Reinterpretation Of The Brand’s Classic Corum Dlc Titanium Gold Bridge In The Kunlun Golden Bridge Trilogy

CORUM’s Golden Bridge watches from Kunlun have subverted the style tradition since their introduction in 1980. Today, six exquisite models with architectural three-dimensionality reinterpret the unique aesthetic concept. These models will be unveiled in the coming months. The first two models announced recently appeared to everyone.

In order to highlight the importance of the Golden Bridge design to itself, Kunlun will launch several Golden Bridge watches in the near future, and recently unveiled two black DLC round case models.

The new watch is based on the following design concepts: the case, bezel and buckle are coated with black DLC. All of these elements show a deep sense of solidity, in sharp contrast to the rectangular movement, which has an extraordinary light and shadow effect in the unique color of white or rose gold. ‘The basic principle of the Golden Bridge series is to highlight the rectangular movement. Since its introduction in 1980, the design of this piece has attracted much attention.’ Brand CEO Jérôme Biard explained: ‘These new models are an excellent example. Metal and DLC coating add depth and modernity to the look of the watch, while continuing the power and elegance of this legendary movement. ‘

Although the Golden Bridge watch has been launched for decades, this time with titanium and DLC coating, it can add a sense of depth and modernity to the watch’s appearance.

The rectangular movement displays the three-dimensional sculptural effect of the sculpture as usual, and once again becomes a model of agile and modern fashion. CORUM watches give the movement a unique architecture. This structure is reflected in the complex and intersecting geometric table bridges, reminiscent of the beautiful works of ergonomic art, including magnificent suspension bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. The artistic expression of Kunlun watches lies in the deep foundation of La Chaux-de-Fonds, its historical origins in art, and its ability to subvert the tradition of watchmaking technology.

The rectangular movement is fixed in a complex cross-shaped geometric bridge, inspired by famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge, giving the watch a miniature architectural aesthetic

This timepiece is available in two models: platinum and rose gold. The movement, hands, bezel, crown and screws holding the rectangular movement are made of white or rose gold. All remaining exterior parts are black. In addition, for the first time, Kunlun watches are paired with a black rubber strap engraved with the brand name in the Golden Bridge series.

In addition to the DLC coating on the outer shell, the two new works are also made of rose gold and white gold in the details of the bezel, movement bridge and hands, which add elegance.

This newly launched DLC-coated titanium gold bridge watch has a strong and unique charm. It is available in rose gold and white gold. In the next few months, two different models will continue to be launched, each of which is Available in the same gold style. The trilogy of watches to be formed underscores the extraordinary strength of the structure, injecting a new breath into the Golden Bridge series, and dedicating it to high-end watch collectors who respect fashion and tradition.

DLC Titanium Gold Bridge

Black DLC titanium material / CO 113 manual winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 43mm