Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor Silicone Watch Released Directly At Geneva Watch Fair 2013

ExcaliburQuatuor, as the name suggests, is the world’s first silicon watch with four balance springs, which has extraordinary significance in the history of high-end watches. The whole mechanism is like four musicians, and a movement performed in conjunction with five differentiators at the same time, can be called the highest challenge to gravity. As one of the most innovative watch factories in the 21st century, Roger Dubuis is a model of precision machinery. ExcaliburQuatuor once again surpassed the limit of precision, which is a major breakthrough in modern watchmaking.

  Since 2000, silicon has been used to make technical parts to improve the accuracy of the movement. Beyond technical limits and accepting incredible challenges is the brand’s eternal pursuit. Roger Dubuis adheres to this concept and launches the first all-silicon case watch in watchmaking history.

  With its unique lightness and hardness, silicon has become the only choice for the manufacture of special parts for watches. In fact, titanium is twice as light as steel, and silicon is twice as light as titanium, but its hardness is four times that of titanium. Its unique dark gray also makes this iconic work even more extraordinary. The atomic structure of silicon is similar to that of diamond, and its processing requires as much expertise as diamond processing. Therefore, Roger Dubuis employs cutting-edge technology to create this precision timepiece with this ‘metal crystal’ material.

Balance spring, the soul of a mechanical watch

  As the core component of mechanical watches, the balance spring has attracted much attention. This part controls the timing operation and thus determines the precise performance. At present, there are only a few watch factories capable of making other parts of the movement themselves, and homemade balance springs are even more valuable in the field of fine watchmaking. RogerDubuis is one of the very few integrated watch factories capable of producing this key component completely autonomously. With this outstanding technology, the Geneva watchmaker ingeniously integrated four balance springs into the same movement to create the RD101 movement, which overcomes the technical difficulties that have so far been considered insurmountable.

Two major innovations to improve timing accuracy

  As the star product of the SIHH2013 series, the ExcaliburQuatuor watch is issued in a limited edition worldwide, expressing Roger Dubuis’ passion, dedication and creativity to the fullest. Adhering to the tradition of watchmaking, this unparalleled watch condenses many technological innovations. Not only is it equipped with four balance springs, the power reserve display mechanism is also refreshing. These two outstanding technologies (patent pending) are not developed for research and development, but a testament to the relentless pursuit of precision in watchmaking.

Summary: Apart from this, this watch is just the world’s first silicon watch with four balance springs, which is the biggest highlight of this watch. The watch itself is made of silicon and weighs. It is half the titanium but four times harder than titanium.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: