Shanghai Rolex Masters Condensing Time Forging History

In 1978, the 100-year-old Wimbledon Tennis Championships entered a new era. Bjorn Borg swept Jimmy Connors in three straight sets, ending the two-week schedule. In Wimbledon history books, this is not a conspicuous event, but it was this year that a golden crown appeared in the Wimbledon dark green background. The distinguished All England Club has finally broken the stereotype of not allowing commercial elements in the background of the stadium-the story of Rolex and tennis has begun.

The Shanghai Rolex Masters has been awarded the ‘Best ATP1000 Event of the Year’ for five consecutive years
┬áToday, 36 years later, Wimbledon’s holy grass has become ryegrass, serving the Internet has become a stalemate, Bjorn Borg has become Pete Sampras and Roger Federer ), The little crown at the corner of the venue has also become the five big gold characters in the middle of the central stadium scoring screen: ROLEX. As the official timer of Wimbledon, Rolex accompanies this oldest tennis event along the way, truly fulfilling the brand’s declaration: we not only record time, we also record history.

Rolex spokesperson Federer at the 2013 Shanghai Rolex Masters

In 2014, Wimbledon’s timer stopped at 18:07 on the evening of July 6. Roger Federer, who was nearly 33 years old, stood proudly despite passing his eighth challenger gold cup. At the final awards ceremony. The greatest player in tennis history ended Sampras’s rule at the Wimbledon in 2001 and became famous in World War I. It was also that year that he began working with Rolex to become a brand spokesperson. Thirteen years have gone by, Wimbledon has added a great king who won seven times, Federer has grown from a young boy to an elegant king on and off the court, and Rolex has quietly recorded everything with the pointer of time.

Also in 2014, Li Na won her second Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. He is also a Rolex spokesperson. It is also a Grand Slam that has worked with Rolex for many years. It is also a collection of historical records recorded by Rolex. At this time, the world of tennis has been imprinted with Rolex. Starting with the All England Club, Rolex has been involved in 15 top tennis events around the world in 36 years. From the most quaint and elegant Wimbledon in the four Grand Slams to the most vibrant Australian Open; from the 117-year-old ATP Monte Carlo Rolex Masters to the five-year-old Shanghai Rolex Masters), including Madrid, Rome, Toronto and Paris, the four ATP 1000 masters, as well as the ATP 500 series in Dubai, China Open and other leading players.

Of all these events, the Shanghai Rolex Masters, to be held in October, is the most special. This event, founded in 2009, is almost the youngest stop on the ATP Tour, but has been named the ATP Class of the Year 1000 for five consecutive years-such an achievement is a miracle. Tournament director Lu Huayong said: ‘Our achievements have surprised many top-tier events, and all we need to do is continue to work hard.’ This lonely attitude coincides with Rolex’s more than 30 years of tennis So, as early as the second year of the event, it became one of the only two races in the world to win the Rolex title. Over the past four years, countless tennis ambassadors in the Rolex camp have come one after another, opening up this ignorant tennis market in China. Last year, the legendary Rod Laver and Roger Federer, the greatest young and old Rolex ambassadors, came to Shanghai together, causing an unprecedented sensation. This year, two other Rolex endorsers, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Milos Raonic, will also create new topics in Shanghai. Tsonga recently completed an unprecedented feat in Toronto-the same event consecutively defeated the three ‘Big Four’ players Djokovic, Murray and Federer; Laonich has emerged this season, The breakthrough record of the quarterfinals of Wimbledon and the semifinals of Wimbledon has become the leader of the post-90s generation.

 Tsonga, tennis star Rod Laver and Federer participate in the 2013 Shanghai Rolex Masters Lottery held at Rolex World on the Bund

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

In the ‘Rolex World World’ on the Bund all the way in Shanghai, Shanghai, the most prominent position in the exhibition hall is a tennis racket that has been tempered in the professional arena. The story of Rolex and tennis reaches the most harmonious unity here. From the oldest Wimbledon Championships to the youngest Shanghai Rolex Masters, Rolex and tennis have consolidated the flowing time into history, and it has inadvertently turned into a part of history.