Simple Black And White Early Spring Elegant Monochrome Watch Recommended

Premonition This spring is the trend of black and white graphics fashion. Corresponding to this, you can choose the popular monotone style watch. Let’s take a look at the new models that will be available in the new quarter starting from April. Both the business and private models are extremely popular.

Simple black and white early spring elegant monochrome watch recommended


A premiere of the highly sought-after watch series Premiere, first created by Chanel in 1987. The stainless steel case, bracelet and buckle, bracelets are generally made with bracelets, which have excellent charm of accessories. The black lacquered dial is equipped with a high-precision quartz movement and a convex round onyx crown. It also wears well with bracelets and bracelets.

Louis Vuitton

The ‘Tambour Bijou’ series, which was born in 2006, also has new jewelry-like watches on the market. Rotating the outer flower shape cover, you can see different styles of flower-shaped dials, the design is unique. The center of the flower depicted on the cover is set with a diamond, which is very feminine. The letter-shaped enamel strap can be wound three times on the wrist. This watch with a bracelet design can enjoy the wrist as much as possible.


Fendi’s iconic chameleon series is launched in black, which has become a new choice for daily matching. The watch is a rectangular dial with rounded corners and a double-F logo design underneath, which exudes a simple and prominent design charm. The dial is set with diamonds at 12 and 6 o’clock, adding a touch of luxury. Because of the combination of gold and yellow, this watch is more compatible with the same color jewelry.


Ucci Gucci’s popular watch G-Timeless Slim series, add another luxurious new work set with diamonds. The dial of the GG style, with round grooves inlaid with 80 diamonds, has the feeling of lightness and clarity like spring. The strap uses white alligator leather for an extra luxurious touch. This watch is in line with the popular trend of white this spring.


发售 Launched last year, the “Dior VIII” white ceramic series that was immediately noticeable was launched this spring with pink inlaid sapphire and a new style with spring design. The white color of the burlap texture, which is associated with the trial dress called canvas, is an indispensable color for Dior with high-end clothing stores. There, Mr. Dior combined the color of his joy with the pink side of luxury, and the brilliant combination of pink sapphire and ceramic luster showed the charm of popular design. The key to being well-dressed is to have a pleasing presence.


面 Since its debut in 2010, Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watches have become a model for highlighting the brand’s style and innovative connotation with its unique and attractive design. The dazzling Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch features a 34mm polished stainless steel case with a distinctive white, black or rose-colored ceramic ring that sits between the decorative ripple on the outer ring and the body of the inner ring case. Each watch is paired with a satin leather strap or polished steel bracelet to match the dial’s color. With a feminine look and a cutting-edge function, this watch can be regarded as a luxury treasure beyond the times.