Richard Mille Rm 07-01 Black Nano Ceramic Diamond Watch Was Born

RM07-01 ladies’ watch series, with many styles, is the perfect choice for contemporary women to define the scenery between the wrists. RICHARDMILLE Perseverance and excellence, using a variety of materials, with a variety of gem setting styles and bracelet styles, this unique black nano-ceramic diamond watch came into being.

   The brand’s unprecedented combination of gorgeous diamonds and black nano-ceramics demonstrates its tireless attitude and commitment to meeting women’s stringent requirements for sophisticated technology and aesthetic perception.
   TZP black nano-ceramic material is outstanding in terms of hardness and scratch resistance. In addition, the surface of this unique ceramic material has a unique particulate texture, which presents a gorgeous matte effect. This is the noble texture that can be exhibited in the precise manufacturing process through micro-peening technology treatment, after a long time of fine grinding. The watchmaker needs to manually polish and polish each corner in order to show the complex arc shape of the case and the bottom.
   “Following the successful inlaying of gemstones on TPT® carbon fiber, we decided to apply this innovative setting technique to the new material,” explains Cécile Guenat, the technical director of the jewelry department of RICHARDMILLE. “We naturally thought of patents. This is the first time for nano-ceramics. Because a lathe for drilling a case must be precise enough for setting various parameters, this unique manufacturing process also ensures that the grade of the material is superior. ‘
   Each fully hand-polished red gold claw-set base is individually made, and is sequentially embedded in the case with finely arranged, 0.25 mm diameter holes, so that each high-quality diamond is firmly fixed. Exquisitely cut crystal diamonds with outstanding clarity and shining luster complement the velvety black nano-ceramics in the background.
   The case of this RM07-01 black nano ceramic diamond watch is also made of red gold and is equipped with the brand’s own movement CRMA2. This self-winding movement is assembled on a fifth grade titanium alloy base plate and bridge. The 18K5N red gold variable geometry automatic disk can adjust the winding frequency and cycle according to the wearer’s activity habits. 5N red gold dial center, pavé diamonds surround black onyx, exclusive with case
   The diamond craftsmanship shines brightly, showing the brand’s superb strength. The RM07-01 black nano-ceramic diamond watch will debut at the Geneva Fine Watch Salon, which opened in January 2018.