-shaped watch

       The new PANTHÈRE DENTELLE Cheetah watch is crafted in 18K white gold. The black cheetah is vivid. The cheetah’s body is made of diamonds, a total of 480 diamonds, black paint to decorate the leopard spots, and emerald embellish the eyes of the leopard. In addition to the dial, the bezel is also paved with diamonds for extra luxury.

       The PANTHÈRE DENTELLE watch strap is a black shiny alligator strap, and a dark green shiny alligator strap will also be included. The two straps are comfortable to wear and easier to match with usual clothing.
       The real shot of the watch: The new Privé series watches are barrel-shaped, the case shape is strong and pure, the dial is between rectangular and oval, the case is slightly curved, and the smooth lines can better fit the wrist. The simpler the dial design is, the more versatile it is. This watch stands between the squares and shows the perfect craftsmanship.

       Roman numerals, track scales, winding crown set with cabochons, leather straps, lugs and decorative screws are all Cartier’s signature watchmaking elements. The new Privé series is equipped with a Cartier 1917 MC manual winding movement with 19 gems and a 38-hour power reserve. The watch is limited to 100 pieces.
       Watch real shot: Watch information: This skeleton double time zone watch is available in rose gold and platinum. The case is oval and curved to fit the contour of the wrist. The watch is equipped with dual time zone functions, the dial indexes are classic track scales, and the crown is set with blue cabochon.
       This Privé series watch is equipped with the new 9919 MC movement. The gear train is connected in a line. In order to maintain the slender shape of the case, all gears of the gear train must be listed linearly between 12 and 6 o’clock. Available in rose and platinum versions, this watch is limited to 100 pieces each. A platinum case with baguette-cut diamonds is also available, limited to 20 pieces.
       Watch real shot: Watch information: Libre Tank Chinoise watch

       Tank Chinoise watch, this work born in 1921 became the new model launched by Cartier SIHH this year, subverting its traditional design and presenting a visual feast for us.

       The case is made of 18K white gold. Among the new products this year, the square case is elongated and rectangular, and the side is set with a whole row of diamonds. The upper and lower edges of the front case are inlaid with two parallel rubies, and the left and right edges are inlaid with diamonds. The diamonds and rubies cross each other to form a visual tension, paying tribute to the three-dimensional style of the prototype watch. This Tank Chinoise watch showcases the charm of women, with a limited edition of 100 pieces.
       Watch real shot: This Cartier Diagonale watch is made of 18K white gold throughout, and the case is set with brilliant-cut round diamonds. The underside of the dial is carefully decorated with black enamel and burgundy enamel (70 diamonds, about 0.90 carats). When red and black collide with shiny diamonds, it forms a sharp contrast, and the bold and contrasting color design highlights the avant-garde beauty.

       This Cartier Diagonale watch features a classic bright burgundy crocodile leather strap with a quartz movement, specially designed for exquisite ladies who love beauty. Limited and numbered 50 pieces.
       Watch real shot: ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch

    Many watch brands use precious stones for inlays, but Paraiba tourmaline, the king of tourmaline, rarely appears in watches. At this year’s Geneva watch exhibition, Cartier launched a BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch. In addition to shining diamonds, it was also inlaid with Paraiba tourmaline and emeralds. The slender shape also attracted a lot of attention.

       The case in 18K white gold is densely lined with brilliant-cut diamonds and emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines. The slender dial is set with 573 brilliant-cut round diamonds and weighs about 2.57 carats. The watch uses Cartier’s 1917MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement. This watch is limited to 50 pieces and numbered.
       Watch real shot: Cartier Baignoire watch is designed for intellectual ladies. This distinctive ladies watch is not attached to fashion trends, highlighting the French elegance that transcends the era. Two parallel straight lines are connected to two rounded curves, forming a shape like a bathtub. The Cartier Baignoire watch is named after it, and it is still popular today.
       The 18K white gold watch staggered with brilliant diamonds extends along the rim to the case. Even the out of sight is exquisite. It will become the focus of the crowd no matter where it is.
       Watch real shot: Watch information: The above is reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon carefully prepared for everyone, in the future time, we will continue to offer more, More intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention.
       2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:

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    Dior Viii Grand Bal Series: Gorgeous Ball Between Blooming Wrists

    Just like Mr. Christian Dior’s exacting requirements when designing clothing, the Dior VIII Grand Bal series of high-end watches also shows Mr. Dior’s ‘real luxury requires good fabrics and craftsmanship. ”Concept, and in the use of materials and product design excellence, not only can show the passage of time from minute to second, but also to surpass the trend of contemporary fashion. Maybe even Christian Dior at the time did not know for himself whether his enthusiasm for art could become the soul of the clothing store that will soon be located on Avenue Montaign in Paris. Fortunately, this mature man who has experienced poverty and failure has brought a new concept to the world with his talent and keen sense of fashion, and also has given women the best gift that can highlight their charm. It may be a haute couture dress in your closet, all perfume bottles from Miss Dior to J’adore on the dressing table, or the exquisite watch engraved with the brand’s brand on the wrist … From the perspective of the women who own them, the Dior brand is more like a companion who accompanies every critical moment in your life, which will not only give them the most beautiful and happy life, but also make their life more exciting! Design forging the beauty of women
    Beginning with the ‘Bar suit’ designed in 1947, Dior’s expansion into each field since then seems to focus on adhering to the ideological progress in this long-established design. Whether it is a Lady Dior handbag launched in 1995 or a glass bottle carrying Dior’s ‘J’ADORE’ series of perfumes in 1999, it has a very simple and soft geometric line style design that is full of femininity. charm. Today, these half a century ago have shook the beauty of the world’s clothing tailoring, and have been given by Dior designers to an important area of ​​brand expansion-in the watch industry, this Dior VIII Grand Bal was born only in 2011. The series, with its clever interpretation of Dior apparel, has set off a new wave in the watch industry.
    的 Prom on the watch
    Make this watch work like Dior’s high-end custom-designed interior wardrobe, exquisite clothing, keep improving. In the selection of watch materials, it symbolizes Dior’s pioneering and innovative high-precision ceramic materials in the field of watchmaking. It has demonstrated its extraordinary value with its elegant charm at the forefront of the times. Because of this, no one seems to be able to resist the temptation of this material full of unique luster, hard nature and light texture.
    Since the birth of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, the works of this series are often decorated with precious diamonds and jewelry full of luxury. The watchmakers of the brand are also happy to combine the craftsmanship of watch making with high-end jewelry making. Their exquisite craftsmanship and caution when setting diamond jewellery are reminiscent of the hard-working seamstress in Dior’s haute couture studio When the teachers pleated, embroidered, and cut the fabric, the diamonds and jewellery set on the dial, as well as the dense stitches sewn on the precious fabric, every bit of it was so delicate and impeccable. .
    Maybe you think this statement is exaggerated, but if you have witnessed the exquisite design of these works, you may understand that this conclusion is not an understatement. You know, the design of this series born in 2011 was inspired by Mr. Christian Dior’s love for gorgeous dances. For this reason, in the design work of Mr. Dior, there are no shortage of classic roles in prom. -Exquisite and luxurious prom dresses. In the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, the swinging skirts of these ball gowns are transformed into the power source of these self-winding watches equipped with the ‘Dior inverse’ movement-the automatic rotor, which is unique. Set on the dial of the watch, it is a perfect fusion of Swiss cutting-edge watchmaking technology and the rich creativity of Paris clothing design. Along with the movement of the wearer’s wrist, the oscillating weight in a costume is like a lady with extraordinary temperament, dancing on the ‘square inch stage’ of the watch face. This dreamlike scene has also become the source of creativity in the design of this series-the oscillating weight design on each Dior VIII Grand Bal series watch is based on the unique style of Dior’s previous works. Just like the Grand Bal series of 88 watches, each of which was launched in 2011, the different jewellery settings and oscillating settings are reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace crown, or an inlay Diamond pleated skirt. In 2011, this jewellery matched time with only white and black collisions-the black plate with diamond chains set in chains. This shows that from the beginning of the brand, Dior’s tendency to choose colors: gold, white and black are usually the first choice. However, Mr. Christian Dior does not exclude the use of other colors: ‘Black and white are sufficient, but there is no reason to deprive other colors.’ Therefore, there are also some new varieties of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series this year. Exquisite works of flashing other colors, pink, orange, cyan, green … The rich colors make the Dior VIIIGrand Bal series more vibrant. At the same time, in the new works of this series, we have found the use of materials such as feathers and mother-of-pearl that are derived from nature-under the special design concept of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series, these materials have Ingenious style, they are no longer an indispensable ornament in a work, but an indispensable key link in the operation of a watch.
    Similarly, in the new works designed this year, different design and material changes have also created skirts with very different styles on various works. In order to pay tribute to Dior’s most iconic high-level custom design, the DIOR VIIIGRAND BAL ‘RéSILLE’ watch works are designed under the theme of Mr. Christian Dior’s ‘My clothing makes every woman a princess’. The new dresses that made the princesses stunning at the ball, the delicate and complicated hollow pendulum is like a lace hair net embroidered with diamonds. In contrast, the colors of DIOR VIII GRAND BAL HAUTECOUTURE MODEL are as bright and modern as the name suggests. The inner bezel of the pavé-shaped blue crystals contains several ring diamonds of different colors, a dark green front oscillating weight with gorgeous irregular lines, and it is shown on a light purple transparent crystal dial It has a unique atmosphere. The bold color matching of the entire work is unforgettable, but Dior can’t help but wonder about Dior’s grasp of color. In addition to the bold colors, the materials of some works are also refreshing. As mentioned above, the DIOR VIIIGRAND BAL PLISSE MODEL series with feathers and mother-of-pearl as the oscillating decoration material. The perfect fusion of the natural charm and the luxury of the Dior VIII series jewelry watch also provides a new concept for the development of women’s jewelry watches in the future.
    The ‘VIII Family’ accompanying for life
    Although the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL series is unique in the design of the front oscillating weight, creating a signature feature belonging to this series, after all, the watch styles of this series are still subordinate to the Dior VIII series, and in other aspects of its watch design, It still maintains the consistent simplicity of the Dior VIII series, and is deeply versed in Christian Dior’s philosophy that ‘the principle of luxury is simplicity over everything’.
    Dior VIII, a series that pays tribute to Mr. Dior, can be regarded as the most recognized watch work in the industry that can touch the soul of the Dior brand. That is why, for every ‘believer’ Dior brand proponent, The appeal of Dior VIII is also unmatched by other works. At the same time, as a major feature of the timeless charm of the Dior VIII series, while we admire the glamorous walking pendulum of the GRAND BAL series, we should focus on the iconic watch bracelet, which is cut in a pyramid shape. Above.
    Like the rattan line of the ‘cannage’ pattern on Dior’s Lady Dior handbag, this beautifully designed pyramid shape faintly lets people see the shadow of the ‘Bar’ suit (‘Barsuit’), time flows, and the light shines on the cut surface From above, an extraordinary light shone. As the iconic design of Dior, the “Bar” suit has been proven since 1947. It has proved that Christian Dior’s love for structural lines, even in Dior’s favorite number “8”. Contains this unique style …
    And the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL watch style is the same as the DIOR VIII BAGUETTE 33mm diameter diamond inlaid watch, or a number of DIOR VIII self-winding watches with a new inlay method, which is indispensable in the DIOR watch brand family. While missing the spiritual value of the series, this series has gradually been enriched and perfected. The delicate and ingenious setting of each diamond or jewellery seems to be telling a woman’s other thoughts in a different way. But no matter how complicated the change of watch style, the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ on the 8 o’clock scale of any DIOR VIII series watch and the pyramid-shaped cut that nobody can imitate seem to remind us- The watch you own belongs to a brand that can best show the charm of women, and belongs to a watch series that best reflects the connection between noble women and time and space.
    Eternally moved
    For the understanding of the brand, women always have a more sense of smell than men, and we will call it the sixth sense. Probably men can never understand women’s absolute hotness for a brand, but to women, this may be like the sudden advent of love, which is the so-called destiny.
    Women’s loyalty cannot be blasphemed. Although they are sensory animals, only true ‘beauty’ can truly impress women and call out such emotions in their hearts, so that the sixth sense constantly reminds themselves that ‘it is mine ‘. Believe me, the ‘beauty’ of this kind of work not only flows outward, but also touches the soul directly. Just like a DIOR VIII series watch, does it really only carry the time indication, or the significance of the decoration on the wrist? The answer must be no. At this time, it is more an emotional symbol, conquering women with design and ideas, and bringing those touching moments that can be touched at every moment in their lives— — Maybe she once wore a thin veil in her childhood and longed for herself as a princess; maybe she sat alone on the dressing table during her teenage years and imagined herself to be a star with much attention, or maybe she was full of longing for marriage I hope that I can perform a solo dance for the people I love like a ballet dancer … and this is what Dior’s designers are committed to-using their exquisite and charming ingenuity to make these scenes appropriate Into the work. Mr. Christian Dior once said, ‘The creator has given the artwork a unique characteristic.’ It is precisely this characteristic that brings to every woman the most important change and eternal touch in life.