Cartier Phoenix Decorative Watch Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch Show

In order to decorate the trajectory of time with all manners of grace and grace, it is necessary to infuse it with wild, fearless and fun creative ideas. Therefore, the peerless watch is in this way. Born in an unrestrained atmosphere. With bold animal creative shapes, they boldly present eclectic designs. Luxurious gemstones, unparalleled beryl, oscillating movement, and diamond-studded straps are the icing on the cake of these fine jewelry watches.

 This is a phoenix-shaped jewellery watch set with diamonds. Its expanded wings perfectly match the curve of the purple mother-of-pearl dial, which is also decorated with a feather pattern. The body movements of the wearer can not only wind up the movement, but also make this phoenix dance, and its gorgeous wings sway with the rotating steps.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Hubei Joins Hands With Depeche Mode To Raise Money For ‘water Resources’ Public Welfare Activities

It has been two years since the famous British electronic music band Depeche Mode officially expressed its partnership with Hublot in Berlin in 2012. In the past two years, both parties have held many Charity-related auctions.

Incredible personality and talent in different fields come together because of a common cause. The will and determination to create a meaningful global event. Depeche Mode and Hublot jointly announced in Berlin that they will host a non-profit charity fundraising event ‘Charity: Water’ for developing countries to bring them safe drinking water.

 This unique initiative is part of the 2013-2014 Delta Tour of the Depeche Mode Band. Tsum, a recent building in the heart of Moscow, hosted a grand charity auction dinner by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Depeche Mode. Of course, the theme of this auction is still ‘water source’

It is reported that on March 7, 2014, Depeche Mode held a concert in the ‘Olympic Pavilion’ in Moscow, and the scene was extremely hot. As a partner, Hublot also used this concert to incorporate charity auctions into it.

The three watches auctioned on the day were all presented by Depeche Mode. The first is a special limited edition Big Bang Depeche Mode watch launched by Hublot in 2013. This watch is also specially customized for the 2013-2014 Delta Tour of the Depeche Mode band. The other is a new watch that will meet you in 2014. In addition, there is another lot that is worthy of everyone’s collection. It is a guitar and a Big Bang Depeche watch signed by Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode member Martin Gore said that participating in such a meaningful event was very enjoyable. It is of far-reaching significance for everyone to have the support of a cool brand like Hublot and work together to develop charity. Many countries are now facing the problem of contaminated water sources. We will use the funds raised to help these people.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe added that working with the Depeche Mode band was very enjoyable and that the charity event on ‘Water Sources’ was only part of our cooperation. Hublot and Depeche Mode got together in 2010, and we feel that this cross-border cooperation can make a difference. Of course, the facts have also proven that our choice is correct.

 Watch number: 311.CI, 1170.VR.DPM13-only 250 limited edition watches
 Watch case: 44 mm diameter, black polished ceramic, bezel decorated with Clous pyramid and 6 black PVD titanium screws.
 Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on the inside
 Bottom cover: the patterns of ‘DepecheMode’ and ‘Charity: Water’ under the sapphire crystal can be seen
 Water resistance: 10ATM, 100 meters
 Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour
 Power reserve: about 42 hours.
 Strap: Hand-stitched calfskin strap with folding clasp.

Ramsey Wins 2012 Omega European Masters

Swiss local time on September 2, 2012, OMEGA European Masters in Crans-Montana, Crans-Sur-Scher (Crans-Montana) -sur-Sierre). After four rounds of fierce competition, the 29-year-old Scottish star Richie Ramsay finally won, winning his second European Tour title in his career. Omega and 2012 European Masters
欧洲 The European Masters with a long history and glorious tradition is the oldest golf event on the European continent and one of the most important sports events in Switzerland. It is held annually in the beautiful town of Klein Montana on the Alps. In 2009, the Omega European Masters became the first golf tournament in history to be jointly recognized by the European Tour and the Asian Tour.
2001Since 2001, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega has been the title sponsor of the European Masters. In 2012, Omega announced that the title sponsorship cooperation agreement with the European Masters was extended to 2017. Omega’s support for the European Masters has helped it attract more top players from the world to join this golf event.
Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart said: ‘Omega is proud to be able to sponsor such an important and prestigious event. We are very pleased to see that Golf has developed into a truly global sport. In cooperation with the title sponsor of the European Masters, Omega will better promote the development of golf. ‘
The 2012 Omega European Masters starts on August 30 local time. Omega celebrity ambassador Greg Norman, defending champion Thomas Björn, and balloonist John Daley ) And 14-year-old Chinese talented teenager Andy Zhang and other world-class golfers are competing fiercely in the stunning surroundings of the Alps. It is worth mentioning that the list of participating golf stars Including 11 previous European Masters champions.
The ultimate contest-Ramsay wins
After experiencing heavy rain and dense fog in the first three days, the Swiss Alps were finally covered with sunshine on the day of the final. 80 finalists competed in the final.
The most noticeable player of the day was the famous Scottish player Ramsey who reached the final with the top score. He performed very well in the previous third round, capturing a total of six birds. In the fourth round of the final, Ramsay was calm and in excellent condition. He played five birdies in the first nine holes and performed perfectly. After extending his lead to four shots, he almost has a winning ticket, but after the game there is still no lack of suspense. Ramsey then swallowed bogey on 13 and 17 holes, but also on 14 He captured an eagle, and finally closed with a score of 66 under 5 and a championship with a total of 267 and 16 under par, becoming the successor to Colin Montgomerie and Andrew. After Andrew Coltart, the first Scottish player to win the European Masters in almost 10 years. This is also the second time that Ramsey won the European Tour after the South African Open in December 2009.
Australian player Marcus Fraser, Swedish player Fredrik Andersson Hed, French player Romain Wattel and English player Dan Danny Willett tied the tie in the final and ended up tied for second place with a four-stroke lag behind Ramsey (271 with a total of 271 below par). And Paul Lawrie, who entered the final with the second-ranked result, performed poorly in the final round, only hitting 70 shots below par 1 and playing with Austrian players Wiesberger, Chilean player Felipe Aguilar tied for sixth. Paul Laurier’s hopes of winning the Johnnie Walker Championship and the Omega European Masters in a row also shattered as the final came to an end. 1995 European Masters champion, Swedish veteran Mathias Gronberg made a hole in a 191-yard three-shot hole, which became a highlight of the European Masters. He finally played in the final round. He scored 71 and tied for 14th place with a total score of 8 below par.
Historic European Masters
The European Masters, formerly known as the Swiss Open, dates back to 1923. At the time, there were only 11 golf courses in Switzerland, and tournaments were held on different courses. In 1939, the Swiss Open was held for the first time at the Crans-sur-Scher Golf Club in Crans-Montana. That year, Frenchman Fifi Cavala won the 72-hole championship.
瑞士 During the Second World War, the Swiss Open was suspended, and it was not resumed until 1948. Since then, the Kline-Sur-Scher Golf Club has been the venue for the Swiss Open. Despite a lot of difficulties in his early years, during this period he was full of prestigious players in the European Masters’ succession list of champions, including Seve Ballesteros, Ian Woosnam (Ian Woosnam) and Nick Price.
In 1983, the Swiss Open was renamed the European Masters, and the championships were even more star-studded, including Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, Colin Montgomerie, Lee · Westwood (Lee Westwood) and Garcia (Sergio Garcia), etc.
In the following years, the European Masters gradually became one of the most prestigious events in Europe. The success of the European Masters is not only due to the outstanding professional level and first-class players of the tournament, but also to the picturesque venue, the enthusiastic support of the local people, and the unique atmosphere of the game in the valley. Omega has been the title sponsor of the European Masters since 2001, and since then has welcomed outstanding players from Europe and around the world to Switzerland, the birthplace of Omega.

Majestic And Elegant Balmain Ii Mini Ladies Watch

The world-renowned Basel World Jewellery & Watch Fair (BASELWORLD) has opened, and the staff of the Watch House Special Reporting staff have also begun to work. They will bring you the 2015 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair. The latest, fastest and most comprehensive coverage. Following the steps of the Watch House, let’s admire the new Balmain II mini series of ladies’ watches launched by Basel International Jewellery & Clock Fair.

Watch real shot show:
Case with 56 fine diamonds

With Arabic numerals and toffee hands

   Wherever you mention the perfect collision of taste and know-how, the name Pierre Balmain comes to mind. Born in the field of Haute Couture in Paris, Pierre Bowman succeeded in redefining the laws of fashion. Today, the essence of his charm is manifested through a watch brand from the Swiss Swatch Group-Bowman. At the same time, the group has provided valuable technical and commercial resources for Baoman watches, as well as traditional watchmaking techniques.

Watch details real shot display:
Dial can be selected with corrugated carving and vine decoration

Available in stainless steel and diamond

And a polished gold bezel with sun dial

Exquisite bracelet like jewelry

   The balanced aesthetics and complete functions make the design of the Balmain II mini watch perfectly fit with all aspects of contemporary life. If the environment determines that you can only choose one watch, then the Balmain II mini watch is an ideal choice. The Balmain II mini ladies’ watch is equipped with a Swiss-designed and manufactured quartz movement. With proven Bowman’s proven watchmaking technology, it ensures that the time of the watch is accurate and reliable over many years. It can bring solemn elegance and understated luxury to the wearer.

In summary: people need at least a watch suitable for various occasions, and the emergence of the Balmain II mini ladies’ watch has made it possible. It is not uncommon for women who devote themselves to daily activities to work, sports, and social cocktails on the same day. In this case, the Balmain II mini ladies’ watch can be used to its full potential!

Capeland Belongs To The Code Table Of Each Real Time

Capeland belongs to every real time code table

     A stylish sporty design with a retro aesthetic is the biggest feature of the new Capeland chronograph. Inspired by the 1948 single-press chronograph, the bulging mirror and raised case back have the taste of what was once called a ‘pebble’ pocket watch. Another major feature of the Capeland watch is that its two-tone dial subtly reflects the beauty of the 1950s. The design of this watch is very delicate, with a flow meter and rangefinder display, and the polished satin finish of the case makes the watch more exquisite. Capeland is waterproof to 50 meters.

     Equipped with automatic mechanical movement and flyback time setting function, the double chronograph chronograph movement uses blue stainless steel screws, the movement plate and the splint are treated with pearl effect, and the transparent sapphire bottom cover. There is also a retro-colored micro-convex dial design and ‘Breguet’ -style hands, available in stainless steel or 18K red gold case, with dark brown or black alligator strap.

Tissot Voyager Series Reissue 24 Time Zone Display Li Zan Huan Yu Spirit

In the 1950s, when aviation tools were just popularized and the world began to be connected, Tissot revealed the world’s spirit of exploration with an amazing and exquisite watch, as the brand’s birthday. The 100th Anniversary Ceremony is here. This superb watch can display the time in the world’s 24 time zones, redefining the value of the watch in human society. Today, the brand has been in existence for more than 160 years, and Tissot has developed into the largest Swiss traditional watch brand with operations in more than 160 countries on five continents. The successful exploration of the original intention of the world has become a reality. On this occasion, Tissot re-enacted the glorious work 60 years ago, the Voyager series. The brand is willing to use such a watch that connects the world with time to commemorate the extraordinary journey, and also take this dream with everyone. People encourage: more than innovation, exploration forward.

 Tissot Voyager Series Reissue White Dial All Steel

Sailing around the world

 In early 1950, Tissot watches began to be sold around the world. In 1953, Tissot released the first Voyager watch to commemorate the popularity of aviation and enable rapid interaction and integration of various countries around the world. This revolutionary timepiece that displays 24 time zones, as the slogan when it was launched, ‘Tissot Voyager Watch: Know the World from Your Wrist’. As time goes by, Tissot continues the original 24 time zone display function of the original watch and launches a new replica of the Voyager series. It is precisely to continue the gorgeous chapter of the 160th anniversary of Huachen. It also expands the horizon of Tissot and looks globally. The development concept makes the most wonderful interpretation. It is just like the most striking monument in Tissot’s extraordinary innovation process. It fully reflects Tissot’s exploration spirit in the world, and it is more than exploration. This is the spirit and belief that Tissot is willing to share with those who have dreams in the world.

 Tissot Voyager Reissue Black Dial All Steel

Exquisite craftsmanship and technical interpretation of the world

 Tissot has gradually evolved watchmaking technology into a science, requiring extreme precision in every watch. This highly collectible Tissot Voyager series is no exception. Its high-performance automatic movement ETA2893-3 has been certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) to ensure accurate and reliable timing. With 24 time zone display functions, Tissot can connect the world with accurate time control no matter where you are in the world. It can help you take into account the time difference when planning important global conference calls. When setting the target city, just rotate the crown to align the current city with the hour hand. Local time is displayed on a scale on the bezel. If you want to check the time of the other 23 cities, you only need to find the position of the corresponding city on the dial to determine its hour reading and the minute hand unchanged.

 The appearance of the Tissot Voyager Series 160th Anniversary Edition is also commendable. The crocodile-textured leather strap carefully cares for your wrists when you sail around the world. Elegant and high-quality brown and deep black are good for business meetings and high-end parties. The choice of taste; arched scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating, which forms a solid barrier for the radiation dial with a diameter of 43.00 millimeters, which has an eye-catching atmosphere.

 Tissot Voyager Series Reissue Version and Free Watch Box

Collection time

   Adhering to the brand concept of ‘innovation, derived from tradition’, since the brand was born, every outstanding watch work of Tissot has continuously refreshed the history of world watch and even become a classic work witnessing the era. The Tissot Voyager series is the testimony of this legend. In the 1950s, Tissot created this outstanding watch when the aviation tools had just become popular and the world began to connect. While verifying the development of the times, it also redefines the existence value of watches in human society. It is worth mentioning that when the Tissot designer at the time selected the city representing the East Eighth District, he especially adopted the Far Eastern metropolis Shanghai. Today, in order to continue the glory of 160 years, this legendary watch was engraved , All models come with a special custom piano lacquered watch box watch gift box, making it more valuable.

Tissot Voyager Reissue 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition

 There are three models in the entire series. Two all-steel models are available in black and white dials, with black and brown crocodile leather straps. The 18K rose gold model is limited to 333 pieces worldwide, each with Limited numbering, which shows the independence of the world.