Patek Philippe Shanghai Yingcai Center

On September 3, 2013, Mr. Terry Stern, the president of Patek Philippe, hosted the opening ceremony of Patek Philippe’s Shanghai Talent Center. This is the first such training institution set up by Patek Philippe outside the watchmaking workshop in Geneva. This is another milestone in Patek Philippe’s nearly 175 years of development.

 Patek Philippe firmly believes that the technical requirements for maintaining, repairing and repairing Patek Philippe watches are no different from making a brand new watch. With the opening of Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center, Patek Philippe will further improve the quality of customer service in the Chinese market. This is another innovation of Patek Philippe in Shanghai after the grand opening of the Patek Philippe source in Shanghai in 2012 and the comprehensive upgrade of the Shanghai Customer Service Center. It bears Patek Philippe’s value concept and quality imprint, which provides lifelong maintenance and repair for all brand timepieces Security services to ensure that they travel accurately and from generation to generation.

Patek Philippe Customer Service in China

 The strong demand for customer service, the increasing enthusiasm of Chinese customers for watch purchase, and the severe challenges of recruiting watchmakers in China have contributed to the birth of Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center. Today, Mr. Terry Stern, President of Patek Philippe, presided over the opening ceremony of the Talent Center. In his opening speech, he said: ‘All Patek Philippe watches have a goal in mind when it is produced, which is to last forever. We have a responsibility to provide the highest level of customer service, which is one of the important standards of Patek Philippe’s mark. We believe that the best Watchmakers can analyze and repair the entire history of a timepiece, whether it was made today or at the beginning of Patek Philippe’s birth in 1839. This is the charm of watchmaking, these things You cannot learn from books. Today, with the testimony of distinguished guests and government officials, we have achieved another breakthrough, fulfilled our commitment and continued to invest in the field of customer service. ‘

 In 2005, Patek Philippe officially entered the Chinese market. For eight years, we have always adhered to the strategy of continuous and steady development and attached great importance to the quality of service to Chinese guests. In order to meet the needs of Chinese watch collectors and watch lovers for Patek Philippe timepieces, Patek Philippe insists on long-term investment, introduces advanced maintenance equipment, and recruits and trains watchmakers to improve the customer service level in the Chinese market and protect our business The operation finally showed Patek Philippe’s extraordinary exquisite timepieces and outstanding quality commitment.

 The Shanghai Customer Service Center is located at Yifeng Bundyuan, covering an area of ​​900 square meters. It can accommodate nearly 30 service personnel, including professional watchmakers, customer service specialists, and eight students selected by the recently unveiled Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center.

 The center’s operations are managed by Laurent Cantin, Patek Philippe’s Global Customer Service Director. ‘From 2009 to 2013, the demand for comprehensive maintenance services received by the Shanghai Customer Service Center and Beijing Customer Service Center both increased by nearly 50%. To meet this growing demand, we decided to systematically recruit and train local Watchmaker to provide the best service to Chinese customers.

 Through the rigorous recruitment process for nearly a month, eight students, including four male students and four female students, passed the final test and joined our talent training program. The two-year course is divided into four stages. During the entire training program, students will complete a total of 3,500 hours of courses, including watchmaking theory, practical practice and English. Students will be tested at each stage until they meet the requirements. Participants who complete the entire training program will receive the qualification equivalent to Patek Philippe’s second watchmaker. They can work directly in the customer service center to repair and maintain watches equipped with basic mechanical movements, automatic movements and quartz movements.

 Mr. Gijs Terhorst joined Patek Philippe two years ago and now he works as a technical trainer at Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center. He has received professional training at the Geneva headquarters and has been working as a watch technician in Beijing Customer Service Center since 2011.

Patek Philippe Service Tradition

 Patek Philippe is committed to establishing an international customer service network as a non-profit-oriented after-sales service center through continuous investment by the company. At present, our global customer service network has a total of 55 authorized customer service centers. These centers have been screened at various levels and must meet and maintain the strict service standards of Patek Philippe to obtain authorization certification. Customer service is one of the basic tasks of Patek Philippe. Its work includes providing customers with personalized services to meet different needs, while insisting on providing the highest standard of support services-as a family-run watchmaking company that began in 1839, this is Patek Philippe’s unchanged promise.

 Patek Philippe Seal, Authorized Customer Service Center and Patek Philippe Talent Center, relying on long-standing process technology, long-standing professional knowledge, and talents trained in accordance with Patek Philippe’s highest standards and brand value, will definitely become the three driving factors that drive the brand forward. The quality of each Patek Philippe timepiece is timeless and passed down from generation to generation.